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A Lagom Java example showcasing a Twitter-like application, sbt flavor. This project is set up to use Lightbend Orchestration for Kubernetes to simplify deployment to Kubernetes.



Related Projects

lagom - Reactive Microservices for the JVM

  •    Scala

Lagom is a Swedish word meaning just right, sufficient. Microservices are about creating services that are just the right size, that is, they have just the right level of functionality and isolation to be able to adequately implement a scalable and resilient system. Lagom focuses on ensuring that your application realises the full potential of the Reactive Manifesto, while delivering a high productivity development environment, and seamless production deployment experience.

lagom - A Jekyll blog theme with just the right amount of style

  •    CSS

Lagom, a Jekyll blog theme with just the right amount of style. You should have a server up and running locally at http://localhost:4000.

sbt-native-packager - sbt Native Packager

  •    Scala

SBT native packager lets you build application packages in native formats. It offers different archetypes for common configurations, such as simple Java apps or server applications. Discussion/Questions: If you wish to ask questions about the native packager, we have a mailinglist and we're very active on Stack Overflow. You can either use the sbt tag or the sbt-native-packager tag. They also have far better search support for working around issues.

sbt-git - A git plugin for SBT

  •    Scala

The sbt-git plugin offers git command line features directly inside sbt as well as allowing other plugins to make use of git. As of 1.0.0 this plugin requires at least Java 8. The latest version supporting Java 7 was 0.9.3, while the latest version supporting Java 6 was 0.8.5.

heroku-buildpack-scala - Heroku buildpack: Scala

  •    Shell

This is the official Heroku buildpack for Scala apps. It uses sbt 0.11.0+. The buildpack will detect your app as Scala if it has a project/ file and either a .sbt or .scala based build config (for example, a build.sbt file). It vendors a version of sbt into your slug (if you are not using sbt-native-packager, it also includes your popluated .ivy/cache in the slug). The .ivy2 directory will be cached between builds to allow for faster build times.

sbt-extras - A more featureful runner for sbt, the simple/scala/standard build tool

  •    Shell

An alternative script for running sbt. It works with sbt 0.13.0 projects and (in principle) all earlier versions. If you're in an sbt project directory, the system will figure out the required versions of sbt and scala, downloading them if necessary. NOTE: This will install sbt-extras as sbtx (to avoid clashing with the official sbt formula). If you prefer you can alias sbt=sbtx.

sbt-docker - Create Docker images directly from sbt

  •    Scala

sbt-docker is an sbt plugin that builds and pushes Docker images for your project.sbt-docker is an auto plugin, this means that sbt version 0.13.5 or higher is required.

sbt-web - Library for building sbt plugins for the web

  •    Scala

sbt-web was driven from the desire to factor out client-side web concerns from the Play Framework. However sbt-web is entirely independent of Play and can be used for any project that uses sbt as its build system. The plugin introduces the notion of assets to sbt. Assets are public resources that are intended for client-side consumption e.g. by a browser. This is also distinct from sbt's existing notion of resources as project resources are generally not made public by a web server.

sbt-jmh - "Trust no one, bench everything." - sbt plugin for JMH (Java Microbenchmark Harness)

  •    Scala

SBT plugin for running OpenJDK JMH benchmarks.JMH is a Java harness for building, running, and analysing nano/micro/milli/macro benchmarks written in Java and other languages targeting the JVM.

sbt-pack - A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages.

  •    Scala

A sbt plugin for creating distributable Scala packages that include dependent jars and launch scripts. Now you can use sbt pack command in your project.

sbt-idea - A simple-build-tool (sbt) plugin/processor for creating IntelliJ IDEA project files

  •    Scala

Use the gen-idea sbt task to create Idea project files. If you have two sbt projects A and B, and A depends on B, then use the gen-idea sbt task on Project A to create Idea project files for both projects.

sbt-revolver - An SBT plugin for dangerously fast development turnaround in Scala

  •    Scala

sbt-revolver is a plugin for SBT enabling a super-fast development turnaround for your Scala applications. Even though sbt-revolver works great with spray on spray-can there is nothing spray-specific to it. It can be used with any Scala application as long as there is some object with a main method.

sbt-release - A release plugin for sbt

  •    Scala

This sbt plugin provides a customizable release process that you can add to your project. Notice: This README contains information for the latest release. Please refer to the documents for a specific version by looking up the respective tag.

sbt-updates - SBT plugin that can check Maven and Ivy repositories for dependency updates

  •    Scala

Display your SBT project's dependency updates. Update information is obtained from the maven metadata. There is also a limited support for Ivy repositories hosted on BinTray.

sbt-dependency-graph - sbt plugin to create a dependency graph for your project

  •    Scala

Visualize your project's dependencies.To add the plugin only to a single project, put this line into project/plugins.sbt of your project, instead.

sbt-buildinfo - I know this because build.sbt knows this.

  •    Scala

I know this because build.sbt knows this. sbt-buildinfo generates Scala source from your build definitions.

sbt-scalariform - sbt plugin adding support for source code formatting using Scalariform

  •    Scala

Welcome to sbt-scalariform, an sbt plugin adding support for source code formatting using Scalariform. Sources are automatically formatted on compile and test:compile by default.

sbt-scoverage - sbt plugin for scoverage

  •    Scala

sbt-scoverage is a plugin for SBT that integrates the scoverage code coverage library. Find out more about scoverage. Join the scoverage google group for help, bug reports, feature requests, and general discussion on scoverage.

ensime-sbt - Generates .ensime config files for SBT projects

  •    Scala

Generates .ensime config files for SBT projects

scalac-scapegoat-plugin - Scala compiler plugin for static code analysis

  •    Scala

Scapegoat is developed as a scala compiler plugin, which can then be used inside your build tool.Latest Release: 1.0.0See: [sbt-scapegoat]( for SBT integration.