PodsUpdater - A macOS app which helps you manage dependency releases in your Podfile.

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I believe it should be up to the developer to determine the exact versions of dependencies used in their projects. When adding Pods to the Podfile, most developers use the optimistic operator pod 'RxSwift', '~> 4.1.1' or even leave out the version information entirely pod 'RxSwift'. This is because no one wants to go through the hell of finding new versions of their dependencies and updating manually. This also means the Dependency manager(CocoaPods) will have to decide which version to install in your project. Granted, with the optimistic operator, CocoaPods would probably never install a version of the Pod with breaking changes as long as the framework's developer continues using semantic versioning. But then, you wouldn't even get to know about the breaking release at all.




Related Projects

ICETutorial - A nice tutorial like the one introduced in the Path 3.X App

  •    Objective-C

This small project is an implementation of the newly tutorial introduced by the Path 3.X app. Very simple and efficient tutorial, composed with N full-screen pictures that you can swipe for switching to the next/previous page. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile.

PopMenu - PopMenu is pop animation menu inspired by Sina weibo / NetEase app.

  •    Objective-C

PopMenu is pop animation menu inspired by Sina weibo / NetEase app. With CocoaPods, add this line to your Podfile.

MFSideMenu - Facebook-like side menu for iOS

  •    Objective-C

This project was inspired by the side-menu functionality seen in the Facebook iOS app. MFSideMenu utilizes view controller containment and gives you a simple API for implementing side-menu functionality. It integrates with storyboard-based apps as well as traditional setups. ####CocoaPods Add pod 'MFSideMenu' to your Podfile.

BOZPongRefreshControl - A pull-down-to-refresh control for iOS that plays pong, originally created for the MHacks III iOS app

  •    Objective-C

It's on CocoaPods! Put pod 'BOZPongRefreshControl' in your Podfile. Alternatively, just place BOZPongRefreshControl.h and BOZPongRefreshControl.m in your project anywhere you'd like.

FAQView - An easy to use FAQ view for iOS written in Swift

  •    Swift

If you are using CocoaPods add this text to your Podfile and run pod install. Simply add FAQView.swift file to you project.

LicensePlist - A license list generator of all your dependencies for iOS applications

  •    Swift

LicensePlist is a command-line tool that automatically generates a Plist of all your dependencies, including files added manually(specified by YAML config file) or using Carthage or CocoaPods. All these licenses then show up in the Settings app. Download from Releases, then copy to /usr/local/bin/license-plist etc.

EFQRCode - A better way to operate QR Code in Swift, support iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

  •    Swift

EFQRCode is a lightweight, pure-Swift library for generating pretty QRCode image with input watermark or icon and recognizing QRCode from image, it is based on CoreGraphics, CoreImage and ImageIO. EFQRCode provides you a better way to operate QRCode in your app, it works on iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS, and it is available through CocoaPods, Carthage and Swift Package Manager. This project is inspired by qrcode. To run the example project manually, clone the repo, demos are in the 'Examples' folder, remember run command sh Startup.sh in terminal to get all dependencies first, then open EFQRCode.xcworkspace with Xcode and select the target you want, run.

SwiftWebVC - A drop-in inline browser for your Swift iOS app.

  •    Swift

SwiftWebVC is a simple inline browser for your Swift iOS app. Carthage is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks.

AsyncDisplayKit - Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

  •    Objective-C

ASDK is available on [CocoaPods](http://cocoapods.org). Add the following to your Podfile:```rubypod 'AsyncDisplayKit'```(ASDK can also be used as a regular static library: Copy the project to yourcodebase manually, adding `AsyncDisplayKit.xcodeproj` to your workspace. Add`libAsyncDisplayKit.a` to the "Link Binary With Libraries" build phase.Include `-lc++ -ObjC` in your project linker flags.)Import the framework header, or create an [Objective-C bridgingheader](https://developer.apple.com/li

RNGridMenu - A grid menu with elastic layout, depth of field, and realistic animation.

  •    Objective-C

A grid based menu view with field depth and bounce animation: inspired by Mailbox, and extended for multiple needs. I created this project out of a stint of boredom. This control is customizable to a degree, but kept simple so you can take it and spin your own subclass or fork out of it. Installation with CocoaPods made available by thaberkern. Just add this line to your Podfile.

SwiftLinkPreview - It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images

  •    Swift

It makes a preview from an URL, grabbing all the information such as title, relevant texts and images. To use SwiftLinkPreview as a pod package just add the following in your Podfile file.

PKRevealController - PKRevealController is a delightful view controller container for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another

  •    Objective-C

Introducing PKRevealController 2 - The second version of one of the most popular view controller containers for iOS, enabling you to present multiple controllers on top of one another. It is easy to set-up and highly flexible. If you're using CocoaPods, simply add pod 'PKRevealController' to your Podfile. If you wish to use the static library check out the installation documentation.

cariocamenu - The fastest zero-tap iOS menu.

  •    Swift

CariocaMenu is a simple, elegant, fast navigation menu for your iOS apps. CariocaMenu is now available on CocoaPods. Simply add the following to your project Podfile, and you'll be good to go.

GridView - Reusable GridView with excellent performance and customization that can be time table, spreadsheet, paging and more

  •    Swift

GridView can tile the view while reusing it. It has an API like UIKit that works fast. Even when device rotates it smoothly relayout. ⚠️ WARNING : If you want to install from CocoaPods, must add G3GridView to Podfile because there is a GridView different from this GridView.

BMPicker - BMPicker

  •    Objective-C

CocoaPods is the recommended way to add BMPicker to your project. Add a pod entry for BMScan to your Podfile. BMScan is released under the MIT license.

BMScan - 👍 BMScan,Scan,AVFoundation,ZXing,QRCode,BarCode,Code,ZBar

  •    Objective-C

CocoaPods is the recommended way to add BMScan to your project. Add a pod entry for BMScan to your Podfile.

LTHPasscodeViewController - iOS 7 style Passcode Lock

  •    Objective-C

Simple to use iOS 7 style Passcode - the one you get in Settings when changing your passcode. Drag the contents of LTHPasscodeViewController to your project, or add pod 'LTHPasscodeViewController' to your Podfile (preffered).

RevealingSplashView - A Splash view that animates and reveals its content, inspired by Twitter splash

  •    Swift

A Splash view that animates and reveals its content, inspired by the Twitter splash. Get RevealingSplashView on CocoaPods, just add pod 'RevealingSplashView' to your Podfile and then run pod install. You can also add the github to your Carthage file.

VideoSplashKit - VideoSplashKit - UIViewController library for creating easy intro pages with background videos

  •    Swift

Requires iOS 8 or later and Xcode 6.1+ Swift support uses dynamic frameworks and is therefore only supported on iOS > 8. To install via CocoaPods add this line to your Podfile.

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