ddcctl - DDC monitor controls (brightness) for Mac OSX command line

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Run ddcctl -h for some options. ddcctl.sh is a script I use to control two PC monitors plugged into my Mac Mini. You can point Alfred, ControlPlane, or Karabiner at it to quickly switch presets.




Related Projects

BrightnessMenulet - BrightnessMenulet is an Mac OS X app that allows you to control display brightness via DDC/CI protocol

  •    Objective-C

Allows you to control monitor brigthness via menu in status bar. This tool works on OSX 10.8+. If you have tested your monitor(s) with this tool, please let me know wether it worked or not so I can add monitor models here. Preference's Debug button logs to the console VCP codes and their values on the selected monitor.


  •    C

Control your monitor by software using the DDC/CI protocol.

Lunar - Intelligent adaptive brightness for your external display

  •    Swift

Note: Lunar changes the actual (physical) brightness and contrast of the monitor. It doesn't use a software overlay. It doesn't interfere at all with the native adaptive brightness that macOS implements for the built-in display.

gotop - A terminal based graphical activity monitor inspired by gtop and vtop

  •    Go

Working and tested on Linux and OSX. Windows support is planned. Then move gotop into your $PATH somewhere.

DisableMonitor - Easily disable or enable a monitor on your Mac.


The project development has been stopped and won't be continued, if you want to be a maintainer consider opening an issue. You can contribute to this project! Just create a fork, do the changes and do a pull request. Add new features, languages or what ever you think could enhance the app.

AMM - Aria2 Menubar Monitor

  •    Swift

Aria2 Menubar Monitor, a tool to help with monitoring Aria2 Status on the macOS menubar.

iGlance - MacOS system monitor for the status bar. See all system information at a glance.

  •    Swift

iGlance is a small System Monitor that displays current stats about your Mac on the status bar. It is built to be highly customizable so that everyone can adjust it to his/her needs. A full list of all the features is below. If you encounter any bugs or have suggestions for new features, feel free to write them down in the Issues tab. Download the iGlance.dmg from https://github.com/iglance/iGlance/releases and manually move the app into the applications folder.

The DockApp Framework


The DockApp framework is a development library for MacOSX written in Objective C. Its purpose is to facilitate DockApp development on the OSX platform. A bandwidth monitor DockApp based on the X11 program wmnet is included as a reference application.


  •    Python

Astmontray is a systray applet written in PyQt so users can monitor whether their PABX servers running Asterisk.org, the open source telephony platform, are up or not. It supports AMI authentication and runs fine on Linux, OSX and Maemo tablets.

owfs and owhttpd

  •    Perl

Easy way to use the 1-wire sensors like temperature, voltage and more.

OSX-Arc-White - a flat theme collection based on arc with transparent elements for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Unity, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc

  •    CSS

OSX-Arc theme collection is a flat theme collection based on arc with transparent elements OSX-Arc Collection is available in three variants, it also supports GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell which integrates with GTK 3 and GTK 2 based desktop environments like Gnome, Unity, Budgie, Pantheon, XFCE, Mate, etc.Ubuntu & Debian based distributions can now install the newly created Debian packages for easy installation of the theme collection, also all deb files have checksums MD5,SHA1 and SHA256 for file integrity links are below.

sxkdvm - SXKDVM - OSX Docker KVM / Run an OSX KVM virtual machine inside a Docker container.

  •    Shell

Run an OSX KVM virtual machine inside a Docker container. This project permits to run an OSX virtual machine (KVM) inside a Docker container.

kafka-monitor - Monitor the availability of Kakfa clusters with generated messages.

  •    Java

Kafka Monitor is a framework to implement and execute long-running kafka system tests in a real cluster. It complements Kafka’s existing system tests by capturing potential bugs or regressions that are only likely to occur after prolonged period of time or with low probability. Moreover, it allows you to monitor Kafka cluster using end-to-end pipelines to obtain a number of derived vital stats such as end-to-end latency, service availability and message loss rate. You can easily deploy Kafka Monitor to test and monitor your Kafka cluster without requiring any change to your application.Kafka Monitor can automatically create the monitor topic with the specified config and increase partition count of the monitor topic to ensure partition# >= broker#. It can also reassign partition and trigger preferred leader election to ensure that each broker acts as leader of at least one partition of the monitor topic. This allows Kafka Monitor to detect performance issue on every broker without requiring users to manually manage the partition assignment of the monitor topic.

iOS - Provides a BLE framework for developing BLE App on iOS/OSX platform using RBL BLE Service.

  •    Objective-C

This BLE SDK for iOS provides a framework for Mac OSX and iOS developers to develop Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka BLE) Apps easily using a simeple TXRX Service for exchanging data. It is based on Apple's CoreBluetooth framework. It currently supports iOS 7 and Mac OSX 10.9.2. OSX 10.7.5, 10.8.x and iOS 6 also support BLE but not tested. OSX 10.9.0 and 10.9.1 have bugs, so we will not support.

Server Monitor


Monitor the servers in your network for any downtime or so. You can add as many servers as you want. A friendly GUI to add servers to the configuration.

JVM Monitor - Java profiler integrated with Eclipse

  •    Java

JVM Monitor is a Java profiler integrated with Eclipse to monitor CPU, threads and memory usage of Java applications. JVM Monitor would be useful to quickly inspect Java applications without preparing any launch configuration beforehand. JVM Monitor automatically finds the running JVMs on local host and you can easily start monitoring them. It is also supported to monitor Java applications on remote host by giving hostname and port number.

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