node-sgp4 - Calculate orbital information of satellites.

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SGP4 is one of five simplified pertubation models used to calculate various orbital information about satellites. This library was ported from python-sgp4 and uses some functions from satellite-js to convert coordinates. If you need any support, click the badge below. Support is not guaranteed and I provide it only when I am not busy.



Related Projects

satellite-js - Modular set of functions for SGP4 and SDP4 propagation of TLEs.

  •    Javascript

A library to make satellite propagation via TLEs possible in the web. Provides the functions necessary for SGP4/SDP4 calculations, as callable javascript. Also provides functions for coordinate transforms. The internals of this library are nearly identical to Brandon Rhode's sgp4 python library. However, it is encapsulated in a standard JS library (self executing function), and exposes only the functionality needed to track satellites and propagate paths. The only changes I made to Brandon Rhode's code was to change the positional parameters of functions to key:value objects. This reduces the complexity of functions that require 50+ parameters, and doesn't require the parameters to be placed in the exact order.

Gpredict - Satellite Tracking Application

  •    C

Gpredict is a real time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program for the Linux desktop. It uses the SGP4/SDP4 propagation algorithms together with NORAD two-line element sets (TLE).


  •    Java

JSatTrak is a Satellite tracking program written in Java. It allows you to predict the position of any satellite in real time or in the past or future. It uses advanced SGP4/SDP4 algorithms developed by NASA/NORAD to propagate the satellite orbits.


  •    C++

K-Track is an graphical satellite prediction Program that runs under KDE. It's really accurate as it calculates using the NORAD SGP4/SDP4 Models. It Controls your Rig for doppler compensation / antenna pointing

Poliastro - Astrodynamics in Python

  •    Python

poliastro is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics, such as orbit propagation, solution of the Lambert's problem, conversion between position and velocity vectors and classical orbital elements and orbit plotting, focusing on interplanetary applications.


  •    C++

GLsat is a 3D satellite tracking and visualization utility written in C++ using OpenGL. It can track multiple satellites in real time and provide detailed orbital information on specific satellites.


  •    C++

gorbital is a atomic orbital viewer written using gtkmm (gtk--). gorbital displays a 3d interactive view of a electron orbitals. It is meant to be an open source viewer much like Orbital Viewer by David Manthey (

Orbital Administration System

  •    Perl

The Orbital Administration System is a tool to manage many Linux servers at a time. The whole idea is to be able to put many servers in a group, and apply a specific action on all of them. This software was developed by XTech (Argentina) and now is GPL.

Orbital Conflict

  •    C++

Orbital Conflict is a top-down arcade-style shooter, inspired by Omega Race. The game contains modern 2d graphics. Traditional arcade gameplay is enhanced by powerups and unique enemies. Puzzle, and challenge modes are planned.

orbital - Experimental PlayStation 4 emulator

  •    C

Virtualization-based PlayStation 4 emulator. The current state of Orbital at booting decrypted kernels can be followed in the issue tracker: both PS4 4.55 and PS4 5.00 have been tested. You can also get ocasional updates and news via Twitter. Support this project at Patreon.


  •    C++

This program displays system information (including CPU and RAM usage, CPU temperature, XMMS song title, etc.) on character based LCD displays such as those from Matrix Orbital. A plugin system allows extra stats to be added dynamically at runtime.

LCD Smartie

  •    Delphi

LCD Smartie displays information on your LCD/VFD. It supports LCDs with a Hitachi HD44780 Controller via parallel port & Matrix Orbital and Crystalfontz serial/USB LCD/VFDs. Info includes: CPU temps, fan speed, the BBC World News, Stocks indexes etc.

node-red-dashboard - A dashboard UI for Node-RED

  •    HTML

This module provides a set of nodes in Node-RED to quickly create a live data dashboard. From version 2.10.0 you can create and install widget nodes like other Node-RED nodes. See the Wiki for more information.

Orbital Camera Controller


WPF component that allow user to easily control a camera the way most famous 3D applications do, such as 3D Studio MAX or Maya. This component control a camera attached to a Viewport3D.


  •    C

Univerx, a Solar System simulator in OpenGL 3D to show planet's translation and rotation. Includes phisical simulation of orbital movement, textured and lighted planet surfaces and customizable interactive view of the model.



A java framework for interacting with an LCD Character display. Initially, will be exclusively for Matrix Orbital LK204-7T-1U-USB-GW - eventually may make framework more generic to support other displays


  •    C++

A space-shooter in the spirit of the Star Control series and KSpaceDuel


  •    Java

MpcReader retrieves comet and asteroid orbital data in MPC format from the web and store it on your computer in different formats. The data is fetched from the MPC. The main job of MpcReader is to convert plain MPC data to the format needed for KStar

EinsteinPy - Making Einstein possible in Python

  •    Python

EinsteinPy is an open source pure Python package dedicated to problems arising in General Relativity and relativistic physics, such as geodesics calculation for vacuum solutions for Einstein's field equations, calculation of various quantities in these geometries like Schwarzschild Radius and the event horizon. The library also has functions for Symbolic calculations in GR like Christoffel Symbols and much more is planned.

node-exif - A node.js library to extract Exif metadata from images.

  •    Javascript

With node-exif you can extract Exif metadata from images (JPEG). Exif is a format used, for example, by digital cameras and scanners to save additional information about an image in the image file. This information can be the camera model, resolution, where the image was taken (GPS) or when it was taken. Rodrigo Espinosa proposes the npm package exif-cli to execute node-exif from a shell.