ioBroker.vis.cordova - Cordova APP for ioBroker.vis

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WEB visualisation for ioBroker platform as android App. This app is designed to run on mobile phones and tables. it stores the vis project and all images on the mobile phone to save the mobile traffic.


cordova : ^7.0.1
cordova-android : ^6.3.0
cordova-plugin-certificates : ^0.6.4
cordova-plugin-file : ^4.3.3
cordova-plugin-network-information : ^1.3.3
cordova-plugin-whitelist : ^1.3.2
grunt : ^1.0.1
grunt-contrib-clean : ^1.0.0
grunt-contrib-copy : ^1.0.0
grunt-contrib-jshint : ^1.1.0
grunt-exec : ^0.4.6
grunt-http : ^2.2.0
grunt-jscs : ^3.0.1
grunt-replace : ^1.0.1
iobroker.chromecast : *
iobroker.dwd : *
iobroker.flot : *
iobroker.kodi : *
iobroker.mihome-vacuum : *
iobroker.milight : *
iobroker.rickshaw : *
iobroker.starline : *
iobroker.vis : *
iobroker.vis-bars : *
iobroker.vis-canvas-gauges : *
iobroker.vis-colorpicker : *
iobroker.vis-fancyswitch : *
iobroker.vis-google-fonts : *
iobroker.vis-history : *
iobroker.vis-hqwidgets : *
iobroker.vis-jqui-mfd : *
iobroker.vis-justgage : *
iobroker.vis-keyboard : *
iobroker.vis-lcars : *
iobroker.vis-map : *
iobroker.vis-material : *
iobroker.vis-metro : *
iobroker.vis-players : *
iobroker.vis-plumb : *
iobroker.vis-rgraph : *
iobroker.vis-timeandweather : *
iobroker.vis-weather : *
iobroker.web : *
iobroker.yr : *
wifiwizard : ^0.2.11
com.pylonproducts.wifiwizard : ~0.2.11



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