Jet Login Tool (JetLoginTool)

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Allows automatic logging in the Jet Internet Billing (JetIB) system without having to deal with the popup, etc.



Related Projects - Seu link bem curtin.

Seu link bem curtin.


This is a C project that simulates the ready queue and how it works. This simulator is created as an assignment in my BSc degree in IT from Curtin University. All the knowledge is shared here.


Grabs all iLecture unit pages at Curtin University.


Web Media Creation assignment for Curtin/Open Uni Au: WEB300, SP1 2013. Developed by Brett Rule, Sally Jones, and Zoe Bogner.

curtin - URL shortener, powered by rails and redis

URL shortener, powered by rails and redis

jet - Jet template engine

Jet is a template engine developed to be easy to use, powerful, dynamic, yet secure and very fast.You can find the documentation in the wiki.

jet - Jet: Javascript Extensible Toolkit

Jet: Javascript Extensible Toolkit

jet - jet


JET - JET - The Jewel/Evita Toolkit

JET - The Jewel/Evita Toolkit


Maven2 plugin for incorporating Excelsior JET/JetPackII builds into a Maven project. Built and tested with JET 6.5; I've seen it work with JET 7.

node-jet - Jet - tiny, fast jQuery-style Node.js framwork

Jet - tiny, fast jQuery-style Node.js framwork

SGM-Spica-2.2.2-Jet - Carlos conversion to Jet. Wifi working.

Carlos conversion to Jet. Wifi working.

jet- - Stable, x86_64 to Jet conversion.

Stable, x86_64 to Jet conversion.


The beginnings of a Sonos client, written in C#, C++/CLI and WPF. Most of the middle tier is designed for WPF binding. The database (ESE/Jet Blue in-process db) caching layer schema is almost there. It will be merged in to provide faster library browsing and to allow Windows ...


Topgun, developed three years ago as a spare time project, is an android based jet game. You control the plane to dodge the bullets and try to survive as long as possible. I created the game four years ago started without any knowledge in android development. Put it in the market two years ago, which is not well received :-(. Now I think I could share it for android starters' reference :--) The game is based on google android sample application: lunar landing. You could use the trackball, or ke

Hazelcast Jet - Distributed data processing engine, built on top of Hazelcast

Hazelcast Jet is a distributed computing platform built for high-performance stream processing and fast batch processing. It embeds Hazelcast In Memory Data Grid (IMDG) to provide a lightweight package of a processor and a scalable in-memory storage. It supports distributed API support for Hazelcast data structures such as IMap and IList, Distributed implementations of java.util.{Queue, Set, List, Map} data structures highly optimized to be used for the processing