base16-kitty - Base16 for kitty

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Simply copy the contents of your desired color scheme into your kitty.conf file. If you already have a color scheme in your configuration, be sure to remove or comment it out. The 256 variants are for those who wish to continue using the 16 ANSI colors but don't want to end up with weird-looking colors instead of bright ones. Because base16 schemes have 16 colors only, the bright colors mirror their non-bright variants instead of being unique colors.



Related Projects

base16-builder - :hammer: Base16 Builder is a nimble command-line tool that generates themes for your favourite programs

  •    HTML

Base16 Builder is easy to use. All you have to do is supply a color scheme, template, and brightness (light or dark). Base16 Builder will use the information you provide to generate a theme and write it to stdout. Because Base16 Builder writes to stdout, it's possible to pipe the theme anywhere you like. In the above screencast, the theme is piped to a new file called "theme", but this could just as well have been a configuration file like ".Xresources".

base16 - An architecture for building themes


An architecture for building themes based on carefully chosen syntax highlighting using a base of sixteen colours. Base16 provides a set of guidelines detailing how to style syntax and how to code a builder for compiling base16 schemes and templates. To add your own template, submit a pull request to and add your repository to the list below. Repository naming scheme: base16-[template-name] (with dashes as separators).

ocean-terminal - An OS X profile based on the base16 Ocean theme.


This is a quick profile (color scheme) for OS X based on the base16 Ocean theme. I couldn't find one in the official repo, so I hastily made my own. Base16 provides carefully chosen syntax highlighting and a default set of sixteen colors suitable for a wide range of applications.

spacegray - A Hyperminimal UI Theme for Sublime Text

  •    Javascript

A set of custom UI themes for Sublime Text 2/3. It's all about hype and minimal. Comes in different flavors with accompanying Base16 color schemes. Default flavor based on Base16 Ocean Dark color scheme.

mintty-color-schemes - Some color schemes for MinTTY


Originall created by chriskempson/base16 and geoffstokes/base16-mintty. I modified (darkened) the Bold Green, Yellow, Blue, Magenta, Cyan to make them more readable on the dark background.

base16-vim - Base16 for Vim

  •    VimL

Base16 for Vim


  •    C

KiTTY is an open source alternative to Putty. KiTTY is a fork from version 0.60 of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world. KiTTY is only designed for the Microsoft Windows platform.

Kitty-Kitty Quick and Dirty CD Burning


Kitty-Kitty is a gtk-perl frontend to cdrecord and mkisofs. It is not feature rich and is designed to automate some common cd making tasks .


  •    C

Provides C functions for encoding binary data into a printable representation using base64, base32, or base16 (hex) character sets, plus equivalent functions for the decoding of such encoded data back into its binary form.

ARSoft.Tools.Net - C#/.Net DNS client/server, SPF and SenderID Library

  •    CSharp

This project contains a complete managed .Net SPF validation, SenderID validation and a dns client and dns server implementation written in C#.

Novocode Toolkit

  •    Java

The Novocode Toolkit is a collection of reusable Java classes. It includes some AWT components, I/O classes, class loaders, Base16/64 en- and decoders, a JavaBeans-based command line arguments parser, and other useful things.

tomorrow-theme - Tomorrow Theme the precursor to Base16 Theme

  •    CSS

After having spent over five years using, tweaking and refining a personal editor theme I decided it was time to release "Tomorrow Theme" - a bright theme with pastel colours and sensible syntax highlighting. A theme should not get in your way but should aid your programming with easily identifiable colours that add meaning and enhance legibility. This was the main focus when developing Tomorrow.


  •    VB

E-Kitty is a virtual pet cat network over the internet. You can play games, chat and do stuff with other members and its all written in Visual Basic.

Kitty - An Open Eventmanagement System

  •    PHP

(Kitty Is The besT eventmanagement-sYstem) is a PHP based event management tool, that has originaly been a LAN party management tool and still is optimized for managing LAN parties. It is modular, so you can decide which modules to install.

kitty - A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator

  •    C

A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator. It offloads rendering to the GPU for lower system load and buttery smooth scrolling. Uses threaded rendering to minimize input latency. It supports all modern terminal features: graphics (images), unicode, true-color, OpenType ligatures, mouse protocol, hyperlinks, focus tracking, bracketed paste and several new terminal protocol extensions.

termpdf - barebones graphical pdf/djvu/cbr/image viewer that works inside iTerm2 2.9+ and Kitty

  •    Shell

termpdf is a barebones graphical PDF (and DJVU and TIFF and CBR and CBZ and JPG and PNG and GIF and BMP) viewer that runs in your terminal. It is a ridiculous hack---a bash script wrapped around some special terminal escape codes and a bunch of command line tools. But it works well enough for me to be useful.

falcon - A colour scheme for terminals, Vim and friends.

  •    Vim

A colour scheme for terminals, vim and friends. This is v2.0 - vastly improved, with more tweak, less cruft.

chromatic-sketch - Sketch plugin for creating good-looking and perceptually uniform gradients and color scales

  •    Javascript

I came across this blog post recently. It opened my eyes to the Lab color space, and how you can use it to create perceptually uniform gradients and color scales with SASS. Chroma.js is the underlying library powering it. Check it out if you want a deeper understanding of the Lab color space and why it's good for creating color scales. Basically, it's a color space that, unlike RGB, was built to mirror the visual response of the human eye. That makes it very well suited for interpolating colors. This command will take the gradient of the selected shape and add new color stops to create a more aesthetically pleasing one.

color-schemer - A sassy way to build color schemes

  •    CSS

Color schemer is a robust color toolset for Sass. It expands on the existing Sass color functions and adds things like RYB manipulation, * set-hue, * set-lightness, tint, shade and more. It also leverages these tools adding a full-featured color scheming tool that allows you to set one primary color and create whole color schemes around it. gem install color-schemer in your terminal.

open-color - Color scheme for UI design.

  •    CSS

Open color is an open-source color scheme optimized for UI like font, background, border, etc. Import the file to your project and use the variables.