qodem - Qodem Terminal Emulator

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Qodem is a from-scratch clone implementation of the Qmodem communications program made popular in the days when Bulletin Board Systems ruled the night. Qodem emulates the dialing directory and the terminal screen features of Qmodem over both modem and Internet connections. The Qodem homepage, which includes an extensive archive of Qmodem(tm) releases, a getting started guide, and Qodem binary downloads, is at: http://qodem.sourceforge.net . The Qodem source code is hosted at: https://github.com/klamonte/qodem .




Related Projects

Qodem Terminal Emulator

  •    C

Qodem is a a terminal emulator that resembles the BBS-era Qmodem. Includes phonebook, scrollback, capture, X/Y/Zmodem, Kermit, ANSI (+ music) / Avatar / VT102 / Linux emulation, Unicode, and keyboard macros. Connects over serial, ssh, telnet, rlogin.


  •    Javascript

Terminal.js is a rendering engine for vt100-like terminals. It is written from scratch and supports most commonly used escape sequences.

aminal - A modern cross-platform terminal emulator in Go

  •    Go

Aminal is a modern terminal emulator for Mac/Linux/Windows implemented in Golang and utilising OpenGL. The project is experimental at the moment, so you probably won't want to rely on Aminal as your main terminal for a while.


  •    C++

KTermEmulator : Easy to use X-based VT100 emulator for serial communications under Linux with several options (like Xmodem).

Dave's Telnet

  •    C

dtelnet: A Free Telnet Client for Windows 16/32 Emulates terminal types 'linux,xterm,rxvt,vt100,vt320,vt420' (rxvt is the preferred), talks protocols 'telnet' and 'login'.

tty.js - A terminal for your browser, using node/express/socket.io

  •    Javascript

A terminal in your browser using node.js and socket.io. Based on Fabrice Bellard's vt100 for jslinux.For the standalone web terminal, see term.js.


  •    Objective-C

iTerm is an enhanced terminal emulator program for MacOS X written in Objective-C. It features VT100/ANSI/XTERM emulation, full i18n support, full-screen, multi-tab and other convenient GUI features. This project is indefinitely on hold, and we recommend that you try http://www.iterm2.com/ instead.



Monospaced font designed for long (8+ hours per day) work with computers. Contains 850 characters, supports about 120 language sets, many IBM, Windows and Macintosh code pages, IBM VGA / vt100 / xterm pseudographic characters and Esperanto.

tpp - Text Powerpoint

  •    Ruby

tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool. The presentation can be written with your favorite editor in a simple description format and then shown on any text terminal that is supported by ncurses - ranging from an old VT100 to the Linux framebuffer to an xterm. On the lower left side of your terminal you will notice the current slide number and the total number of slides. Left of that, a ‘*’ will appear when the end of the current slide has been reached. If no ‘*’ appears, pressing space bar the next time will show the next entry on the page (separated by ‘—’). You are also able to go to the next/previous page at this point.

iterm2-zmodem - Automatic ZModem support for iTerm 2

  •    Shell

This script can be used to automate ZModem transfers from your OSX desktop to a server that can run lrzsz (in theory, any machine that supports SSH), and vice-versa.

xterm-color-table.vim - All 256 xterm colors with their RGB equivalents, right in Vim!

  •    VimL

All 256 xterm colors with their RGB equivalents, right in Vim!

hterm - "HTML Terminal", or hterm, is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator written entirely in JavaScript


"HTML Terminal", or hterm, is an xterm-compatible terminal emulator written entirely in JavaScript. It is intended to be fast enough and correct enough to compete with native terminals such as xterm, gnome-terminal, konsole and Terminal.app.

Mconv BBS system

  •    C

A fully functional Internet BBS similar to Monochrome BBS. Telnet-based, its features include single-keypress menu-driven operation, full colour with easy to use encoding system, user-to-user messaging facility, and in-BBS account handling tools.

Console Highlighter


Hightlights Microsoft Windows Command prompt (cmd.exe) by outputting ANSI VT100 Control sequences to color the output. These sequences are not handled by cmd.exe, so there is a ANSI VT100 Colorizer project also included.

liner - Pure Go line editor with history, inspired by linenoise

  •    Go

Liner is a command line editor with history. It was inspired by linenoise; everything Unix-like is a VT100 (or is trying very hard to be). If your terminal is not pretending to be a VT100, change it. Liner also support Windows. Liner is released under the X11 license (which is similar to the new BSD license).


  •    PHP

MilcovLib is a PHP library for CLI execution -- it supports all the typical CLI tasks, such as parameter parsing, VT100 colour output, syslog error output etc. Currently the status is pre-alpha (VT100 codes - colour and movement) -- sample code included.

EspruinoWebIDE - The Espruino Web IDE - A Chrome Web App for programming Espruino

  •    Javascript

A VT100 Serial Terminal as a Chrome Web App (with both syntax highlighted and graphical editors) - designed for writing code on microcontrollers that use the Espruino JavaScript interpreter. It can also run natively via Node.js and Electron, or a version with limited IO can be used as a website. It implements basic VT100 terminal features (up/down/left/right/etc) - enough for you to write code using the Espruino. You can also use the right-hand pane to write JavaScript code on the PC, and can then click the 'transfer' icon to send that code directly down the Serial Port.

FreeWorld BBS

  •    C

The FreeWorld BBS is an attempt to create an easy to use, yet robust platform to run a BBS on under Unix.


  •    Perl

BomgaG is a BBS/telnet client(or robot) to make the BBS world much more wonderful/hackable for a unix-lover, you can say it's a unix-version KKman or PCman, but much stronger. You can script in perl to control everything on BBS.

The BBS Project

  •    Java

The goal of this project is to provide an open-source solution for BBS sysops, in hopes of revitalizing the BBS community system.

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