Kaldin - Online Examination Software

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Open source examination software for conducting any type of exam including online exam, pre-screening for colleges, universities and companies. Its Key features include Questions Categories, Question Papers, Open Exams, Results, Manage Users, Schedule Exam, Real-time notifications, analysis by user, exam and category with ability to download certificates.




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Certified Weighing Technician (CWT) Certified Weighing Technicians have a broad range knowledge of the technical and regulatory requirements of the industry, including installing, evaluating and servicing the customers weighing needs. The Certified Weighing Technician has:technical knowledge in areas of testing, calibrating and troubleshooting for small/light capacity, medium/heavy capacity scales and balance weighing products.technical knowledge in the area of systems and systems communications

php exam management

a complete online examination management sytem question bank question papers tests student and staff management evaluation and analysis of test papers

Java Quiz

This Project will administer an exam on an applet using 4 answer mutliple choice questions. Only one answer may be selected per question. Later we may improve this but for now this is the scope. We will use XML to read and write exams.

Online-exam - And open online exam on cakephp

And open online exam on cakephp

galapagos - Answer to the OOPD exam task from 2006 at DIKU

Answer to the OOPD exam task from 2006 at DIKU

code-exam - Code Exam is an online platform for programming exams

Code Exam is an online platform for programming exams

exam - online exam

online exam


Oracle Web Component Exam Simulator - web application for question (and answers) viewing


This repository is created for scjp exam. In this repository anyone can get idea about scjp exam detail and java basic question.

olexam - Online exam System

Online exam System

OES - Online Exam System

Online Exam System

online_test - Online quiz/exam taking application

Online quiz/exam taking application

exhubs - An online exam system based on Spring MVC

An online exam system based on Spring MVC

Recruitr - Modern online judge tool, Online test made easy

Recruitr is a modern online judge tool. You can add coding challenges via the admin interface, specify test cases (expected input/output), and make it available for visitors to try to solve them by submitting code. Currently, recruitr supports C, C++, Haskell, Java, Javascript (Node), Perl, PHP, Python, Racket, Ruby, Scala, and Shell (Bash). The user submitted code is run in a docker container, therefore very secure.