WolfHUD - Payday 2 HUD

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I got the permission from Seven, ViciousWalrus, Undeadsewer, FishTaco, friendIyfire and Terminator01 for the use of their scripts and from Nervatel Hanging Closet Monster for using his icons. Huge thanks to Kampfhörnchen for creating a better logo and a banner.




Related Projects

blt - Acquia's toolset for automating Drupal 8 development, testing, and deployment.

  •    PHP

BLT (Build and Launch Tool) provides an automation layer for testing, building, and launching Drupal 8 applications. See INSTALL.md for a list of prequisites and links to instructions for creating new projects, adding BLT to existing projects, and updating BLT.

react-native-progress-hud - A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your React Native app.

  •    Javascript

React Native Progress HUD is a React Native port of the popular SVProgressHUD. It is a clean and easy-to-use HUD meant to display the progress of an ongoing task. Are you using React? Check out React Progress HUD.

Metamod Half-Life Utility mod

  •    C++

MetaMod is a plugin/DLL manager that sits between the Half-Life Engine and an HL Game mod, allowing the dynamic loading/unloading of mod-like DLL plugins to add functionality to the HL server or game mod.

lithium-fabric - A Fabric mod designed to improve the general performance of Minecraft without breaking things

  •    Java

Lithium is a free and open-source Minecraft mod which works to optimize many areas of the game in order to provide better overall performance. It works on both the client and server, and doesn't require the mod to be installed on both sides. One of the most important design goals in Lithium is correctness. Unlike other mods which apply optimizations to the game, Lithium does not sacrifice vanilla functionality or behavior in the name of raw speed. It's a no compromises solution for those wanting to speed up their game, and as such, installing Lithium should be completely transparent to the player.

FTIndicator - A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes support

  •    Objective-C

A light wight UI package contains local notification, progress HUD, toast, with blur effect, elegant API and themes Support for iOS. Inspired by Apple's process HUD, notifications and Android's toast. Syntax error fix in 1.2.2: Syntax error fixed. May cause error to your projects, update it carefully.

OpenComputers - Home of the OpenComputers mod for Minecraft.

  •    Scala

OpenComputers is a Minecraft mod that adds programmable computers and robots to the game. The built-in computer implementation uses Lua 5.2 and is fully persistent. This means programs will continue running across reloads. For more information, please see the wiki. Feel invited to visit the community forums or drop by in the IRC channel #oc on esper.net. This mod is licensed under the MIT license. All assets are public domain, unless otherwise stated; all are free to be distributed as long as the license / source credits are kept. This means you can use this mod in any mod pack as you please. I'd be happy to hear about you using it, though, just out of curiosity.


  •    CSharp

An open-source, multiplayer modification for the game Subnautica. This mod is still in its early stages of development, and a public, easy to install version has not been released yet. Those who are keen to try can follow the guide on the wiki. This requires compilation of the mod, and injecting it into Subnautica; not suited for the faint-hearted. Until a stable version is released, this mod is not recommended for casual play. Please be patient as we work to build a great enhancement for the game.

SwiftProgressHUD - 📦 SwiftProgressHUD is a user-friendly pure swift HUD. 支持Cocoapods 及 Carthage

  •    Swift

SwiftProgressHUD is an iOS drop-in class that displays a translucent HUD with an indicator and/or labels while work is being done in a background thread. The HUD is meant as a replacement for the undocumented, private UIKit UIProgressHUD with some additional features. You will need the latest developer tools in order to build SwiftProgressHUD. Old Xcode versions might work, but compatibility will not be explicitly maintained.

SCCatWaitingHUD - :cat: This is a cute and simple loading HUD on iOS :-P 这是一个可爱清新简单的加载HUD控件

  •    Objective-C

:cat: This is a cute and simple loading HUD on iOS :-P 这是一个可爱清新简单的加载HUD控件

zap-hud - The OWASP ZAP Heads Up Display (HUD)

  •    Java

The HUD is an interface that provides the functionality of ZAP directly in the browser. In all cases you will need Java 8+ installed.

The BLT Toolkit

  •    Perl

The BLT Toolkit is an extension to Tcl and Tk. It adds new commands and widgets to the Tcl interpreter. Included widgets are 2D graph, barchart, stripchart, tab notebook, and tree viewer.


  •    C

Construction: The Game is based on a popular Tribes 2(R) mod called \'Construction Mod\'. In this game, you construct your own buildings with various pieces, Beam, Walkway, Wall, Etc. It is using the Torque Game Engine.

phpBB3 Game Console MOD


Game console is a simple mod that will host text based php games for your users to play while they visit your phpBB3 boards. As of right now the game console will only support php style games but I'm hoping to get more developers on board and see what other types we can add.

CQUI_Community-Edition - Civilization 6 mod - UI enhancements, reduce clicks and manage your empire faster!

  •    Lua

CQUI is an UI mod that helps you manage your empire faster and easier. It's an enhancement of the original UI that gives you the informations you need with less clicks. It also have a lot of usefull functionnality that makes the game even better. This repository is the official repository of the CQUI steam mod.

SVProgressHUD - A clean and lightweight progress HUD for your iOS and tvOS app.

  •    Objective-C

SVProgressHUD is a clean and easy-to-use HUD meant to display the progress of an ongoing task on iOS and tvOS. Try SVProgressHUD on Appetize.io.

WSProgressHUD - This is a beauful hud view for iPhone & iPad

  •    Objective-C

To Download the project. Run the WSProgressHUD.xcodeproj in the demo directory. Run carthage update to build the framework and drag the built WSProgressHUD.framework (in Carthage/Build/iOS folder) into your Xcode project (Linked Frameworks and Libraries in Targets).

SwiftNotice - GUI library for displaying various popups (HUD), written in pure Swift.

  •    Swift

SwiftNotice is a GUI library for displaying various popups (HUD) written in pure Swift, fits any scrollview and supports iPhone X. Read the documentation for more information.

Kudos II Mod Editor


A quick VB.net application to help with modifying the Positech game, Kudos 2. It allows editing of all the various csv files in a helpful interface that outlines how to mod each aspect of the game. Valuable as a tool. Requires Kudos 2 installed to run properly.

mtasa-blue - Multi Theft Auto is a game engine that adds full network multiplayer functionality to Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto game series, in which this functionality is not originally found

  •    C++

Multi Theft Auto (MTA) is a software project that adds network play functionality to Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto game series, in which this functionality is not originally found. It is a unique modification that incorporates an extendable network play element into a proprietary commercial single-player PC game. Multi Theft Auto is based on code injection and hooking techniques whereby the game is manipulated without altering any original files supplied with the game. The software functions as a game engine that installs itself as an extension of the original game, adding core functionality such as networking and GUI rendering while exposing the original game's engine functionality through a scripting language.

Smart Mod Manager


Smart Mod Manager manages your collection of STALKER mods, allows you to easily switch between them, add and remove mods in any order.

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