kamon-agent - The Open Source java agent for Kamon

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The kamon-agent is developed in order to provide a simple way to instrument an application running on the JVM and introduce kamon features such as, creation of traces, metric measures, trace propagation, and so on.It's a simple Java Agent written in Java 8 and powered by ByteBuddy with some additionally ASM features. It has a Pure-Java API and a Scala-Friendly API to define the custom instrumentation in a declarative manner.




Related Projects

Kamon - Tool for monitoring applications running on the JVM

Kamon is a reactive-friendly toolkit for monitoring applications that run on top of the JVM. It provides API to manually create metric recording instruments for any application running on the JVM. It provides bytecode instrumentation modules for Scala, Akka, Spray and Play. It supports several reporting backends like StatsD, Datadog and New Relic. It also allows to create custom reports.

docker-grafana-graphite - Docker image with StatsD, Graphite, Grafana 2 and a Kamon Dashboard

If you already have services running on your host that are using any of these ports, you may wish to map the container ports to whatever you want by changing left side number in the --publish parameters. You can omit ports you do not plan to use. Find more details about mapping ports in the Docker documentation on Binding container ports to the host and Legacy container links.The Dockerfile and supporting configuration files are available in our Github repository. This comes specially handy if you want to change any of the StatsD, Graphite or Grafana settings, or simply if you want to know how the image was built.

useragent - Useragent parser for Node.js, ported from browserscope.org

Useragent originated as port of browserscope.org's user agent parser project also known as ua-parser. Useragent allows you to parse user agent strings with high performance and accuracy by using hand tuned regular expressions for browser matching. This database is needed to ensure that every browser is correctly parsed as every browser vendor implements it's own user agent schema. This is why regular user agent parsers have major issues because they will most likely parse out the wrong browser name or confuse the render engine version with the actual version of the browser. This module relies on uap-core's regexes.yaml user agent database to parse user agent strings.

Standalone SQL Agent

The Standalone SQL Agent provides SQL Express users with the ability to use the SQL Server Agent features of the database system even though Microsoft has decided to remove the SQL Agent from the SQL Express product. This project is developed using Visual Basic.NET 2008.

Mesa is a agent-based modeling framework in Python

Mesa is an Apache2 licensed agent-based modeling (or ABM) framework in Python.It allows users to quickly create agent-based models using built-in core components (such as spatial grids and agent schedulers) or customized implementations; visualize them using a browser-based interface; and analyze their results using Python's data analysis tools. Its goal is to be the Python 3-based alternative to NetLogo, Repast, or MASON.

Double Agent

Double Agent is an Open Source alternative to Microsoft™ Agent that allows Agent applications to work on Windows 7. It is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Agent Academy

Agent Academy is a Java integrated development framework for creating Intelligent Agents and Multi Agent Systems. Agent Academy seamlessly integrates JADE and WEKA platforms and enables the creation of software agents that use Data Mining models.

amazon-ecs-agent - Amazon EC2 Container Service Agent

The Amazon ECS Container Agent is software developed for Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS).It runs on container instances and starts containers on behalf of Amazon ECS.

keychain - keychain ssh-agent front-end

Official documentation for Keychain can be found on the official Keychain wiki page. Keychain helps you to manage ssh and GPG keys in a convenient and secure manner. It acts as a frontend to ssh-agent and ssh-add, but allows you to easily have one long running ssh-agent process per system, rather than the norm of one ssh-agent per login session.

node-webkit-agent - NodeJS agent for WebKit devtools front-end

This module is an implementation of Chrome developer tools protocol. It is still pretty much a work in progress and only heap and CPU profilers are working right now. Help is wanted to finish implementing debugger, networking and console agents as well as a implementing from scratch a flamegraphs agent. This module allows you to debug and profile remotely your nodejs applications leveraging the following features by re-using the built-in devtools front-end that comes with any webkit-based browsers such as Chrome or Safari.

byte-buddy - Runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine.

Byte Buddy is a Java library for creating Java classes at run time. The parent artifact contains configuration information that concern all modules.

agent - Agent is an attempt at modelling Go-like concurrency, in Ruby

Agent is an attempt at modelling Go-like concurrency, in Ruby

newrelic-plugin-agent - Multi-Plugin python-based Agent for NewRelic's Platform

Multi-Plugin python-based Agent for NewRelic's Platform

dd-agent - Datadog agent

Datadog agent

user-agent - User agent string parser for Ruby

User agent string parser for Ruby

Galatea: Multi-agent simulations

GALATEA is a family of languages to model multi-agent systems to be simulated in a DEVS, multi-agent platform.


FTPSearch/Agent is a fully functional ftp indexing amp; searching engine for medium local networks (20-200 servers). Unique associative extend of searching allows you to garther much relevant results. FTPSearch/Agent is written in java and PHP and use MySQL

Shipping Agent

Shipping Agent is the web service component of the Shipper system by Structured Solutions. Shipper is a desktop application for high velocity shipment processing. There are several different Shipping Agents available in this project. Each Shipping Agent provides the interface ...

Grid-Soccer Simulator

Grid-Soccer Simulator is a multi-agent soccer simulator in a grid-world environment. The environment provides a test-bed for machine-learning, control algorithms, and multi-agent learning especially multi-agent reinforcement learning.

SQL Server Agent job status web part for SharePoint

The SQL Server Agent job Status web part for SharePoint makes it easy to visually communicate the status of an agent job as a web part visible on a SharePoint web page. Icons signal the current status through color for easy monitoring. C# code.