Keyczar - Toolkit for safe and simple cryptography

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KeyczarKeyczar is an open source cryptographic toolkit designed to make it easier and safer for devlopers to use cryptography in their applications. Keyczar supports authentication and encryption with both symmetric and asymmetric keys. Keyczar was originally developed by members of the Google Security Team.
Keyczar is designed to be open, extensible, and cross-platform compatible. It is not intended to replace existing cryptographic libraries like OpenSSL, PyCrypto, or the Java JCE, and in fact is built on these libraries.



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EMISymCrypto - Managed symmetric & asymmetric cryptography library

A managed symmetric & asymmetric cryptography library that supports Aes192, Aes256, DES, RC2, Rijndael, TripleDES, Blowfish, Twofish, RC4, ARC4.

genetic-boxes - Using genetic algorithms to aid design of symmetric-key cryptography.

Using genetic algorithms to aid design of symmetric-key cryptography.

SymmCryptUtils - Utils for symmetric-key cryptography-projects

Utils for symmetric-key cryptography-projects

Cryptlib - provides Encryption and Authentication Service

cryptlib is a powerful security toolkit that allows even inexperienced crypto programmers to easily add encryption and authentication services to their software. It provides support for S/MIME and PGP/OpenPGP secure enveloping, SSL/TLS and SSH secure sessions, CA services such as CMP, SCEP, RTCS, and OCSP, and other security operations such as secure timestamping.

Confidant - Your Secret Keeper. Stores secrets in DynamoDB, encrypted at rest.

Confidant is a open source secret management service that provides user-friendly storage and access to secrets in a secure way, from the developers at Lyft. Confidant stores secrets in an append-only way in DynamoDB, generating a unique KMS data key for every revision of every secret, using Fernet symmetric authenticated cryptography.

Dogtag - Certificate System

The Dogtag Certificate System is an enterprise-class open source Certificate Authority (CA). It is a full-featured system, and has been hardened by real-world deployments. It supports all aspects of certificate lifecycle management, including key archival, OCSP and smartcard management, and much more. It supports Certificate issuance, revocation, and retrieval, Certificate Revocation List (CRL) generation and publishing, Encryption key archival and recovery and lot more.

dkeyczar - Port of Google's Keyczar cryptography library to Go

This is a port of Google's Keyczar library to Go.It has a simple API with sensible defaults for the cryptographic algorithms. All output is encoded in web-safe base64.

Ordo - Symmetric Cryptography Library

Symmetric Cryptography Library


Standalone cryptographic library. A minimalist port of cryptojs javascript library to node.js, that supports AES symmetric key cryptography. Unlike node.js native crypto library, node-cryptojs-aes removes openssl dependency.

Apache Shiro - Java Security Framework

Apache Shiro is a powerful and easy-to-use Java security framework that performs authentication, authorization, cryptography, and session management. With Shiro’s easy-to-understand API, you can quickly and easily secure any JVM-based application – from the smallest mobile applications to the largest web and enterprise applications.

keyczar - Easy-to-use crypto toolkit

Important note: KeyCzar has some known security issues which may influence your decision to use it. See Known Security Issues.Keyczar was originally developed by members of the Google Security Team and is released under an Apache 2.0 license.

django-keymanager - A simple app to handle cryptography key management

A simple app to handle cryptography key management

jsrsasign - The 'jsrsasign' (RSA-Sign JavaScript Library) is an opensource free cryptography library supporting RSA/RSAPSS/ECDSA/DSA signing/validation, ASN

The 'jsrsasign' (RSA-Sign JavaScript Library) is an opensource free cryptography library supporting RSA/RSAPSS/ECDSA/DSA signing/validation, ASN.1, PKCS#1/5/8 private/public key, X.509 certificate, CRL, OCSP, CMS SignedData, TimeStamp, CAdES JSON Web Signature/Token/Key in pure JavaScript.Public page is .

linux cryptography library

I needed a library of functions that enabled me to perform hash functions and symmetric cryptography. I chose MD5 initially but eventually chose SHA as the hashing algorithm due to concerns regarding the \'collision resistance\' of MD5 due to weakne

OpenCA - PKI Management Software

The OpenCA PKI Development Project is a collaborative effort to develop a robust, full-featured and Open Source out-of-the-box Certification Authority implementing the most used protocols with full-strength cryptography world-wide. The project development is divided in two main tasks: studying and refining the security scheme that guarantees the best model to be used in a CA and developing software to easily setup and manage a Certification Authority.

sjcl - Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

The Stanford Javascript Crypto Library is a project by the Stanford Computer Security Lab to build a secure, powerful, fast, small, easy-to-use, cross-browser library for cryptography in Javascript. SJCL is secure. It uses the industry-standard AES algorithm at 128, 192 or 256 bits; the SHA256 hash function; the HMAC authentication code; the PBKDF2 password strengthener; and the CCM and OCB authenticated-encryption modes.

jscrypto - Fast symmetric cryptography in Javascript

Fast symmetric cryptography in Javascript

ruby-mcrypt - Ruby bindings for libmcrypt (symmetric cryptography)

Ruby bindings for libmcrypt (symmetric cryptography)

Acra - Database protection suite with selective encryption and intrusion detection

Acra helps you to easily secure your databases in distributed, microservice-rich environments. It allows you to selectively encrypt sensitive records with strong multi-layer cryptography, detect potential intrusions and SQL injections and cryptographically compartment data stored in large sharded schemes. It's security model guarantees that compromising the database or your application does not leak sensitive data, or keys to decrypt it.

NfWebCrypto - Web Cryptography API Polyfill

NOTE: THIS PROJECT IS NO LONGER UNDER ACTIVE MAINTAINENCE. With most browsers now providing W3C Web Crypto implementations and Chrome disallowing 3rd-party PPAPI plugins, there is little use for this project. It will remain here on Github indefinitely, but there are no plans to keep any branch updated. The most recent code lives in the 'newInterface' branch.Netflix WebCrypto is a polyfill of the W3C Web Cryptography API, 22 April 2013 Editor's Draft, as a native Chrome PPAPI plugin. Unlike a javascript polyfill, the native implementation supports a stronger security model with no key material exposed to javascript. The goal is to make the Web Crypto Javascript API freely available to web developers for experimentation and use prior to its implementation by browser vendors.