jhipster-uml - UML support for JHipster

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Please read our guidelines before submitting an issue. If your issue is a bug, please use the bug template pre-populated here. For feature requests and queries you can use [this template][feature-template]. This project's main goal is to bring support of UML (more precisely, XMI) files (from various editors) to JHipster so that it can read the files, without you answering the questions.



chalk : 2.3.2
deasync : 0.1.12
inquirer : 5.2.0
jhipster-core : 2.0.1
lodash : 4.17.5
winston : 2.4.1
xml2js : 0.4.19
yargs : 11.0.0



Related Projects

jdl-studio - JDL Studio is an online JHipster Domain Language visual editor

  •    Javascript

Hello, this is JDL-Studio, an online tool for drawing UML diagrams for JHipster based on the JDL syntax. It tries to keep its syntax visually as close as possible to the generated UML diagram without resorting to ASCII drawings. The JDL-Studio web application is a simple editor with a live preview. It is purely client side and changes are saved to the browser's localStorage, so your diagram should be here the next time, (but no guarantees).

jhipster-registry - JHipster Registry, based on Spring Cloud Netflix Eureka and Spring Cloud Config

  •    Java

This is the JHipster registry service, based on Spring Cloud Netflix, Eureka and Spring Cloud Config. Full documentation is available on the JHipster documentation for microservices.

jhipster-sample-app - This is a sample application created with JHipster

  •    Java

This application was generated using JHipster 5.2.1, you can find documentation and help at https://www.jhipster.tech/documentation-archive/v5.2.1. After installing Node, you should be able to run the following command to install development tools. You will only need to run this command when dependencies change in package.json.

JHipster - Create Spring Boot + Angular projects in seconds

  •    Java

JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + Angular project. Its goal is to generate for you a complete and modern Web app. It provides a high-performance and robust Java stack on the server side with Spring Boot, A sleek, modern, mobile-first front-end with Angular and Bootstrap and a powerful workflow to build your application with Yeoman, Webpack/Gulp and Maven/Gradle.



Octopus is a plugin for Eclipse provides an IDE for OCL 2.0 and UML. From a combined OCL / UML model a fully working prototype can be generated. Octopus can import XMI from various UML tools. Octopus means OCl TOol for Precise Uml Specifications.


  •    Java

OWL2XMI is a java project to facilitate the creation of classes UML diagrams. It generates a XMI file from one ontology, this XMI file can be imported using UML tools such as: StarUML, ArgoUML, among others. There are available online version, Visit Proj

ufsm - UML Statechart library in C and XMI importer

  •    C

uFSM is a statechart library written in C. uFSM is designed without any external dependencies and uses no dynamic memory allocation or recursion. uFSM is designed with embedded applications in mind but can also be used in other environments.

UML Model transformation tool

  •    Java

UML transformation tool; developed in Java and XSLT; Runs on any java 1.3+ platform. Environment for code generation from UML models, based on XMI, e.g. to J2EE, webservices, xml schema; New generators (xslt/java) can be plugged in. www.modelbased.net

Groovy MDA

  •    Java

This library generates code from UML models using the groovy scripting language. Support UML tools that use XML Metadata Interchange format (XMI). (Argo, Poseidon, Magic Draw, and many others). Currently supports generating JPA entity beans from UML.

Novosoft UML Library for Java

  •    Java

lt;a href=quot;http://www.novosoft-us.com/?from-nsumlquot;gt;Novosoftlt;/agt; UML library provides following services: implementation of complete UML 1.3 physical metamodel, easy to use interfaces, event notification, undo/redo support, reflective API, XMI loading/saving


  •    CSharp

ExpertCoder is a toolkit for the .NET platform that supports the creation of code generators based on templates and expert systems. It is suitable for MDA projects. The UML-related libraries (UML, MOF and XMI) are now provided by the nUML project.


  •    Java

An web based engine for adaptive navigation support generated from the UML state diagrams using XMI and XSLT


  •    Java

UMLSpeed is a compiler for a C-style language of UML notation. It can produce SVG UML diagrams, XMI documents and generate source code in various languages.


  •    PHP

Uml2symfony is a symfony plugin that can translates a argoUML uml(XMI + pgml) file into symfony elements. It generates schema files and plugins accordingly. A component in the UML diagram is translated into a symfony plugin, and the classes inside the co

Spiritbot - Java UML/Code-Gen tools

  •    Java

Spiritbot is a suite of tools designed for use in software-engineering, CodeGenUML includes an XMI/MOF/UML reader and exporter. An IRC ticker bot is also provided to aid in the development process.


  •    C++

xmi2code: A roundtrip code generator for UML xmi files. Handles Umbrello Output.


  •    Java

This project provides UML extensions to JGraph (http://www.jgraph.com), a XMI (http://www.omg.org/technology/documents/formal/xmi.htm) doclet for Javadoc (http://java.sun.com/j2se/javadoc/), and XMI to SVG/PNG converters.

Tobago MDA Generator


The flexible and extensible Tobago MDA Generator uses UML models from any UML modeling tool, and produces files according to defined patterns. The Tobago MDA Generator is one of the accelerators of the ADP (www.accelerateddeliveryplatform.com)

ModelGoon - UML for Java

  •    Java

ModelGoon provides support to create UML diagram from Java source. It provides support to build packages dependencies diagram, Class Diagram from existing sources, Build Sequence Diagram from a Java method, Shows the dependencies between user selected packages and lot more. ModelGoon is not a UML modeler, but just an UML point of view above the Java source code. It still uses UMLet for drawing purpose and the Eclipse Modeling Tools for implementing full MDA platforms.