resume-cli - Cli tool to easily setup a new resume 📑

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This is the command line tool for JSON Resume, the open source initiative to create a JSON-based standard for resumes. Read more...


async : ^1.5.0
chalk : ^1.1.1
char-spinner : ^1.0.1
cli-spinner : ^0.2.1
colors : ^1.1.2
commander : ^2.9.0
dotenv : ^2.0.0
html-pdf : ^2.1.0
jsonlint : ^1.6.2
jsonresume-theme-crisp : ^0.2.12
jsonresume-theme-flat : ^0.3.7
jsonresume-theme-modern : 0.0.18
jspdf : ^1.3.2
node-static : ~0.7.7
open : 0.0.5
puppeteer : ^1.0.0
read : ~1.0.7
resume-schema : latest
resume-to-html : latest
resume-to-text : latest
should : ^11.1.0
superagent : ^2.0.0
terminal-menu : ^2.1.1



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HackMyResume - Generate polished résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon

  •    Javascript

Create polished résumés and CVs in multiple formats from your command line or shell. Author in clean Markdown and JSON, export to Word, HTML, PDF, LaTeX, plain text, and other arbitrary formats. Fight the power, save trees. Compatible with FRESH and JRS resumes. HackMyResume is built with Node.js and runs on recent versions of OS X, Linux, or Windows. View the FAQ.

resume-website - jsonresume website 🏡

  •    HTML

There are two ways to run this website, locally or inside a VM. ruby and gem should now have been installed on your computer.

JSON Resume - JSON based standard for resumes

  •    Javascript

A community driven open source initiative to create a JSON based standard for resumes. The command line tool uses an ecosystem of modules that converts your resume to different formats like PDF, HTML.

ArchiSteamFarm - C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously

  •    CSharp

ASF is a C# application that allows you to farm steam cards using multiple steam accounts simultaneously. Unlike Idle Master which works only for one account at given time, requires steam client running in background, and launches additional processes imitating "game playing" status, ASF doesn't require any steam client running in the background, doesn't launch any additional processes and is made to handle unlimited steam accounts at once. In addition to that, it's meant to be run on servers or other desktop-less machines, and features full cross-OS support, which makes it possible to launch on any .NET Core-supported operating system, such as Windows, Linux or OS X. ASF is possible thanks to gigantic amount of work done in marvelous SteamKit2 library. ASF doesn't require and doesn't interfere in any way with Steam client. In addition to that, it doesn't require exclusive access to given account, which means that you can use your main account in Steam client, and use ASF for idling the same account at the same time. If you decide to launch a game, ASF will get disconnected, and resume idling once you finish playing your game, being as transparent as possible during entire process.

ResumeParser - Resume Parser using rule based approach. Developed using framework provided by GATE

  •    HTML

Parser that extracts information from any resume and converts into a structured .json format to be used by internal systems. The parser uses a rule-based approach that focuses on semantic rather than syntactic parsing. The parser can handle document types in .pdf, .txt, .doc and .docx (Microsoft word). In its current form, this application is a console based application. Parse uses the Engligh grammar engine provided by GATE through its ANNIE framework. The output is then transduced using the grammar rules and lists specifically written for resume parsing. The JAPE grammar defines a generic set of rules that complies with popular ways of resume writing. It takes Proper nouns from lists and applies them to rules to identify entities. Explore the source code and read about GATE for more details. Also, feel free to pose questions.

resume - Software developer resume in Latex

  •    TeX

A single-page, one-column resume for software developers. It uses the base latex templates and fonts to provide ease of use and installation when trying to update the resume. The different sections are clearly documented and custom commands are used to provide consistent formatting. The three main sections in the resume are education, experience, and projects. I created this template as managing a resume on Google Docs was hard and changing any formatting was too difficult since it had to be applied in multiple places. Most currently available templates either focus on two columns, or are multiple pages long. I personally found the two-column templates hard to focus while multiple-page resumes were just too long to be used in career fairs.

fresh-resume-schema - A rational schema for your résumé or CV.

  •    Javascript

A rational schema for your résumé or CV. Based on FRESH. The FRESH résumé schema is an open source, standards-friendly, JSON/YAML-driven format for résumé / CVs and other employment artifacts.

resume-schema - JSON-Schema is used here to define and validate our proposed resume json

  •    HTML

We are still currently un-versioned, some core changes are being pushed out, and a version 0.0.0 will be released following Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 best practices. We will be experimenting with a migration.js system, where each change below will be represented with a function that can update an older version of resume.json to the newer versions. There will be a learning curve for the next few months as to how the ecosystem will revolve around versions.

Deedy-Resume - A one page , two asymmetric column resume template in XeTeX that caters to an undergraduate Computer Science student

  •    TeX

It is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Common LaTeX resume-builders such as moderncv and the friggeri-cv look great if you're looking for a multi-page resume with numerous citations, but usually imperfect for making a thorough, single-page one. A lot of companies today search resumes based on keywords but at the same time require/prefer a one-page resume, especially for undergraduates.

startbootstrap-resume - A Bootstrap 4 resume/CV theme created by Start Bootstrap

  •    HTML

Resume is a resume and CV theme for Bootstrap created by Start Bootstrap. This theme features a fixed sidebar with content sections to build a simple, yet elegant resume. After downloading, simply edit the HTML and CSS files included with the template in your favorite text editor to make changes. These are the only files you need to worry about, you can ignore everything else! To preview the changes you make to the code, you can open the index.html file in your web browser.

EFResume - Emmmmmn, a normal resume templete in Swift.

  •    Swift

EFResume is a normal resume templete, in Swift. It is inspired by zresume, because zresume is based on Docker, but I know nothing about this technology unfortunately, and it is really very very beautiful, so I make it to a static templete on my own, 😂. The design is come from FREE Resume Template. Issue and PR are welcome, wish to improve this resume with you, please press Star button above if EFResume has brought you convenience, 🙏, you can contact me if there is any problem. EFResume is available under the GPLv3 license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

resume-template - :page_facing_up::briefcase::tophat: A simple Jekyll + GitHub Pages powered resume template

  •    HTML

A simple Jekyll + GitHub Pages powered resume template. First you'll want to fork the repo to your own account. Then clone it locally and customize, or use the GitHub web editor to customize.

curl - A command line tool and library for transferring data with URL syntax, supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, GOPHER, TFTP, SCP, SFTP, SMB, TELNET, DICT, LDAP, LDAPS, FILE, IMAP, SMTP, POP3, RTSP and RTMP

  •    C

curl is used in command lines or scripts to transfer data. It is also used in cars, television sets, routers, printers, audio equipment, mobile phones, tablets, settop boxes, media players and is the internet transfer backbone for thousands of software applications affecting billions of humans daily.

prettyjson - Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output

  •    Javascript

Package for formatting JSON data in a coloured YAML-style, perfect for CLI output. This will install prettyjson globally, so it will be added automatically to your PATH.

markdown-resume-js - Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF

  •    CSS

Turn a simple markdown document into a resume in HTML and PDF.The generated files will be put in the same directory as your source file.

resume - My resume as a PDF including the well commented LaTeX source and build instructions.

  •    TeX

Linkedin serves well, but not in all situations. At some point my profile just cluttered up, while all I wanted 'them' to have is a good looking two page resume. Naturally turned to Latex. Looking at some Latex resumes online I found non that I really liked, so I gave it my best shot. The I documented my effort here on Github as I expect more geeks want their resume to be typeset like this.

resume - My CV/resume in LaTeX.

  •    TeX

This resume is based off a template I found a few years ago, which was a modified template, see the (C) list at the top for a history. I have also included the original templates (along the path to my resume).

hacknical - Hacknical, hacker & technical. A website for GitHub user to make a better resume.

  •    Javascript

A website for GitHub user to generate his GitHub data analysis (contributions/commits/languages/repos datas), helps to make a better resume. Attention:Most of the pages support English now😁😁😁, including github data analysis page.

online-cv - A minimal Jekyll Theme to host your resume (CV)

  •    CSS

This theme is designed by Xiaoying Riley at 3rd Wave Media. Visit her website for more themes. I have made this into a Jekyll Theme. Checkout the live demo here.