Jamaa SMPP Client

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Jamaa SMPP Client is a .NET implementation of the SMPP protocol that aims to provide a robust and easy-to-use API to help developers quickly integrate SMS messaging functionalities in their application using the SMPP protocol




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sms-api-server - HTTP API to send SMS via SMPP

The sms-api-server is a web server that connects to an SMSC via SMPP v3.4. It provides HTTP and WebSocket APIs for sending short messages and querying their status (when supported by the SMSC). It supports sending delivery receipts via WebSockets or Server-Sent Events.See this link on the Docker hub for details.

SMSLib - Java SMS library

SMSLib is a Java library which allows you to send/receive SMS messages via a compatible GSM modem or GSM phone. SMSLib also supports some bulk sms operators (for outbound messaging only).

SMS Gateway SMPP Client using InetLab.DLL and VB.NET

DEDSMSGateway is a full source code solution that deploy a Windows Service on a server that can connect to a SMSC host server and sends SMS using SMPP Protocol. It uses InetLab.DLL to connect and communicate with SMSC server, so you need to download the DLL file (free evalu...

SMSj - Java SMS library

This library allows you to send SMSes (GSM) from the Java platform. It gives you full control over the SMS including the UDH field so you can create and send EMS messages, WAP push messages and nokia smart messages (picture, ringtone etc). The API can send SMS by using a GSM phone connected to the serial port or via a SMS gateway (like Clickatell).

SMPP component, for SMS sending and receiving

SMPP component with simple application which consumes it. Easy integration with your applications which will enable SMS sending and receiving. It is developed in C#

playSMS - PHP based SMS Gateway

playSMS is a flexible Web-based Mobile Portal System that it can be made to fit to various services such as an SMS gateway, personal messaging systems, corporate and group communication tools.


5 Features which will help you effectively market your business: Mobile Keyword: You choose a Mobile Keyword that identifies your company, organization, or campaign. Then your audience simply sends your keyword to our short phone number ("short code") such as 96362. Try it yourself by texting "ROITEXT" to 96362. When your keyword is texted, your customer receives an immediate automated text responder that you can customize anytime. The customer's mobile number is instantly stored in your contac

Voice-SMS - Enhanced Android text messaging client for Google Voice SMS

Enhanced Android text messaging client for Google Voice SMS

Tambur Messaging Gateway

Tambur Messaging Gateway is a Java (J2EE) based SMS/MMS messaging gateway. Feature highlights include support for most SMSC/MMSC protocols, an advanced message router, complete web-based management and support for billing.

Mobile Partner SMS Extractor

This application converts the SMS binary data file backups that are created by Mobile Partner application into readily and usable text files. Mobile Partner is a Communication Manager to manage 3G Huawei modem in that Netbook with 3G capabilities like Asus EeePC 901


pySMPP is Simple Message Peer Protocol implementaation in Python. The SMPP protocol is used to connect to the SMSC of a Mobile operator and to send or receive SMS messages.

Schmoo Mobile Integration Platform

Schmoo delivers a full integration platform for mobile content service providers and service resellers. It can connect to SMSC and MMSC systems using various protocols (SMPP, CIMD2, EMI/UCP, MM7, etc...) as well as enable bulk SMS/MMS access reselling.

php-smpp-worker - Redis backed SMS service using SMPP

Redis backed SMS service using SMPP

tvstext - A program allowing for Transloc TVS to be accessed using SMS text messaging.

A program allowing for Transloc TVS to be accessed using SMS text messaging.

Phone Manager

Phone Manager makes it easier for users mobile phone to Manager PhoneBook, SMS and other features. It's developed in .NET 2.0 Framework with c#. Included in this project components: GSM Modem, custom SystemTray and custom Taskbar Notifier

MSCRM SMS Addin for Outlook 2007

The project aims to share our sample codes which enables MSCRM V3.0 customers to communicate with their customers via Short Messaging Service (plain text based). V1.0 version is ready for download. It supports basic functions as below. For details of usage, please download th...

SMPPClient - SMPP Client in C#

This class library implements the SMPP 3.4 protocol for use within .Net application. It can be used to build bothESME and SMSC based software.Key Features<br />1. Fully tested production code. Can handle millions of transactions a day.<br />2. ESMEManager support mutiple binds of different types. Will round-robin on Transmitter and Transceiver bind.<br />3. Will log the Full PDU to stdout.<br />4. Support for SQL Server to store PDU's.<br />5. Reconnection support when connection drop. Implement

Send SMS

Send SMS allows you to send SMS (Short Messaging Service) to all mobile operators across India. It allows you to send SMS through popular service providers like Way2SMS, Full On Sms, Tezsms, Sms Inside and more.


setup http proxy or database(oracle) sms msg table monitor to send/receive sms using telecomunication industry's SGIP/SMPP protocol