jitsi-meet - Jitsi Meet - Secure, Simple and Scalable Video Conferences that you use as a standalone app or embed in your web application

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Jitsi Meet is an open-source (Apache) WebRTC JavaScript application that uses Jitsi Videobridge to provide high quality, secure and scalable video conferences. You can see Jitsi Meet in action here at the session #482 of the VoIP Users Conference. The Jitsi Meet client runs in your browser, without the need for installing anything on your computer. You can also try it out yourself at https://meet.jit.si .



@atlaskit/avatar : 14.0.10
@atlaskit/button : 9.0.8
@atlaskit/checkbox : 4.0.6
@atlaskit/dropdown-menu : 3.10.2
@atlaskit/field-text : 7.0.10
@atlaskit/field-text-area : 4.0.9
@atlaskit/flag : 6.1.0
@atlaskit/icon : 13.8.1
@atlaskit/inline-dialog : 5.3.0
@atlaskit/inline-message : 7.0.4
@atlaskit/layer-manager : 5.0.12
@atlaskit/lozenge : 6.2.0
@atlaskit/modal-dialog : 6.0.12
@atlaskit/multi-select : 11.0.6
@atlaskit/spinner : 9.0.8
@atlaskit/tabs : 4.0.1
@atlaskit/theme : 6.0.2
@atlaskit/tooltip : 12.0.14
@microsoft/microsoft-graph-client : 1.1.0
@webcomponents/url : 0.7.1
autosize : 1.18.13
dropbox : 4.0.9
i18next : 8.4.3
i18next-browser-languagedetector : 2.0.0
i18next-xhr-backend : 1.4.2
jQuery-Impromptu : github:trentrichardson/jQuery-Impromptu#v6.0.0
jitsi-meet-logger : github:jitsi/jitsi-meet-logger#6fff754a77a56ab52499f3559105a15886942a1e
jquery : 3.3.1
jquery-contextmenu : 2.4.5
jquery-i18next : 1.2.0
js-md5 : 0.6.1
jsc-android : 224109.1.0
jsrsasign : 8.0.12
jwt-decode : 2.2.0
lib-jitsi-meet : github:jitsi/lib-jitsi-meet#3f46c64f4f373d3b573fcc55b59568dbe9b9d51f
libflacjs : github:mmig/libflac.js#93d37e7f811f01cf7d8b6a603e38bd3c3810907d
lodash : 4.17.4
moment : 2.19.4
moment-duration-format : 2.2.2
postis : 2.2.0
prop-types : 15.6.0
react : 16.3.1
react-dom : 16.3.1
react-i18next : 4.8.0
react-native : 0.55.4
react-native-background-timer : 2.0.0
react-native-calendar-events : github:wmcmahan/react-native-calendar-events#cb2731db6684a49b4343e09de7f9c2fcc68bcd9b
react-native-callstats : 3.53.4
react-native-fast-image : github:jitsi/react-native-fast-image#1f8c93a5584869848d75cc9b946beb9688efe285
react-native-google-signin : 1.0.0-rc3
react-native-immersive : 1.1.0
react-native-keep-awake : 2.0.6
react-native-linear-gradient : 2.4.0
react-native-locale-detector : github:jitsi/react-native-locale-detector#845281e9fd4af756f6d0f64afe5cce08c63e5ee9
react-native-prompt : 1.0.0
react-native-sound : 0.10.9
react-native-vector-icons : 4.4.2
react-native-webrtc : github:jitsi/react-native-webrtc#be3de15bb988cfabbb62cd4b3b06f4c920ee5ba0
react-redux : 5.0.7
redux : 4.0.0
redux-thunk : 2.2.0
styled-components : 1.4.6
uuid : 3.1.0
xmldom : 0.1.27



Related Projects

jitsi-videobridge - Jitsi Videobridge is a WebRTC compatible video router or SFU that lets build highly scalable video conferencing infrastructure (i

  •    Java

Jitsi Videobridge is an XMPP server component that allows for multiuser video communication. Unlike the expensive dedicated hardware videobridges, Jitsi Videobridge does not mix the video channels into a composite video stream, but only relays the received video channels to all call participants. Therefore, while it does need to run on a server with good network bandwidth, CPU horsepower is not that critical for performance. You can find documentation in the doc/ directory in the source tree.

Jitsi - Video Calls and Chat

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Jitsi provides Secure Video calls, Conferencing, Chat, Desktop sharing, Instant Messaging, File transfer support for your favorite OS and IM network. Jitsi lets you connect to Facebook, GoogleTalk, XMPP, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, and ICQ so that you can chat to all your friends in the simplest possible way. It supports IPv6, Secure calls with zRTP, Call history, Call hold etc.

jitsi-android - Jitsi for Android is an Android port of the Jitsi project: The most feature-rich communicator with support for encrypted audio/video, chat and presence over SIP and XMPP

  •    Java

The development of Jitsi for Android has been stopped in early 2015. Issues and Pull Requests will not be addressed. Jitsi for Android is an Android port of the Jitsi project: The most feature-rich communicator with support for encrypted audio/video, chat and presence over SIP and XMPP.

libjitsi - Advanced Java media library for secure real-time audio/video communication.

  •    Java

libjitsi is an advanced Java media library for secure real-time audio/video communication. It allows applications to capture, playback, stream, encode/decode and encrypt audio and video flows. It also allows for advanced features such as audio mixing, handling multiple streams, participation in audio and video conferences. Originally libjitsi was part of the Jitsi client source code but we decided to spin it off so that other projects can also use it. libjitsi is distributed under the terms of the Apache license.

spreed-webrtc - WebRTC audio/video call and conferencing server.

  •    Javascript

Spreed WebRTC implements a WebRTC audio/video call and conferencing server and web client. The latest source of Spreed WebRTC can be found on GitHub. If you are a user, just wanting a secure and private alternative for online communication make sure to check out the Spreedbox, providing a ready to use hardware with Spreed WebRTC included.

glipchat - video chatroom using meteor + webrtc + react + redux

  •    Javascript

glipchat is a real-time video chatroom application. glipchat is powered by Meteor, with React + Redux + WebRTC on the frontend. Other browsers and operating systems may not support WebRTC.

jsxc - :speech_balloon: Real-time xmpp chat application with video calls, file transfer and encrypted communication

  •    Javascript

Real-time chat app. This app requires an external XMPP server (openfire, ejabberd etc.). You find a full list of features, supported protocols and browsers on our homepage.

coplay - Synchronizing video play between two peers.

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Synchronizing video play between two peers. When two browsers are playing the same web video, Coplay can connect them with WebRTC (using PeerJS) and enable users to control two video players synchronously.

PiTiVi - Movie editor for Linux desktop

  •    Python

PiTiVi is designed to be a simple video editor to meet the needs of users in the GNOME desktop environment. PiTiVi inherits its capabilities for importing and exporting (rendering) media from the GStreamer framework, or plugins for the GStreamer framework. PiTiVi supports simple media editing capabilities such as trimming, snapping, splitting and cutting of clips. Audio mixing is supported by curves, visualised as line segments drawn over an audio waveform.

Hublin - An easy and free video conference service

  •    Javascript

Hubl.in is a free and open source video conference solution built with love and designed with ethics in mind. It's the best way to initiate a communication anywhere with anybody and brings real time conversation to the next level. Hubl.in allows free communication without additional plugins.

DeepVideoAnalytics - A distributed visual search and visual data analytics platform.

  •    Python

Deep Video Analytics is a platform for indexing and extracting information from videos and images. With latest version of docker installed correctly, you can run Deep Video Analytics in minutes locally (even without a GPU) using a single command. Deep Video Analytics implements a client-server architecture pattern, where clients can access state of the server via a REST API. For uploading, processing data, training models, performing queries, i.e. mutating the state clients can send DVAPQL (Deep Video Analytics Processing and Query Language) formatted as JSON. The query represents a directed acyclic graph of operations.

quickblox-ios-sdk - QuickBlox iOS SDK for messaging and video calling

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QuickBlox is a suite of communication features & data services (APIs, SDKs, code samples, admin panel, tutorials) which help digital agencies, mobile developers and publishers to add great functionality to smartphone applications. Please read full iOS SDK documentation on the QuickBlox website, iOS section. Clone repository.

Silverlight Voice/Video Conferencing Modules + WCS Product


The Goal of this project is to provide complete Open Source Voice/Video Chatting Client/Server Modules Using Silverlight techniques, this project is divided into three main modules as the following: 1- Voice Chat module 2- Video Chat module 3- Desktop Presenter module

vireo - Vireo is a lightweight and versatile video processing library written in C++11

  •    C++

Vireo is a lightweight and versatile video processing library that powers our video transcoding service, deep learning recognition systems and more. It is written in C++11 and built with functional programming principles. It also optionally comes with Scala wrappers that enable us to build scalable video processing applications within our backend services. Vireo is built on top of best of class open source libraries (we did not reinvent the wheel), and defines a unified and modular interface for these libraries to communicate easily and efficiently. Thanks to a unified interface, it is easy to write new modules (e.g. new codec) or swap out the existing ones in favor of others (e.g. proprietary or hardware H.264 decoder).

Sunrise - Open Video Conference Solution based on HTML5 WebRTC

  •    PHP

Sunrise is an open video conference solution based on HTML5 WebRTC. You can use this software to talk with your friends, to have online meetings in your company, or to provide enhanced customer service, etc. Enjoy the next generation of the Web with Sunrise VC.

PeerTube - Decentralized video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent.

  •    TypeScript

PeerTube is a decentralized video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent. It is difficult to build a FOSS video streaming alternatives to YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo... with a centralized software. One organization alone cannot have enough money to pay bandwidth and video storage of its server. So there is a need of decentralized network (as Diaspora for example). But it's not enough because one video could become famous and overload the server. It's the reason why P2P protocol is used to limit the server load.

FlowPlayer - Flash video player

  •    Flash

Flowplayer is an Open Source video player for the web. Embed the video streams into your web pages. User will get rich media experience by viewing video streams from your site. Player could be extended with Flash plug-ins, JavaScript plug-ins or Streaming plug-ins. Give a new look and feel to the player by extending it.

simple-peer - 📡 Simple WebRTC video/voice and data channels

  •    Javascript

This module works in the browser with browserify.Note: If you're NOT using browserify, then use the included standalone file simplepeer.min.js. This exports a SimplePeer constructor on window.

Ekiga - Software Phone and Video Cnferencing Application

  •    C++

Ekiga (formely known as GnomeMeeting) is an open source SoftPhone, Video Conferencing and Instant Messenger application over the Internet. It provides Audio and Video free calls through the internet. It supports standard telephony features like Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, Call Histroy and Call Monitoring.

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