jhipster-sample-app - This is a sample application created with JHipster

  •        535

This application was generated using JHipster 5.2.1, you can find documentation and help at https://www.jhipster.tech/documentation-archive/v5.2.1. After installing Node, you should be able to run the following command to install development tools. You will only need to run this command when dependencies change in package.json.



@angular/common : 6.1.0
@angular/compiler : 6.1.0
@angular/core : 6.1.0
@angular/forms : 6.1.0
@angular/platform-browser : 6.1.0
@angular/platform-browser-dynamic : 6.1.0
@angular/router : 6.1.0
@fortawesome/angular-fontawesome : 0.1.1
@fortawesome/fontawesome-svg-core : 1.2.2
@fortawesome/free-solid-svg-icons : 5.2.0
@ng-bootstrap/ng-bootstrap : 3.0.0
bootstrap : 4.1.3
core-js : 2.5.7
jquery : 3.3.1
moment : 2.22.2
ng-jhipster : 0.5.4
ngx-cookie : 2.0.1
ngx-infinite-scroll : 0.5.1
ngx-webstorage : 2.0.1
reflect-metadata : 0.1.12
rxjs : 6.1.0
rxjs-compat : 6.1.0
swagger-ui : 2.2.10
tslib : 1.9.3
zone.js : 0.8.26



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