busysteg - :ghost: Hide information content into busy areas of images, optimally

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Some parts of the image (for example, tree foliage) are busier than others (for example, the sky). It is possible to hide upto even 4 bits per 8 bit pixel in such areas, with no perceptible change to the image. Additionally, such modifications are virtually impossible to detect using common steganalysis techniques. The original idea for this is taken from a paper titled "Keyless dynamic optimal multi-bit image steganography using energetic pixels" by Goutam Paul et. al..




Related Projects

sistine - Turn a MacBook into a Touchscreen with $1 of Hardware

  •    Python

We turned a MacBook into a touchscreen using only $1 of hardware and a little bit of computer vision. The proof-of-concept, dubbed “Project Sistine” after our recreation of the famous painting in the Sistine Chapel, was prototyped by Anish Athalye, Kevin Kwok, Guillermo Webster, and Logan Engstrom in about 16 hours. The basic principle behind Sistine is simple. Surfaces viewed from an angle tend to look shiny, and you can tell if a finger is touching the surface by checking if it’s touching its own reflection.

hash-n-slash - Proof of concept for converting any content into a domain name.

  •    Javascript

Hash-n-Slash is a proof-of-concept Chrome extension that allows any text to be used as a domain name. By turning domain names into hashes, we allow for a greater flexibility of exactly what can be used to point to an online resource. This is just for fun! A proof of concept.

Cloakify - CloakifyFactory - Data Exfiltration & Infiltration In Plain Sight; Convert any filetype into list of everyday strings; Evade DLP/MLS Devices; Defeat Data Whitelisting Controls; Social Engineering of Analysts; Evade AV Detection

  •    Python

CloakifyFactory & the Cloakify Toolset - Data Exfiltration & Infiltration In Plain Sight; Evade DLP/MLS Devices; Social Engineering of Analysts; Defeat Data Whitelisting Controls; Evade AV Detection. Text-based steganography using lists. Convert any file type (e.g. executables, Office, Zip, images) into a list of everyday strings. Very simple tools, powerful concept, limited only by your imagination. For a quick start on CloakifyFactory, see the cleverly titled file "README_GETTING_STARTED.txt" in the project for a walkthrough.

WebBackgrounder - Proof of concept of a web based background task manager that deals well with web farms/app shutdowns

  •    CSharp

WebBackgrounder is a proof-of-concept of a web-farm friendly background task manager meant to just work with a vanilla ASP.NET web application. This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments.

mini-tor - proof-of-concept implementation of tor protocol using Microsoft CNG/CryptoAPI

  •    C++

mini-tor is a proof-of-concept utility for accessing internet content and hidden service content (.onion) via tor routers. this utility is aiming for as smallest size as possible (currently ~47kb, compressed with kkrunchy ~20kb), which is achieved by using Microsoft CryptoAPI/CNG instead of embedding OpenSSL. you can disable logging by commenting out #define MINI_LOG_ENABLED in mini/logger.h. this will also result in fairly reduced size of the executable.

brainflayer - A proof-of-concept cracker for cryptocurrency brainwallets and other low entropy key alogrithms

  •    C

Brainflayer is a Proof-of-Concept brainwallet cracking tool that uses libsecp256k1 for pubkey generation. It was originally released as part of my DEFCON talk about cracking brainwallets (slides, video, why). The name is a reference to Mind Flayers, a race of monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They eat brains, psionically enslave people and look like lovecraftian horrors.

kernel-exploits - A bunch of proof-of-concept exploits for the Linux kernel

  •    C

A bunch of proof-of-concept exploits for the Linux kernel

coincoin - Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept in Elixir. Feedback welcome

  •    Elixir

coincoin is a cryptocurrency proof-of-concept implemented in Elixir. It's an umbrella project that focuses on the 2 main components of (most of) the existing cryptocurrencies: the blockchain and digital transactions. It's goal is to be as simple as possible but complete enough to technically understand what's going on behind Bitcoin or Ethereum for example.

hello-retail - “Hello, Retail!” is an open-source, mobile-first, 100% serverless functional proof-of-concept showcasing a complete event sourcing approach applied to the retail platform space

  •    Javascript

Hello, Retail! is a Nordstrom Technology open-source project. Hello, Retail! is a 100% serverless, event-driven framework and functional proof-of-concept showcasing a central unified log approach as applied to the retail problem space. All code and patterns are intended to be re-usable for scalable applications large and small. Check out https://github.com/Nordstrom/hello-retail-workshop for more explanation and a guided tour of how you might expand hello-retail with new functionality.

keychaindump - A proof-of-concept tool for reading OS X keychain passwords

  •    C

Keychaindump is a proof-of-concept tool for reading OS X keychain passwords as root. It hunts for unlocked keychain master keys located in the memory space of the securityd process, and uses them to decrypt keychain files. See the blog post for a much more readable description.

ysoserial - A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization

  •    Java

A proof-of-concept tool for generating payloads that exploit unsafe Java object deserialization. Originally released as part of AppSecCali 2015 Talk "Marshalling Pickles: how deserializing objects will ruin your day" with gadget chains for Apache Commons Collections (3.x and 4.x), Spring Beans/Core (4.x), and Groovy (2.3.x). Later updated to include additional gadget chains for JRE <= 1.7u21 and several other libraries.

big-rig - A proof-of-concept Performance Dashboard, CLI and Node module

  •    CSS

Big Rig is an experimental, proof-of-concept system for generating and parsing Chrome's trace files. It has a web app dashboard that will allow you to track performance statistics over time, as well as a CLI version for integrating with other parts of your build system. There is also a CLI / node module for Big Rig, which you can find in its own repo.

detexify - Proof of concept latex symbol classifier

  •    Javascript

Proof of concept latex symbol classifier

basket.js - A proof-of-concept script loader for caching/loading scripts with localStorage

  •    Javascript

A proof-of-concept script loader for caching/loading scripts with localStorage

cactus - CSS Testing Framework Proof of Concept

  •    Ruby

Designs can be tested too (you should read the slides)! Cactus is a proof of concept for a CSS testing framework. It ensures that you always have the same CSS styling for DOM elements that you care about.

jsteg - JPEG steganography

  •    Go

jsteg is a package for hiding data inside jpeg files, a technique known as steganography. This is accomplished by copying each bit of the data into the least-significant bits of the image. The amount of data that can be hidden depends on the filesize of the jpeg; it takes about 10-14 bytes of jpeg to store each byte of the hidden data. Note that the data is not demarcated in any way; the caller is responsible for determining which bytes of hidden it cares about. The easiest way to do this is to prepend the data with its length.

darkjpeg - JPEG steganography web service

  •    Javascript

DarkJPEG is a new generation open source steganography web service. It is supposed to serve people's needs for the freedom of communication even in those countries which break human rights by forcing some kind of Internet censorship or even denying to use cryptography by law. The service uses strong steganography methods to hide the very fact of hiding data among with strong cryptography methods to protect the data of being read by non-trusted groups of people.

Azure Business App Scale Proof of Concepts


This is actually a series of proof of concept demo applications built to demonstrate scale of particular architecture or application designs.

tools - security and hacking tools, exploits, proof of concepts, shellcodes, scripts

  •    Assembly

This section offers a selection of our fully featured security and hacking tools. We also provide some exploits, proof of concept code, shellcodes and snippets. That means some tools are not tested and may not have the feature set. If you find some bugs or if you have any questions, ideas or criticism regarding to this section, feel free to message us.

Hydration - Because automation is King!


Hydration is the concept of using a deployment solution, like MDT 2012 Update 1, to do a fully automated build of an entire lab, proof-of-concept, or production

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