ray-3d - a high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection

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A high-level ray picking helper for 3D intersection, built from modular pieces.Creates a new Ray with optional origin and direction, both arrays in the form [x, y, z].



gl-vec3 : ^1.0.3
ray-aabb-intersection : ^1.0.1
ray-plane-intersection : ^1.0.0
ray-sphere-intersection : ^1.0.0
ray-triangle-intersection : ^1.0.3



Related Projects

pyray - A 3d rendering library written completely in python.

  •    Python

I'm creating this repository in January 2018 and it is crazy that the best open source option for rendering 3d scenes remains POV ray. Now, POV ray is a great program, but why can't we have that functionality (rendering 2d, 3d and higher dimensional objects and scenes) in Python, a language that is perhaps the most widely used already and only growing in popularity? This code is a first step towards that goal - have the ability to do everything POV ray does - rendering complex 3d objects and scenes, animations and much more in plain, vanilla Python. I imagine this would find applications in creating videos, video games, physical simulations or just pretty pictures. Above all else, I want to emphasize simplicity in this library and minimize the dependence on external libraries so more people can hit the ground running with it.

Cesium - An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps

  •    Javascript

CesiumJS is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin. It uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics, and is cross-platform, cross-browser, and tuned for dynamic-data visualization.

RadeonRays_SDK - Radeon Rays is ray intersection acceleration library for hardware and software multiplatforms using CPU and GPU

  •    C++

Radeon Rays is ray intersection acceleration library provided by AMD which makes the most of the hardware and allows for efficient ray queries. Three backends support a range of use cases. App: Standalone sample/application featuring Radeon Rays OpenCL to implement a path tracer.

Yet Another Pov-Ray Modeller

  •    C++

Y.A.P.R.M. is a free-as-in-freedom modeller to graphicaly design 3d scenes and generate POV-Ray-files for them. Appart from the basic POV-Ray objects which can be used in CSG operations it supports spline based objects. Furthermore a vast amount of 3d-files can be imported and used with Y.A.P.R.M.

vapory - Photo-realistic 3D rendering with Python and POV-Ray

  •    Python

Vapory is a Python library to render photo-realistic 3D scenes with the free ray-tracing engine POV-Ray. Vapory is an open-source software originally written by Zulko, released under the MIT licence, and hosted on Github, where everyone is welcome to contribute or ask for support.

Gphoton 3d modeller and ray tracer

  •    C++

Ghoton is a fully integrated 3d modeller and ray tracer. Through the graphical interface, you can create/modify manipulate 3d scenes, material options, viewer options, and render quality.

rexray - REX-Ray is a container storage orchestration engine enabling persistence for cloud native workloads

  •    Go

Note: All hosted unstable and staged binaries older than 0.11.2-rc1 have been pruned due to quota restrictions. The long-term goal of the REX-Ray project is to enable collaboration between organizations focused on creating enterprise-grade storage plugins for the Container Storage Interface (CSI). As a rapidly changing specification, CSI support within REX-Ray will be planned when CSI reaches version 1.0, currently projected for a late 2018 release. In the interim, there remains active engagement with the project to support the community.

Rings Ray Tracer

  •    Java

A ray tracer written in 100% Java. The ray tracer package includes java libraries for rendering 3d graphics and a user interface.


  •    C++

POVColor is a visual color and gradient picker for POV-Ray. It allows the user to visually pick the color and/or gradient and automatically generates the output code needed by POV-Ray.

The-Forge - The Forge Cross-Platform Rendering Framework PC, Linux, Ray Tracing, macOS / iOS, Android, XBOX, PS4

  •    C++

The intended usage of The Forge is to enable developers to quickly build their own game engines. The Forge can provide the rendering layer for custom next-gen game engines. Added a unified input system based on Gainput to all platforms (https://github.com/jkuhlmann/gainput). The new input system substantially simplified input management on the application level over all platforms. We also simplified the camera controller. Added also new VirtualJoystick class in UI.

covid-chestxray-dataset - We are building an open database of COVID-19 cases with chest X-ray or CT images

  •    Jupyter

Project Summary: To build a public open dataset of chest X-ray and CT images of patients which are positive or suspected of COVID-19 or other viral and bacterial pneumonias (MERS, SARS, and ARDS.). Data will be collected from public sources as well as through indirect collection from hospitals and physicians. All images and data will be released publicly in this GitHub repo. Lung Bounding Boxes and Chest X-ray Segmentation (license: CC BY 4.0) contributed by General Blockchain, Inc.

Half Baked Ray Caster

  •    ActionScript

The 'Half Baked Ray Caster' provides 3D rendering mixed with native Flash MovieClip type objects. It supports textures and lighting, and fairly smooth animation on high end PCs. It's written using the free Flex 2 SDK, a C preprocessor and make tools.

packnet-sfm - TRI-ML Monocular Depth Estimation Repository

  •    Python

Official PyTorch implementation of self-supervised monocular depth estimation methods invented by the ML Team at Toyota Research Institute (TRI), in particular for PackNet: 3D Packing for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation (CVPR 2020 oral), Vitor Guizilini, Rares Ambrus, Sudeep Pillai, Allan Raventos and Adrien Gaidon. Although self-supervised (i.e. trained only on monocular videos), PackNet outperforms other self, semi, and fully supervised methods. Furthermore, it gets better with input resolution and number of parameters, generalizes better, and can run in real-time (with TensorRT). See References for more info on our models. This is also the official implementation of Neural Ray Surfaces for Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Ego-motion (3DV 2020 oral), Igor Vasiljevic, Vitor Guizilini, Rares Ambrus, Sudeep Pillai, Wolfram Burgard, Greg Shakhnarovich and Adrien Gaidon. Neural Ray Surfaces (NRS) generalize self-supervised depth and pose estimation beyond the pinhole model to all central cameras, allowing the learning of meaningful depth and pose on non-pinhole cameras such as fisheye and catadioptric.

3D Tools for the Windows Presentation Foundation

  •    WPF

A collection of tools to help developers using the 3D features in the Windows Presentation Foundation. This project currently includes utility code for rotating the camera with the mouse, drawing fixed width lines in 3D, and automatically generating texture coordinates.



VolumeMaster is an On Screen Display (OSD) that gets activated whenever the volume changes. It's written in WPF and uses Vista Core Audio API by Ray M. VolumeMaster allows you to change the volume simply by holding the shift key and scrolling your mouse wheel up / down. Hol...

BRL-CAD - Solid Modeling System

  •    Java

BRL-CAD is a powerful cross-platform constructive solid geometry solid modeling system that includes an interactive geometry editor, ray-tracing for rendering amp; geometric analyses, network distributed framebuffer support, image & signal-processing tools.

Pyvon - POV-RAY Linux editor


Pyvon is an editor for POV-RAY written with Python (Tkinter amp; Pmw). It somewhat resembles POV-RAY for windows. Pyvon is mainly meant to be used with Linux, but also works on Windows, Mac, FreeBSD,... The raytraces can be started and stopped from within t

Chess position POV-Ray source generator

  •    Perl

A Perl script which accepts a chess position (in the FEN format) as input and outputs POV-Ray source, which, when rendered by POV-Ray, produces a 3-D view of the chess position.

X-Ray Engine Toolset


X-Ray unofficial toolset for complex use with official S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MOD SDK. The code to load/save X-Ray files closely follows the GSC one. Regarding the rest source code, you can do whatever you want, just do not say you wrote it.

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