WPF Ink Canvas Toolbar

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WPF InkCanvas Toolbar helps WPF developers use pen input in TabletPC or UMPC apps. WPF's InkCanvas control can draw, erase, select, move, & resize strokes but there is no exposed UI. This project wires those functions to a toolbar similar to Leszynski's InkToolBar for WinForms.




Related Projects


MidiStylus allows you to control MIDI-enabled hardware or software using your pressure-sensitive pen tablet. The program maps the X position, Y position, and pressure values from the pen tablet to 3 MIDI control values that the user specifies.

jscribble - graphical notepad for use with a pen tablet

graphical notepad for use with a pen tablet

Wosk: Flexible On Screen Keyboard using WPF

Wosk is targeted at touch-screen users (Tablet PC, UMPC, HP TouchSmart, MS Surface...) who want to customize and enrich their keyboard input options. Written in C# and WPF.

JPen - Java Pen Tablet Access Library

Java library for accessing pen/digitizer tablets and pointing devices. For more information go to the wiki http://sf.net/apps/mediawiki/jpen .


A graphical tool written in AppleScriptObjC for controlling the pen pressure response on a Wacom pen tablet.


Use the pen! FormFlow is a software for filling XML based forms in Tablet PC environment. The system will include development UI for rapid modelling.


BTNotes is a Pure-Java notes-taking application for use with a tablet pc or pen input devices like Wacom. You can export pages to PNG or store in binary files.


On-Screen-Display for using the Tegaki Handwriting Recognition(tegaki.org) with a pen tablet

LoPen - Logic pen fits inside ordinary BIC ballpoint pen

Logic pen fits inside ordinary BIC ballpoint pen


Lipi Toolkit (LipiTk) is an open source toolkit for online Handwriting Recognition (HWR), supported on Windows as well as Linux, created and maintained by HP Labs India. In its present version, the toolkit contains generic algorithms for the recognition of isolated handwritten shapes such as pen gestures and handwritten characters, captured using a stylus or electronic pen or finger, using devices such as TabletPCs, PDAs, stylus-equipped SmartPhones, external tablets, notes taking devices, di

MediaPad - A Powerful Multimedia and Annotation Slide Creation Tool

Create drawings, annotations and sketches easily with MediaPad by simply dragging and dropping media files such as images and videos onto the application. This tool is created for anyone who needs a simple and powerful tool for creating rich-media content for presentation. It ...

CruxEX 64bit Linux Live USB

CruxEX 3.0 64 bit 2013 Linux Live USB is based on CRUX 3.0

space-pen-example-templates - A set of templated to generate a package using space-pen with apm init

A set of templated to generate a package using space-pen with apm init

pen - Pen - load-balancer

Pen - load-balancer

Crayola-Pen-Hack - Crayola ColorStudio HD pen hack

Crayola ColorStudio HD pen hack

pen - simple pen class to teach friends ruby

simple pen class to teach friends ruby