Convert Hashtable Rows into DataTable Columns in C#

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Simplest way to convert a Hashtable into a DataTable with all the Hashtable rows converted into DataTable columns.



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vue2-datatable - The best Datatable for Vue

  •    Vue

The best Datatable for Vue.js 2.x which never sucks. Give us a star 🌟 if you like it! (DEPRECATED. As I, @kenberkeley, the only maintainer, no longer works for OneWay. Bugs may be fixed but new features or breaking changes might not be merged. However, it's still the best in my mind because of its extremely flexible usage of dynamic components)

dDatatable - A simple, modern and interactive datatable library for the web

  •    Javascript

Frappe DataTable is a simple, modern and interactive datatable library for displaying tabular data. Originally built for ERPNext, it can be used to render large amount of rows without sacrificing performance and has the basic data grid features like inline editing and keyboard navigation. It does not require jQuery, like most data grids out there. Note: sortablejs is required to be installed as well.

A Concurrent Hashtable

  •    DotNet

A hashtable implementation that allows simultaneous reads and writes from multiple threads. Also offering a concurrent Dictionary and WeakDictionary as hashtable specializations.

csv transformer

  •    Awk

transform a csv-flie. This means that the rows would by convert to columns and columns to rows.

Excel 2007 BizTalk Pipeline


Custom pipeline for BizTalk 2009+ to convert xlsx (Excel 2007 up) files to xml and debatch rows in the spreadsheet.

csv-parser - Streaming csv parser inspired by binary-csv that aims to be faster than everyone else

  •    Javascript

csv-parser can convert CSV into JSON at at rate of around 90,000 rows per second (perf varies with data, try bench.js with your data).The data emitted is a normalized JSON object. Each header is used as the property name of the object.


  •    VB

Excel to XML conversion

Excel-like calculating DataTable


Class that make your DataTable calculate formulas capable with runtime totals and user-defined functions

Super PHP .NET (SPN) SOAP Class & Datatable Parser

  •    PHP

This project is a PHP class that allows you to consume .NET web services easily and is geared toward parsing .NET datatables into PHP objects. It is a full-featured SOAP class.

Run SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE statements against DataSet and DataTable.


QueryAnything allows user to run SQL statements against any data files that can be read into DataSet and DataTable objects. Currently support XML and CSV files. And more to come...

vuetable-2 - data table simplify! -- datatable component for Vue 2.x

  •    Vue

See the next branch. If you're looking for the version that's working with Vue 1.x, please go to vuetable repo.


  •    Javascript

Sometimes we want to show thousands of records in a table. This can take too long for the page to render and make the page unusable till the entire table is populated. To counter this we could populate the table using an Ajax call. In both cases, the users have to wait until all the table rows are populated. Additionally, user cannot do any operations on the table like search, pagination etc. The idea behind StreamTable.js is to initially populate minimum rows (maybe 10 or 20) and after that it streams data silently in the background and update the table. This ensures that the page loads immediately and is also usable immediately for all operations. It maybe safe to assume that if the user remains on the same page for a little while longer, then the user is most probably going to perform some operation on table like search, page navigation, etc. So we can delay the process of streaming data to say 2 seconds after the page has loaded. Its also important to ensure that all the data streamed must be usable immediately. For example, after 2 seconds, if we have streamed 1000 rows, they should all be searchable and paginated.

SECollectionViewFlowLayout - A flow layout for UICollectionView that implements swiping-to-select gestures

  •    Objective-C

A flow layout for UICollectionView that implements swiping-to-select gestures. ###Auto-select rows If you choose you can enable auto-selecting rows, where if you pan to select an entire row you can continue panning down to select whole rows at a time.

rdbms-subsetter - Generates a subset of a relational database that respects foreign key constraints

  •    Python

Generate a random sample of rows from a relational database that preserves referential integrity - so long as constraints are defined, all parent rows will exist for child rows. Valid SQLAlchemy connection strings are described here.

Aggregate Text SSIS component


This component is used for aggregating mulitple rows of text columns inside an SSIS component. It allows you define keys, which act as a 'Group By' clause and concatenates rows in the data flow with identical keys.

event_calendar - Show multiple, overlapping events across calendar days and rows. Rails plugin.

  •    Ruby

Show multiple, overlapping events across calendar days and rows. Rails plugin.

Falling Block Game

  •    Lua

Falling Block Game is a free, open source block stacking game available for Windows and Linux. The object of the game is to move and rotate pieces in order to fill in complete rows. The more rows you clear at once, the more points you score!