copier - Copier for golang, copy value from struct to struct and more

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Released under the MIT License.



Related Projects

Files Name Copier


Files Name Copier is a simple easy to use utility that allows you to drag and drop any number of files onto it. The clipboard will now contain the list of files you just dropped.

CopyFilesExtensions : a library to copy files with progress events

  •    DotNet

Wrapper class and UserControls for the CopyFileEx API. With this library, you can copy file and get evenet during copy. A user control is also available.



Industrial grade file copier with retry, folder-to-folder sync, md5-compare and namable configs for quick-select or automation. Supports mapped and networked drives.

fast-copy - A blazing fast deep object copier

  •    Javascript

Under the hood, fast-copy uses instanceof to determine object types, which can cause false negatives when used in combination with iframe-based objects. To handle this edge case, you can pass the optional second parameter of realm to the copy method, which identifies which realm the object comes from and will use that realm to drive both comparisons and constructors for the copies. Circular objects are supported out of the box as well. By default a cache based on WeakSet is used, but if WeakSet is not available then a standard Object fallback is used. The benchmarks quoted below are based on use of WeakSet.

gozmq - Go (golang) bindings for the 0mq (zmq, zeromq) C API

  •    Go

This package implements Go (golang) bindings for the 0mq C API.GoZMQ does not support zero-copy.



Copy Worksheets from one Excel Workbook to another.

hydra - A multi-process MongoDB collection copier.

  •    Python

See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for licensing terms.This is working reference code that performs a live copy from one MongoDB collection to another, with minimal or no visible impact to your production MongoDB clusters. Keeps the destination up-to-date with changes from the source with a typically small amount of lag.

httrack - HTTrack Website Copier, copy websites to your computer (Official repository)

  •    C

HTTrack is an offline browser utility, allowing you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting html, images, and other files from the server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored" website in your browser, and you can browse the site from link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

cryptopasta - copy & paste-friendly golang crypto

  •    Go

copy & paste-friendly golang crypto

tenus - Linux networking in Golang

  •    Go

tenus is a Golang package which allows you to configure and manage Linux network devices programmatically. It communicates with Linux Kernel via netlink to facilitate creation and configuration of network devices on the Linux host. The package also allows for more advanced network setups with Linux containers including Docker. tenus uses runc's implementation of netlink protocol. The package only works with newer Linux Kernels (3.10+) which are shipping reasonably new netlink protocol implementation, so if you are running older kernel this package won't be of much use to you I'm afraid. I have developed this package on Ubuntu Trusty Tahr which ships with 3.13+ and verified its functionality on Precise Pangolin with upgraded kernel to version 3.10. I could worked around the netlink issues by using ioctl syscalls, but I decided to prefer "pure netlink" implementation, so suck it old Kernels.

goversioninfo - Golang Microsoft Windows File Properties/Version Info and Icon Resource Generator

  •    Go

Package creates a syso file which contains Microsoft Windows Version Information and an optional icon. When you run "go build", Go will embed the version information and an optional icon and an optional manifest in the executable. Go will automatically use the syso file if it's in the same directory as the main() function. Copy testdata/resource/versioninfo.json into your working directory and then modify the file with your own settings.

golang-builder - Containerized build environment for compiling an executable Golang package and packaging it in a light-weight Docker container

  •    Shell

Containerized build environment for compiling an executable Golang package and packaging it in a light-weight Docker container.One of the (many) benefits of developing with Go is that you have the option of compiling your application into a self-contained, statically-linked binary. A statically-linked binary can be run in a container with NO other dependencies which means you can create incredibly small images.

goapp - An opinionated guideline to structure & develop a Go web application/service

  •    Go

This is an opinionated guideline to structure a Go web application/service (or could be extended for any application). My opinions were formed over a span of 5+ years building web applications/services with Go, trying to implement DDD (Domain Driven Development) & Clean Architecture. Even though I've mentioned go.mod and go.sum, this guideline works for 1.4+ (i.e. since introduction of the special 'internal' directory). P.S: This guideline is not directly applicable for an independent package, as their primary use is to be consumed in other applications. In such cases, having most or all of the package code in the root is probably the best way of doing it. And that is where Go's recommendation of "no unnecessary sub packages" shines.

gocron - Easy and fluent Go cron scheduling

  •    Go

gocron is a Golang job scheduling package which lets you run Go functions periodically at pre-determined interval using a simple, human-friendly syntax. gocron is a Golang implementation of the Ruby module clockwork and the Python job scheduling package schedule.

geodist - Golang package to compute the distance between two geographic latitude, longitude coordinates

  •    Go

GoLang package to compute the distance between two geographic latitude, longitude coordinates. Vincenty is more accurate than Haversine because is considers the Earth's ellipticity when performing the calculation, but takes a longer time to compute.

gocron - A Golang Job Scheduling Package.

  •    Go

This package is currently looking for new maintainers. Please message @jasonlvhit if you are interested. goCron is a Golang job scheduling package which lets you run Go functions periodically at pre-determined interval using a simple, human-friendly syntax.

realize - Realize is the #1 Golang Task Runner which enhance your workflow by automating the most common tasks and using the best performing Golang live reloading

  •    Go

It will create a .realize.yaml file if doesn't already exist, add the working directory as project and run your workflow. ⚠️ The additional arguments must go after the params: 💡 The start command can be used with a project from its working directory without make a config file (--no-config).

Glide - Package Management for Golang

  •    Go

Are you used to tools such as Cargo, npm, Composer, Nuget, Pip, Maven, Bundler, or other modern package managers? If so, Glide is the comparable Go tool. Manage your vendor and vendored packages with ease. Glide is a tool for managing the vendor directory within a Go package. This feature, first introduced in Go 1.5, allows each package to have a vendor directory containing dependent packages for the project. These vendor packages can be installed by a tool (e.g. glide), similar to go get or they can be vendored and distributed with the package.

stats - A statistics package with common functions that are missing from the Golang standard library

  •    Go

A statistics package with many functions missing from the Golang standard library. See the for API changes and tagged releases you can vendor into your projects.Protip: go get -u updates stats to the latest version.

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