PPGetAddressBook - 一句代码极速获取按A~Z分组精准排序的通讯录联系人 OC版( 已处理姓名所有字符的排序问题 )

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AppDevKit - AppDevKit is an iOS development library that provides developers with useful features to fulfill their everyday iOS app development needs

  •    Objective-C

AppDevKit is an iOS development library that provides developers with useful features to fulfill their everyday iOS app development needs.Yahoo’s Taiwan based iOS app development team has been using this development kit for the past three years, and we plan future apps to use AppDevKit as well. Our use of this code in many apps helped improve its stability and utility. We find these libraries help address some incompatibility issues found in different iOS versions, and overall make app development easier and our apps operate more consistently.

APAddressBook - Easy access to iOS address book

  •    Objective-C

APAddressBook is a wrapper on AddressBook.framework that gives easy access to native address book without pain in a head. Run carthage update to fetch and build the framework. Add APAddressBook.framework to your project's 'Linked Frameworks and Libraries'. Ensure that $(SRCROOT)/Carthage/Build/iOS/APAddressBook.framework is part of the carthage copy-framework build phase.


  •    Objective-C

A wrapper class for iOS Address Book access that converts private contact information into hashed tokens.


  •    PHP

Contact Management web application - centralised LDAP Address book with PHP frontend for editing. Supports address lookup with most major email clients and SyncML support is planned for mobile phone synchronisation.

PHP Address Book

  •    PHP

Simple, web-based address amp; phone book, contact manager, organizer. Groups, addresses, e-Mails, phone numbers amp; birthdays. vCards, LDIF, Excel, iPhone, Gmail amp; Google-Maps supported. PHP / MySQL based. http://php-addressbook.sourceforge.net/demo

DepCon Contact Manager

  •    Java

DepCon will be a comprehensive contact manager. It will include a contact list/address book, calendar, event management, location lookup and possibly a few other features. It will use the latest and greatest of the Eclipse RCP technology as a base.

GO Contact Sync Mod

  •    CSharp

Sync Outlook contacts and notes with Google

The Address Book Reloaded

  •    PHP

This is a PHP addressbook web application to store contact details of employees/customers in utf8 format on an intranet or website; features Google Maps, distributed management, PDF address books, plugins, styles. DEMO: http://tab-2.sourceforge.net/

Contact Manager

  •    C

The Contact Manager is a unique product for the Amiga. It's best described as a diary / address book which allows you to store all your contacts' user information, favourite web amp; ftp sites and IRC server/channels.

vCard Contact Info Parser

  •    Java

This is a simple program that allows you to get the information in a vCard file (.vcf) as plain text. vCards are used to store contact information and may be created by Apple's Address Book and other similar programs, along with mobile phones.

Prime8 LDAP Address Book

  •    PHP

Global LDAP Address Book management web interface. Prime8 is a PHP application which provides a very simple interface for viewing and maintaining a company-wide address book running off an LDAP directory.

Address Book Converter

  •    Java

Address Book Converter (AB-Conv) will convert address book files between formats. Currently, it supports importing Evolution's vCard format and export to Thunderbird's LDIF format and Sunbird's vCalendar file for birthdays and anniversaries.

DRP Address Book

  •    ASPNET

A web based address book implementation using SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET, C#, and CSLA.NET

OSX-y Address Book for Windows

  •    CSharp

OSX-y Address Book for Windows is an address book with the simplicity and style of OSX's. It uses simple vCards as it's backing, and will be able to synchronize with many windows applications, like Outlook or Miranda

rides-ios-sdk - Uber Rides iOS SDK (beta)

  •    Swift

This Swift library allows you to integrate the Uber Rides API into your iOS app.If you get compilation errors with CocoaPods, you may be using Swift 3.2 or no Swift at all in your main target. In that scenario, CocoaPods will set the swift version incorrectly. See issue. To fix this, click on your Pods project and select the UberRides target. Search for the Swift Language Version property, and change it to "Swift 4.0".

Tangram-iOS - Tangram is a modular UI solution for building native page dynamically , including Tangram for Android, Tangram for iOS and even backend CMS

  •    Objective-C

Tangram is a UI Framework for building a fast and dynamic ScrollView.Tips: If you get [!] Unable to find a specification for `LazyScroll` when executed pod install, you can try to update ruby to 2.3.0 or higher and update CocoaPods to 1.0.0 or higher . If it doesn't work , you can try to reset or update CocoaPods master repo again .

GoogleReporter - Easily integrate with Google Analytics in your iOS app

  •    Swift

Easily integrate Google Analytics into your iOS, macOS, and tvOS app without downloading any of the Google SDKs. Works with Carthage & CocoaPods or just put GoogleReporter.swift into your project.

JLRoutes - URL routing library for iOS with a simple block-based API

  •    Objective-C

JLRoutes is a URL routing library with a simple block-based API. It is designed to make it very easy to handle complex URL schemes in your application with minimal code. JLRoutes is available for installation using CocoaPods or Carthage (add github "joeldev/JLRoutes" to your Cartfile).

PinpointKit - Send better feedback

  •    Swift

PinpointKit is an open-source iOS library in Swift that lets your testers and users send feedback with annotated screenshots using a simple gesture. Note: ScreenshotDetector depends on the Photos framework to access the user’s photo library. This requires you to add an entry for the NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription key in your Info.plist file describing your app’s use of the user’s photo library. As of iOS 10, failure to provide a value for this key could cause your submission to the App Store to be rejected by Apple, or cause your app to exit upon attempting to access the user’s photo library. ScreenshotDetector is excluded by default when installing via CocoaPods, but is included otherwise.

Customer Book

  •    CSharp

Customer Book, its like address book with facility for generating quotation for a business or a supplier to the clients.