TypedPreferences - Preference wrappers for primitive types for Android

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Each class comes with two constructors - one of them allows to ommit the default value. All classes declare the same methods: get(), isSet(), set() and delete(). Here are the method signatures as definied in the StringPreference class.




Related Projects

encrypted-userprefs - A slightly less insecure wrapper for SharedUserPreferences for Android

  •    Java

An encrypted and slightly less insecure wrapper for SharedPreferences for Android. SharedPreferences on Android stores all of your values in "plain text", simply protected by the user-restricted file system on Android. If you gain root access to an Android device you have full read/write access to the application preferences of all of the applications installed. Many applications store some kind of application secret (e.g. a communication token, last used account number) using SharedPreferences.

rx-preferences - Reactive SharedPreferences for Android

  •    Java

Reactive SharedPreferences for Android. Hint: Keep a strong reference on your RxSharedPreferences instance for as long as you want to observe them to prevent listeners from being GCed.

MaterialPreferences - A highly flexible set of lovely looking views that provides functionality of preferences

  •    Java

Sample project that shows how to work with different library features is available as sample module. You can also download APK and play with it. Each preference contains optional title, summary and icon (icon can be tinted). Also for some preferences it is mandatory to set default value and key (at least when dealing with SharedPreference as StorageModule).

tray - a SharedPreferences replacement for Android with multiprocess support

  •    Java

Note: currently this class does not support use across multiple processes. This will be added later. Tray is this mentioned explicit cross-process data management approach powered by a ContentProvider. Tray also provides an advanced API which makes it super easy to access and maintain your data with upgrade and migrate mechanisms. Welcome to SharedPreferences 2.0 aka Tray.

Kotpref - Kotpref - Android SharedPreferences delegation library for Kotlin

  •    Kotlin

Android SharedPreference delegation for Kotlin. or use auto initializer module.

preferencebinder - A SharedPreference "injection" library for Android

  •    Java

A SharedPreferences binding library for Android. Using annotation processing, this library makes it easy to load SharedPreferences values and listen for changes. Use the @BindPref annotation to retrieve, initialize, and listen to changes in ("bind") preference values.

colorpreference - A custom preference item for easy implementation of a color picker in Android's preference screen

  •    Java

An Android library for creating a nice color picker in the preference screen. You can use the inbuilt picker or any other color picker of your choice. The library can be used with the standard preference classes or the support-preference-v7/v14 classes. Just like every other preference object, you add it to the XML file of your Preference screen.

Splitties - A family of small Kotlin libraries for delightful Android development

  •    Kotlin

Splitties is a collection of small independent Android libraries that aims to make developing apps and libraries for Android (including Wear, TV, Things, Auto and ChromeOS targeted) easier and more fun. Some modules are similar to what Anko provides.

Favor - A easy way to use android sharepreference

  •    Java

A easy way of using Android SharedPreferences. 1 Define a interface.

ColorPickerPreference - 🎨 A library that let you implement ColorPicker, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference

  •    Java

A library that let you implement ColorPickerView, ColorPickerDialog, ColorPickerPreference. Could get HSV color, RGB values, Html color code from your gallery pictures or custom images just by touching. Could be used just like using ImageView and provides colors from any images.

LolliPin - A Material design Android pincode library. Supports Fingerprint.

  •    Java

The password itself is not saved, only its hash using the SHA-1 algorithm. This hash is then saved on the SharedPreferences, allowing to verify that the user entered the right PinCode, without giving the possibility to retrieve it.

SettingsPlugin - Read and Write Settings Plugin for Xamarin and Windows

  •    CSharp

Get started by reading through the Settings Plugin documentation. I get this question a lot, so here it is from a recent issue opened up. This plugin saves specific properties directly to each platforms native settings APIs (NSUserDefaults, SharedPreferences, etc). This ensures the fastest, most secure, and reliable creation and editing settings per application. Additionally, it works with any Xamarin application, not just Xamarin.Forms.

Preferences Editor

  •    Java

A small utility to browse and edit the user and system preferences, which are accessible via the new package java.util.prefs. Requires JRE/JDK 1.4.

android-app-common-tasks - Android App Common Tasks library is developed to reduce efforts to achieve common tasks of the android apps quickly

  •    Java

Android App Common Tasks library is developed to reduce efforts to achieve common features of the android apps. While developing the apps, we realized that we’re coding for many common tasks in all the apps. For e.g. check the network’s availability, using shared preferences, parsing, etc. And like us, many other android developers might be doing the same. So it needs to be reduced for all to save the development time with ease. And so, we decided to develop a library which can reduce developers’ time and efforts. This Project contains Library of commonly used methods, classes and it's examples.

Syrinx CK Editor ASP.NET Wrapper Control

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An ASP.NET wrapper control that allows the new Version 3 of the CkEditor, a fantastic open source HTML Editor. Full ASP.NET support is included, such as themes, skining, view state and more. Add Rich HTML Editing to your ASP.NET site with ease.