perstem - Persian stemmer and morphological analyzer

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Persian (Farsi) stemmer, morphological analyzer, transliterator, and partial part-of-speech tagger. Input may be encoded as Perso-Arabic script UTF-8, ISIRI 3342, Windows-1256, SGML/HTML/XML-style numeric character references (ncr), or dehdari-transliterated latin-script text. Use the -i flag to specify input encoding. Output is handled similarly. Thanks to Jace Livingston, David Zajic, and Corey Miller for their comprehensive error analysis and other suggestions. Thanks to Jay Ritch and Artyom Lukanin for spotting bugs.



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  •    Perl

Perstem is a Persian (Farsi) stemmer, morphological analyzer, transliterator, and partial part-of-speech tagger. Inflexional morphemes are separated or removed from their stems. Perstem can also tokenize and transliterate between various character set encodings and romanizations.



Full featured Farsi (Persian) calendar Winform controls for .net framework 2.0+. It contains some persian related components such as persian calendar, persian date picker and persian date picker cell to used with DataGridView.

Persian Type Tutor


Persian Type Tutor helps you learn to type correctly and fast in both Persian and English language

Persian Language for SharePoint


This is an open source project for supporting Persian language and Persian calendar for SharePoint and related technologies.

Persian Engine (Black Kitten)


Persian Engine (Black Kitten) currently under development by Pooya Eimandar in order to use on Microsoft Windows.

Silverlight 4 & 5 Persian DatePicker

  •    Silverlight

Silverlight 4 already supports right to left languages such as Persian/Arabic/Hebrew but it lacks .NET Framework's Persian calendar support. So I've decided to create a new open source project to add these missing features. Thanks to Microsoft, Now Silverlight 5 supports .NET...

Persian WPF Toolkit

  •    WPF

If you're looking for a completely native look and feel for calendars in your WPF projects which supports Persian calendar besides the Gregorian and etc, you'll love this library. This is just the WPFToolkit project which changed to support persian calendar.

Persian Subtitle For Programming Courses


This project is created for collecting all programming course's PERSIAN SUBTITLE and help Persian language student to learn programming and every thing related to their major, by Meysam Hooshmand

Persian Mobile Dictionary

  •    Java

Our goal is to provide dictionaries which enable translation from Persian (Farsi) to any other language, and vise versa, for Java-enabled mobile devices. Currently an English-Persian version is provided.

hazm - Python library for digesting Persian text.

  •    Python

Python library for digesting Persian text. We have also trained tagger and parser models. You may put these models in the resources folder of your project.

Persian Date/Time support for MsSQL


Gives you the possibility to seamlessly wrok (Store, Retrieve, Calculate and Perform Operations) with Persian Dates in Microsoft SQL Server !

Kayako Persian Localization


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Foundation of Programming in Persian


"Foundation of Programming" book is a promoting ebook for ALT.NET. This project is dedicated to translate it into Persian (Farsi). For more info see



WX-PType is an simple Persian (FARSI) text editor written with VB that will works in Windows OS. This program use IE as an persian text editor and also can convert text files into some usefull Persian (FARSI) CharacterMaps Like IPT, Maryam and etc.

moment-jalaali - A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment

  •    Javascript

A Jalaali (Jalali, Persian, Khorshidi, Shamsi) calendar system plugin for moment.js. Jalali calendar is a solar calendar that was used in Persia, variants of which today are still in use in Iran as well as Afghanistan. Read more on Wikipedia or see Calendar Converter.

Persian Support for Silverlight 2.0

  •    DotNet

This a project to support Persian language in Microsoft Silverlight 2.0

Ubuntu Persian Edition


A customized Ubuntu for Persian/Iranian people who seeks a well-built Linux distribution that fits to their need of a Operating System that talks in their language and full of useful softwares they need for their day-to-day works.

Free Persian Font


This project aims to provide a free TrueType Persian font covering its part of ISO 10464/Unicode UCS (Universal Characters Set).