JSON C# Class Generator

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This application generates C# classes from a sample JSON text, so you can use strongly typed programming with JSON. It currently supports typed arrays, typed objects, integers, floats, booleans, strings and nullable types.




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```bashbower install --save angular-devise-modal```You can then use the main file at`angular-devise-modal/lib/devise-modal-min.js`.Usage-----Just register `DeviseModal` as a dependency for your module.Then, if a `401 Unauthorized` response is received, a modal will pop upasking for the user's login credentials. After the user logs in, theoriginal request will be retried and will be fulfilled with the retry'spromise. If the user decides to dismiss the modal, the original requestwill be rejected w

Jackson JSON - JSON Parser in Java

Jackson is a multi-purpose Java library for processing JSON data format. This project contains core low-level incremental ("streaming") parser and generator abstractions used by Jackson Data Processor. It also includes the default implementation of handler types (parser, generator) that handle JSON format.

json-web-key-generator - A Java-based generator for JWK and JPSKs

A commandline Java-based generator for JSON Web Keys (JWK) and JSON Private/Shared Keys (JPSKs).To compile, run mvn package. This will generate a json-web-key-generator-0.4-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar in the /target directory.

netsniff-ng - The packet sniffing beast

netsniff-ng is a free Linux networking toolkit, a Swiss army knife for your daily Linux network plumbing if you will. Its gain of performance is reached by zero-copy mechanisms, so that on packet reception and transmission the kernel does not need to copy packets from kernel space to user space and vice versa.

ML-Class - Programming Exercises for Stanford's Machine Learning Class with Professor Andrew Ng

Programming Exercises for Stanford's Machine Learning Class with Professor Andrew Ng

json-glib - Frida depends on json-glib

BUGS----JSON-GLib tracks bugs in the GNOME Bugzilla.If you find a bug in JSON-GLib, please file an issue using[the appropriate form][bugzilla-enter-bug]. You can also check[the list of open bugs][bugzilla-bug-page].Required information: * the version of JSON-GLib * if it is a development version, the branch of the git repository * the JSON data that produced the bug (if any) * a small, self-contained test case, if none of the test units exhibit the buggy behaviour * in case of a segmentation

JSON-Schema-Generator - JavaScript based JSON schema generator tool.

JavaScript based JSON schema generator tool.

healthkit-sample-generator - Export/Import/Sample Generator for HealthKit Data (Swift + UI)

Easy to use generator for HealthKit Sample Data that can be used in code and in the simulator. It supports you by exporting the current health data into a json profile, recreates the profile from a json file and is able to create a complete health data profile randomly. So you have reproducable test data to test your code and your ui of your amazing Health-App. For sure you can export the health kit data of a real device.###The Example-App Just build and run the App. Tap on the button "Export HealthKit Data". This will create a JSON file in the App documents folder. If you are using the simulator you may access the export file on your mac - the path to the file is visibe in the UI of the App. To access the exported data on a real device you need to open iTunes, go to the device App section and have a look at the shared documents section. From there you are able to save the file on your mac.


Here you can see your 9th Class result online <a href="http://www.lahorimela.com/education/bise-lahore-board-9th-class-ssc-part-1-result-2012.html">BISE Lahore</a> for more you can also see this link for your result of SSC paer 1 online via this <a href="http://www.lahorimela.com/education/bise-lahore-board-9th-class-ssc-part-1-result-2012.html">bise lahore 9th class result 2012</a>

angular-schema-form - Generate forms from a JSON schema, with AngularJS!

Schema Form is inspired by the nice [JSON Form](https://github.com/joshfire/jsonform) library andaims to be roughly compatible with it, especially its form definition. So what sets Schema Formapart from JSON Form?1. Schema Form integrates deeply with AngularJS and uses AngularJS conventions to handle forms.2. Schema Form uses [tv4](https://github.com/geraintluff/tv4) for validation, making it compatible with version 4 of the JSON schema standard.3. By default, Schema Form generates Bootstrap 3

json_schema_generator - A simple json schema generator from any json source

A simple json schema generator from any json source

vscaladoc2_genjson - VScaladoc2 Json Generator : generate api from scala source in json format

VScaladoc2 Json Generator : generate api from scala source in json format

bitstarter - coursera startup ng class

coursera startup ng class

haskell-machine-learning - andrew ng machine learning class from coursera in haskell

andrew ng machine learning class from coursera in haskell

ml_class - Work for the Andrew Ng online ML class

Work for the Andrew Ng online ML class