electron-crash-report-server - :bomb: crash report server for Electron applications

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electron-crash-report-server is a Node.js (hapi, svelte) and PostgreSQL (massive) application for collecting crash reports from Electron applications. During setup change the AUTH_USER and AUTH_PASS environment variables. Once the app has deployed use those values to login.



boom : 7.2.0
dotenv : 6.0.0
esm : 3.0.50
hapi : 17.5.1
hapi-auth-basic : 5.0.0
inert : 5.1.0
massive : 5.0.0
minidump : 0.13.0
parse-ms : 1.0.1
postcss : 6.0.22
postcss-cssnext : 3.1.0
rollup : 0.60.3
rollup-plugin-babel-minify : 5.0.0
rollup-plugin-commonjs : 9.1.3
rollup-plugin-node-resolve : 3.3.0
rollup-plugin-svelte : 4.1.0
sb-debounce : 1.0.2
svelte : 2.7.2



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and then electron will be added to your path. Or, you can download a version from https://github.com/atom/electron/releases and then set an environment variable ELECTRON_PATH pointing to the binary. Note if you're using Mac OS X, the path would be to the actual executable and not the app directory e.g. /Applications/Electron.app/Contents/MacOS/Electron.You should probably just install electron-prebuilt as it simplifies things.