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An extension to XNA 4 to allow use of DirectX 10 and 11 features, especially geometry shaders and tesselation.




Related Projects

DirectXShaderCompiler - This repo hosts the source for the DirectX Shader Compiler which is based on LLVM/Clang

The DirectX Shader Compiler project includes a compiler and related tools used to compile High-Level Shader Language (HLSL) programs into DirectX Intermediate Language (DXIL) representation. Applications that make use of DirectX for graphics, games, and computation can use it to generate shader programs.For more information, see the Wiki.

Software Render

Full Software Render developed in C# and XNA using the Ploobs Engine ( http://ploobsengine.codeplex.com ). Mimic the stages of Directx 11 pipeline in software, including Vertex, Geometric,Pixel, Hull and Domain Shader programable in C#. Uses Barycentric triangle rasterization.

Game of Life 3D

This is an implementation of Game of Life with 3D view. It calculates the rules of 'Conway's Game of Life' with Compute Shader (DirectCompute) and displays cells with Direct X11 (using Direct3D, Direct2D and DirectWrite). It supports Windows 7 and Vista with DirectX 10/11 GPU.

Efficient Shader Compiler

An efficient shader compiler, a simple and practical solution for managing shader files in 3d engine projects. Editing fx files is just as easy as editing c files with its help. It provides a lot more than fxc.exe. (key words: HLSL,GLSL,DirectX,CG)

dxshd - DirectX Shader Disassembler

DirectX Shader Disassembler

DirectX 11 Framework for Experimentation

Basic Framework for DirectX 11 (without DXUT) containing basic stuffs like Text Rendering, Quad Render, Model Loading, basic Skinning animation, Shader framework (substitute for the effect API) and lots of random stuffs !!!

Windows Presentation Foundation Pixel Shader Effects Library

Library with Pixel Shader Effects and Transition Effects for WPF 3.5 SP1 ...


2011: Demo: Subclass a QWidget that hosts a DirectX / Direct3D 11 shader rendering, and a basic C++ wrapper of DirectX

Krypton XNA

A 2d light engine for XNA 4.0. Krypton allows users of the XNA framework to easily add 2D lighting to their games. Krypton is fast, as it utilizes the GPU and uses a vertex shader to compute 2D shadows, relieving additional stress from the CPU to compute more game-like tasks.


PsPad is Pixel Shader Editing Tool for Silverlight and WPF. You can edit your Pixel Shader code with HLSL, compile it, and see the result on this tool immediately. Also you can load and save Pixel Shader source and save compiled Pixel Shader to integrate your project.

webgl-palette-shader - :sparkles: WebGL palette/toon shader demo using TypeScript and three.js

This is a single pass palette shader demo made using TypeScript, WebGL and three.js. It does phong shading on the scene and then indexes into a palette texture based using the fragment luminance for the final colours. The implementation extends the default three.js phong shader to do this.


terrain-shader is a project for our shader course at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Campus Hagenberg. We want to create a shader for a changing terrain.


Python based Shader Meta-Language for implementing, customizing and extending shader generators for Panda3D. Allows configuring a acyclic graph of customizable CG code generator nodes to make your own 100% customizable shader generators.

glsl2js - A utility to convert glsl vertex + fragment shader to three.js shader format.

A utility to convert glsl vertex + fragment shader to three.js shader format.

hxsl - Haxe Shader Language, a high level 3D shader language for Haxe

Haxe Shader Language, a high level 3D shader language for Haxe

OpenGL-GeometryShader4 - Very rough geometry shader support for OpenGL-

Very rough geometry shader support for OpenGL-

mrParticleGeoShader - mentalray particle geometry shader for particle cache files

mentalray particle geometry shader for particle cache files

aobench_cs - aobench in OpenGL compute shader!

aobench in OpenGL compute shader!


EffectEd is an HLSL code editor for Direct3D and XNA. It's a lightweight alternative to heavy applications like FX Composer. EffectEd's priority is to easily integrate in your daily workflow writing shader and effect code for DirectX (and thus, also for XNA). It has th...

Studio Post Effect

Studio Post Effect is an application to create advanced visual effects and pixel shaders, for both designers and developpers. You can then compose even more complex and advanced effects by combining primitve effects the way you want. Written in C# and managed DirectX.