isa-api - ISA tools API

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Built around the ‘Investigation’ (the project context), Study’ (a unit of research) and ‘Assay’ (analytical measurement) general-purpose Tabular format, the ISA tools helps you to provide rich description of the experimental metadata (i.e. sample characteristics, technology and measurement types, sample-to-data relationships) so that the resulting data and discoveries are reproducible and reusable. The ISA API aims to provide you, the developer, with a set of tools to help you easily and quickly build your own ISA objects, validate, and convert between serializations of ISA-formatted datasets and other formats/schemas (e.g. SRA schemas). The ISA API is published on PyPI as the isatools package.



Related Projects

ISA infrastructure

  •    Java

The Investigation/Study/Assay (ISA) Infrastructure is the first pilot-stage freely available software suite that 1. assists in the reporting and local management of experimental metadata and facilitates submission to international public repositories.

riscv-isa-sim - Spike, a RISC-V ISA Simulator

  •    C

Spike, the RISC-V ISA Simulator, implements a functional model of one or more RISC-V processors. Spike is named after the golden spike used to celebrate the completion of the US transcontinental railway.

ISA Stats


Statistics, monitoring and control of Microsoft ISA Server users

Jack C Compiler for Jackal 3.0

  •    C

Jack is an optimizing C compiler for the Jackal 3.0 ISA. The Jackal 3.0 ISA is the target architecture for UVa's Advanced Digital Design Course. JackCC is ready for production use. Additionally, I've written an assembler/simulator: jackas

miaow - An open source GPU based off of the AMD Southern Islands ISA.

  •    Verilog

An open source GPU based off of the AMD Southern Islands ISA.

SNARE - Auditing and EventLog Management

  •    C

SNARE (System iNtrusion Analysis and Reporting Environment) is a series of log collection agents that facilitate centralised analysis of audit log data. Agents are available for Linux, Windows, Solaris, IIS, Lotus Notes, Irix, AIX, ISA/IIS + more

riscv-tools - RISC-V Tools (GNU Toolchain, ISA Simulator, Tests)

  •    Shell

Note for OS X: We recommend using Homebrew to install the dependencies (libusb dtc gawk gnu-sed gmp mpfr libmpc isl wget automake md5sha1sum) or even to install the tools directly. This repo will build with Apple's command-line developer tools (clang) in addition to gcc.


  •    C

can4linux is an universal Linux device driver for ISA or PCI interface boards with CAN interface and embedded CAN controller solutions. Based on the API provided by can4linux commercial protocol stacks for CANopen, J1939 and DeviceNet are available.

hcc - HCC is an Open Source, Optimizing C++ Compiler for Heterogeneous Compute currently for the ROCm GPU Computing Platform

  •    C++

This repository hosts the HCC compiler implementation project. The goal is to implement a compiler that takes a program that conforms to a parallel programming standard such as HC, C++ 17 ParallelSTL and transforms it into the AMD GCN ISA. AMD is deprecating HCC to put more focus on HIP development and on other languages supporting heterogeneous compute. We will no longer develop any new feature in HCC and we will stop maintaining HCC after its final release, which is planned for June 2019. If your application was developed with the hc C++ API, we would encourage you to transition it to other languages supported by AMD, such as HIP or OpenCL. HIP and hc language share the same compiler technology, so many hc kernel language features (including inline assembly) are also available through the HIP compilation path.


  •    C

PPCD is very accurate PowerPC ISA (and derivative processors) disassembler. Currently supported models are: Generic-32, Generic-64 and Gekko. PPCD is free opensource. You can use it in your applications without mention.

linux CLC driver

  •    C

This is a Linux 2.6 driver for ISA, PC-104 and serial Indramat (aka BoschRexroth) CLC cards for SERCOS motion control.


  •    Java

EduMIPS64 (aka edumips) is a cross-platform MIPS 64 ISA simulator. It can be used to run and debug MIPS programs that are written using the MIPS64 instruction set. It supports visual debugging and lets you see what instructions do in the pipeline.

ArchC Architecture Description Language

  •    C

ArchC is an open-source architecture description language based on SystemC. Its goal is to provide designers with a tool to evaluate new ideas in processor and ISA design, memory hierarchy, etc. and other aspects of computer architecture research.

Apogee CCD camera control for Linux

  •    Perl

Drivers and applications for the range of Scientific CCD cameras produced by Apogee Instruments Inc. Both ISA and Parallel interfaces are supported. A high level library and GUI are provided for Astronomical applications.

Internet Blocking Tool (InetBlocker)


Tool for Microsoft ISA server (2004/2006) which enables to schools /teachers/ prohibit access to internet in very simple way.


  •    Java

-Xendra ERP -Xendra Historian (ISA S95) adaptado a los requerimientos financieros e industriales de Peru. contabilidad facturacion POS compras ventas letras


  •    C++

HTTP Filter for Microsoft ISA Server. It helps you filter ads and restrict access to certain content.

Comtrol Rocketport

  •    C

The Rocketport driver provides a loadable kernel module for Comtrol RocketPort ISA/PCI and RocketModem cards. Please visit to acquire the latest release.


  •    C

This is a small program that reads and writes the WakeUp time in the BIOS. This is done via /dev/nvram on recent kernels (gt;2.4.6, including 2.6.x) or, alternatively, via direct ISA access. On this WakeUp time the computer is powered on automatically.

Modbus Plus Kernel Driver

  •    C

This is a Linux kernel driver (2.2.19+; 2.4+) for the Modicon SA85 ISA and PCI-85 cards. It is written in C and includes example shell scripts for administration, and an example client program.