nwb - A toolkit for React, Preact, Inferno & vanilla JS apps, React libraries and other npm modules for the web, with no configuration (until you need it)

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Installing globally provides an nwb command for quick development and working with projects. Using npm >= 3 is recommended, as Babel takes significantly more time and disk space to install with npm 2 due to its lack of deduplication.



chalk : 2.3.1
copy-template-dir : 1.3.0
cross-spawn : 6.0.4
debug : 3.1.0
detect-port : 1.2.2
figures : 2.0.0
filesize : 3.6.0
fs-extra : 5.0.0
gzip-size : 4.1.0
inquirer : 3.3.0
minimist : 1.2.0
ora : 1.4.0
resolve : 1.5.0
run-series : 1.1.4
semver : 5.5.0
webpack-merge : 4.1.1
babel-cli : 6.26.0
babel-core : 6.26.0
babel-plugin-add-module-exports : 0.2.1
babel-plugin-inferno : 4.0.0
babel-plugin-istanbul : 4.1.5
babel-plugin-lodash : 3.2.11
babel-plugin-react-transform : 3.0.0
babel-plugin-syntax-dynamic-import : 6.18.0
babel-plugin-syntax-jsx : 6.18.0
babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy : 1.3.4
babel-plugin-transform-react-constant-elements : 6.23.0
babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx : 6.24.1
babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-self : 6.22.0
babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx-source : 6.22.0
babel-plugin-transform-react-remove-prop-types : 0.4.10
babel-plugin-transform-runtime : 6.23.0
babel-polyfill : 6.26.0
babel-preset-env : 1.6.1
babel-preset-react : 6.24.1
babel-preset-stage-0 : 6.24.1
babel-preset-stage-1 : 6.24.1
babel-preset-stage-2 : 6.24.1
babel-preset-stage-3 : 6.24.1
babel-runtime : 6.26.0
react-transform-catch-errors : 1.0.2
react-transform-hmr : 1.0.4
redbox-noreact : 1.1.0
karma : 2.0.0
diff : 3.4.0
karma-chrome-launcher : 2.2.0
karma-coverage : 1.1.1
karma-mocha : 1.3.0
karma-mocha-reporter : 2.2.5
karma-phantomjs-launcher : 1.0.4
karma-sourcemap-loader : 0.3.7
karma-webpack : 2.0.9
phantomjs-prebuilt : 2.1.16
mocha : 5.0.0
expect : 1.20.2
object-assign : 4.1.1
promise : 8.0.1
whatwg-fetch : 2.0.3
webpack : 3.11.0
autoprefixer : 8.0.0
babel-loader : 7.1.2
case-sensitive-paths-webpack-plugin : 2.1.1
copy-webpack-plugin : 4.4.1
css-loader : 0.28.9
eventsource-polyfill : 0.9.6
extract-text-webpack-plugin : 3.0.2
file-loader : 1.1.6
html-webpack-plugin : 2.30.1
npm-install-webpack2-plugin : 5.0.1
opn : 5.2.0
postcss-loader : 2.1.0
style-loader : 0.20.1
uglifyjs-webpack-plugin : 1.1.8
url-loader : 0.6.2
webpack-dev-middleware : 1.12.2
webpack-dev-server : 2.9.7
webpack-hot-middleware : 2.21.0



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apollo-universal-starter-kit - Apollo 2 Universal Starter Kit — GraphQL React JavaScript app boilerplate for Mobile, Server and Web where code for all platforms built with Webpack to enable max code reuse, stack: Apollo, GraphQL, React 16, React Native, Expo, Express, Knex, SQLite, Twitter Bootstrap, Babel, Webpack

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Apollo Universal Starter Kit is a SEO friendly boilerplate for Universal Mobile and Web app development built on top of Apollo, GraphQL, React 16, React Native, Expo, Redux, Express with SQL storage support, for styling Twitter Bootstrap, NativeBase and Ant Design integration. Hot Code Reload of back end & front end using Webpack and Hot Module Replacement to reflect your changes instantly and help you stay productive. This starter kit adds full React Native integration, with Webpack as a packager and Expo. No native code compilation tools are needed in order to develop native mobile applications with this kit. You are able to run both web and mobile versions of your app at the same time connected to the same backend.

react-custom-scrollbars - React scrollbars component

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This assumes that you’re using npm package manager with a module bundler like Webpack or Browserify to consume CommonJS modules. If you don’t yet use npm or a modern module bundler, and would rather prefer a single-file UMD build that makes ReactCustomScrollbars available as a global object, you can grab a pre-built version from unpkg. We don’t recommend this approach for any serious application, as most of the libraries complementary to react-custom-scrollbars are only available on npm.

react-native-webpack-starter-kit - :herb: Build your React Native app with Webpack and Babel

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Build your React Native app with Webpack and Babel. Simple asset pipeline for seed apps built with React Native. Uses Babel 6 for ES7 JavaScript transpilation with Stage 1 support, and Webpack as a dev server and module bundler. Provides static code linting using ESLint and build output in the same console window, and Source Maps for debugging in the browser. Unprescriptive in terms of test frameworks and Flux implementations. Additional features listed below.

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Universal Redux is an npm package that when used as a dependency in your project provides a universal (isomorphic) rendering server. You can either use its defaults and begin coding your project, or configure it to your liking with custom Webpack options and Express or Redux middleware. It's intended as both an easy starting point for developers new to React and Redux, as well as an extensible base by which advanced developers can augment with their own middleware and keep up to date with the fast-moving React ecosystem. The quickest way to get started is to clone the starter project. This gives you a base project that is set up with default configurations of Webpack and Express.

react-bluekit - Automatically generating a component library from your React components (ES5, ES6, Typescript)

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BlueKit automatically generates a library from your React components with editable props and live preview. Point BlueKit to folders with your React components and it will generate a library for you. You'll be able to browse through the components, tweak their props, and see the changes live. Furthermore, any changes that you make to your components' code will be reflected in the library.

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Storybook is a development environment for UI components. It allows you to browse a component library, view the different states of each component, and interactively develop and test components. Storybook runs outside of your app. This allows you to develop UI components in isolation, which can improve component reuse, testability, and development speed. You can build quickly without having to worry about application-specific dependencies.

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React on Rails integrates Rails with (server rendering of) Facebook's React front-end framework. Intersted in optimizing your webpack setup for React on Rails including code splitting with react-router v4, webpack v4, and react-loadable? Contact me.

react-express - The all-in-one beginner's guide to modern React application development!

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React has a problem. While the proliferation of JavaScript libraries, frameworks, and tools (JavaScript fatigue) is fantastic for the web development ecosystem, it can be extremely intimidating for beginners to get started. I've created this all-in-one guide for beginners to get an opinionated walkthrough from start to finish: create-react-app, npm, webpack, babel, ES2015, ES2016, JSX, React, Redux, CSS-in-JS, and more.

react-transform-boilerplate - A new Webpack boilerplate with hot reloading React components, and error handling on module and component level

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React Hot Loader 3 is on the horizon, and you can try it today (boilerplate branch, upgrade example). It fixes some long-standing issues with both React Hot Loader and React Transform, and is intended as a replacement for both. The docs are not there yet, but they will be added before the final release. For now, this commit is a good reference. This is highly experimental tech. If you’re enthusiastic about hot reloading, by all means, give it a try, but don’t bet your project on it. Either of the technologies it relies upon may change drastically or get deprecated any day. You’ve been warned 😉 .

create-react-library - CLI for easily publishing modern react libraries. ⚡

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CLI for easily publishing modern React libraries with Rollup and example usage via create-react-app. The purpose of this CLI is to make publishing your own React components as simple as possible.

razzle - ✨ Create server-rendered universal JavaScript applications with no configuration

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Universal JavaScript applications are tough to setup. Either you buy into a framework like Next.js or react-server, fork a boilerplate, or set things up yourself. Aiming to fill this void, Razzle is a tool that abstracts all complex configuration needed for SSR into a single dependency--giving you the awesome developer experience of create-react-app, but then leaving the rest of your app's architectural decisions about frameworks, routing, and data fetching up to you. With this approach, Razzle not only works with React, but also Reason, Elm, Vue, Angular, and most importantly......whatever comes next.Below is a list of commands you will probably find useful.

Inferno - An extremely fast, React-like JavaScript library for building modern user interfaces

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Inferno is an insanely fast, 9kb React-like library for building high-performance user interfaces on both the client and server. Inferno aims to provide all the great benefits that React does, plus other great features for people already familiar with the React ecosystem, such as: lifecycle events on functional components, server side render streams, better real-world performance, lower memory consumption and faster parse/load times.

quik - :rocket: A quick way to prototype and build apps with React and Babel with zero-setup.

  •    Javascript

A quick way to prototype and build apps with React and Babel with zero-setup. Setting up the tooling required to work on a modern day web app is hard, and makes quick prototyping much more difficult than it should be. Quik is a quick way to prototype a React application without any kind of setup. It can also generate a production-ready JavaScript bundle to use in your app. No setup required.

react-starter-kit - React Starter Kit — isomorphic web app boilerplate (Node

  •    Javascript

React Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development built on top of Node.js, Express, GraphQL and React, containing modern web development tools such as Webpack, Babel and Browsersync. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.

react-redux-universal-hot-example - A starter boilerplate for a universal webapp using express, react, redux, webpack, and react-transform

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I cobbled this together from a wide variety of similar "starter" repositories. As I post this in June 2015, all of these libraries are right at the bleeding edge of web development. They may fall out of fashion as quickly as they have come into it, but I personally believe that this stack is the future of web development and will survive for several years. I'm building my new projects like this, and I recommend that you do, too. The first time it may take a little while to generate the first webpack-assets.json and complain with a few dozen [webpack-isomorphic-tools] (waiting for the first Webpack build to finish) printouts, but be patient. Give it 30 seconds.

minimal-react-webpack-babel-setup - The minimal React, Webpack, Babel Setup

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The minimal React, Webpack, Babel Setup. You want to get beyond create-react-app? Read this tutorial how to setup your own boilerplate project.