colorpreference - A custom preference item for easy implementation of a color picker in Android's preference screen

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An Android library for creating a nice color picker in the preference screen. You can use the inbuilt picker or any other color picker of your choice. The library can be used with the standard preference classes or the support-preference-v7/v14 classes. Just like every other preference object, you add it to the XML file of your Preference screen.



Related Projects

ColorPicker - A highly customizable color picker for Android

  •    Java

Yet another open source color picker for Android. So, why should you use this color picker? It is highly customizable and easy to use. You can simply add the ColorPreference to your preferences and a beautiful color picker dialog will be displayed without additional code. The color picker supports alpha and allows you to set your own presets. The original ColorPickerView was written by Daniel Nilsson.

ColorPickerPreference - 🎨 A library that let you implement ColorPicker, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference

  •    Java

A library that let you implement ColorPickerView, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference. Could get HSV color, RGB values, Html color code from your gallery pictures or custom images just by touching. Could be used just like using ImageView and provides colors from any images.

MaterialPreferences - A highly flexible set of lovely looking views that provides functionality of preferences

  •    Java

Sample project that shows how to work with different library features is available as sample module. You can also download APK and play with it. Each preference contains optional title, summary and icon (icon can be tinted). Also for some preferences it is mandatory to set default value and key (at least when dealing with SharedPreference as StorageModule).

encrypted-userprefs - A slightly less insecure wrapper for SharedUserPreferences for Android

  •    Java

An encrypted and slightly less insecure wrapper for SharedPreferences for Android. SharedPreferences on Android stores all of your values in "plain text", simply protected by the user-restricted file system on Android. If you gain root access to an Android device you have full read/write access to the application preferences of all of the applications installed. Many applications store some kind of application secret (e.g. a communication token, last used account number) using SharedPreferences.

preferencebinder - A SharedPreference "injection" library for Android

  •    Java

A SharedPreferences binding library for Android. Using annotation processing, this library makes it easy to load SharedPreferences values and listen for changes. Use the @BindPref annotation to retrieve, initialize, and listen to changes in ("bind") preference values.

colorpicker - color picker for android

  •    Java

simple android color picker with color wheel and lightness bar.

rx-preferences - Reactive SharedPreferences for Android

  •    Java

Reactive SharedPreferences for Android. Hint: Keep a strong reference on your RxSharedPreferences instance for as long as you want to observe them to prevent listeners from being GCed.

android-ColorPickerPreference - ColorPickerPreference for android to create color picker in preferences

  •    Java

Generally used classes by Daniel Nilsson. ColorPickerPreference class by Sergey Margaritov. Packed by Sergey Margaritov. Packed again and made Gradle compatible by Vincent Fischer.

FlexiColorPicker - A pure JavaScript color picker - no images, external libraries, CSS or 1px divs.

  •    Javascript

FlexiColorPicker is based on HSV color model. The only two parts of the color picker are therefore the slider for selecting hue value and the picker for selecting saturation and value. Both the slider and picker are HTML elements (usually <div>'s) that serve as wrappers for SVG/VML gradient rectangles. The slider gradient rectangle represents the hue value (gradient with 9 stop-colors). The two overlapping black and white gradient rectangles of the picker represent the saturation and value values. The top level elements (<svg> in case of SVG enabled browser and <div> in case of VML enabled browser) that wrap each of the slider and picker gradient rectangles have set width and height to 100% which means that the color picker components (slider and picker) adjust themselfs automatically to the dimensions of the slider and picker HTML elements. This is the no-hassle form of creating the color picker. This is the recommended call.

Drop Down Style Custom Color Picker in WPF

  •    WPF

Although WPF provides quite a rich collection of UI controls and components for development, a particular control has been missing. That is a color-picker control. Here a drop down style custom color picker has been made using WPF.

Pickard - color selector

  •    Delphi

Hot features: Spectrum color picker, Screen magnifier, Eyedropper, Multple color spaces support (RGB, HSL, CMY, YUV), Multiple color string support (HTML, C++, Delphi, VisualBasic).

ShareX - Screen capture, file sharing and productivity tool

  •    CSharp

ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. It also allows uploading images, text or other types of files to over 50 supported destinations you can choose from.

color-picker - A color picker for the Atom Editor

  •    CoffeeScript

Right click and select Color Picker, or hit CMD-SHIFT-C/CTRL-ALT-C to open it. Currently reads HEX, HEXa, RGB, RGBa, HSL, HSLa, HSV, HSVa, VEC3 and VEC4 colors – and is able to convert between the formats. It also inspects Sass and LESS color variables. Just open the Color Picker with the cursor at a variable and it'll look up the definition for you. From there, you can click the definition and go directly to where it's defined.



CPickSniff is a color picker and sniffer, it can tell you any color code of a color appearing on your screen. This app will show you the decimal, RGB, Web values. It is written in Lazarus/FPC 0.9.31

Get Color Sf

  •    Delphi

Get Color Sf is a color picker. Include a magnifier control that will allow to magnify any part of the screen (levels of 1x-20x).

ColorSense-for-Xcode - Plugin for Xcode to make working with colors more visual

  •    Objective-C

ColorSense is an Xcode plugin that makes working with UIColor (and NSColor) more visual. There are many tools that allow you to insert a UIColor/NSColor from a color picker or by picking a color from the screen. But once you've inserted it, it can be hard to remember which color you're actually looking at in your code because you basically just have a series of numbers.

tray - a SharedPreferences replacement for Android with multiprocess support

  •    Java

Note: currently this class does not support use across multiple processes. This will be added later. Tray is this mentioned explicit cross-process data management approach powered by a ContentProvider. Tray also provides an advanced API which makes it super easy to access and maintain your data with upgrade and migrate mechanisms. Welcome to SharedPreferences 2.0 aka Tray.

ColorPickerView - 🎨 The most standard and powerful colorpicker library.

  •    Java

You can use ColorPickerView just like ImageView and get HSV colors, RGB values, Html color codes from your gallery pictures or custom images by tapping on the desired color. You can get colors using multi selectors. At Multi-ColorPicker you can get more specialized library in multi-coloring.