nova-media-library - A Laravel Nova field for displaying and updating a Spatie Media Library model.

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This package is designed to be used with the awesome media library package from Spatie. With this package you can add an image field for uploading single files to a resource, a generic file field for other types, and add an images field to resources to display all of their associated media. In this example we're defining a field called Avatar that uses the avatar collection. It's also calling usingConversion to set the thumb conversion as the image to be displayed (on detail and index). The other methods called are dynamically applied to the upload request - this lets you call any media-library method on the field..


vue : ^2.5.0



Related Projects

nova-search-relations - This package allow you to include relationship columns into Laravel Nova search query

  •    PHP

This package allows you to include relationship columns into Laravel Nova search query. Simply add public static $searchRelations variable to any of your Nova resources. This array accepts a relationship name as a key and an array of searchable columns as a value.

laravel-mediable - Laravel-Mediable is a package for easily uploading and attaching media files to models with Laravel 5

  •    PHP

Laravel-Mediable is a package for easily uploading and attaching media files to models with Laravel 5. Upload a file to the server, and place it in a directory on the filesystem disk named "uploads". This will create a Media record that can be used to refer to the file.

Beets - Music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger

  •    Python

Beets is the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks. The purpose of beets is to get your music collection right once and for all. It catalogs your collection, automatically improving its metadata as it goes. It then provides a bouquet of tools for manipulating and accessing your music.


  •    C

Fennec is a high quality (64-bit) media player/converter. With batch converting, joining, ripping, tag editing + multichannel support, media library, skins, DSP effects, visualizations, multi-channel equalizer and a completely new slide based interface... It can play/convert nearly 100 media file formats (inc. ogg, flac, mp3, mpc, mp4, flv, ape, wv...). Additional features including: automatic album art detection, media library, media file browser, quick search...

FMJ - Freedom for Media in Java

  •    Java

FMJ is an alternative to Java Media Framework (JMF), while remaining API-compatible with JMF. It aims to produce a single API/Framework which can be used to capture, playback, process, and stream media across multiple platforms. The sub-projects, FFMPEG-Java and Theora-Java, are Java wrappers for FFMPEG and Vorbis respectively. Its sister project is LTI-CIVIL and it is used as the primary video capture device library.

Laravel-Media-Manager - A "Vuejs & Laravel" Media Manager With Tons of Features

  •    Javascript

add this one liner to your main js file and run npm run watch to compile your js/css files.

Voyager - The Missing Laravel Admin

  •    PHP

Voyager is a Laravel Admin Package that includes BREAD(CRUD) operations, a Media manager, Menu builder, Database Manager, Settings Manager, Execute laravel commands and much more.

Portable Media Player library (PMPlib)

  •    C

Portable Media Player library (PMPlib) is an open source project to develop a management software/library for various portable media players.

WindowsMediaPlayer.NET Plugin Library

  •    CSharp

A .NET 2.0 C# library that allows users to easily write plug-ins for Windows Media Player in .NET (C#). Currently supports Visualisation plugins and provides working samples.

The Dark Nova Project

  •    C++

Dark Nova is an unofficial, unsupported companion game engine for St@rcr@ft. It supports most St@rcr@ft features, as well as a few new features like true color with transparency and plug-in units. A legal copy of St@rcr@ft is required to use Dark Nova

Stars! Nova

  •    CSharp

Stars! Nova is a clone of the classic 4X space strategy game Stars!. While nowhere near the functionality of Stars! quite a few features have been implemented so far. See the Nova web page for details.

openstack-docker - Nova driver and Glance backend to use Docker inside OpenStack

  •    Python

This code is now available in the stackforge repo nova-docker. For installation and usage instructions, see the nova-docker documentation.

befriended - Eloquent Befriended brings social media-like features like following, blocking and filtering content based on following or blocked models

  •    PHP

Eloquent Befriended brings social media-like features like following, blocking and filtering content based on following or blocked models. Laravel Befriended comes with scopes that manage filtering content that gives you easy control better what your user can see and cannot see. The main difference is that the traits that are responsible for filtering content got a better eloquent capability. - Media Player (WPF/XAML)

  •    DotNet is a Media Player that support audio, video and Internet radios. Play your music directly from your PC, DVD/CD or from your iPod. offers great new ways to manage your music library, to create playlist, to copy the music from one device to another one and even

rust-media - A free, comprehensive, and portable video/audio streaming library for Rust

  •    Rust

rust-media is a media player framework for Rust, similar in spirit to libvlc or GStreamer. It's designed for use in Servo but is intended to be widely useful for all sorts of projects. Possible use cases are background music and FMVs for video games, as well as media player applications. The master branch of rust-media is currently pinned to the same version of Rust that Servo uses. The nightly branch is intended to track the current Rust nightly; however, like many Rust projects, it may be out of date.

laravel-activitylog - Log activity inside your Laravel app

  •    PHP

The spatie/laravel-activitylog package provides easy to use functions to log the activities of the users of your app. It can also automatically log model events. The Package stores all activity in the activity_log table. You can retrieve all activity using the Spatie\Activitylog\Models\Activity model.

Media Streaming - Resuming Downloads for ASP.NET MVC

  •    CSharp

Media Streaming / Resuming Downloads for MVC aims to provide a simple to use, HTTP compliant library usable in applications to accept and respond to partial content-range requests for media files. This supports iOS devices streaming media as well as resuming large downloads.

enquire.js - Awesome Media Queries in JavaScript

  •    Javascript

enquire.js is a lightweight, pure javascript library (with no dependencies) for programmatically responding to media queries. This should be enough to get you going, but please read the full enquire.js documentation if you wish to learn about the other cool features.

include-media - 📐 Simple, elegant and maintainable media queries in Sass

  •    CSS

include-media is a Sass library for writing CSS media queries in an easy and maintainable way, using a natural and simplistic syntax. I spent quite some time experimenting with different libraries and mixins available out there, but eventually all of them failed to do everything I needed in an elegant way. Some of them wouldn't let me mix set breakpoints with case-specific values, others wouldn't properly handle the CSS OR operator and most of them had a syntax that I found complicated and unnatural.

taglib-sharp - LIbrary for reading and writing metadata in media files

  •    CSharp

LIbrary for reading and writing metadata in media files

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