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Libreria Ini C#



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A simple C++ class allowing Read/Write on an ini file.

ID3.NET MP3 Tagging Library

ID3.NET is a set of libraries for reading, modifying and writing ID3 and Lyrics3 tags in MP3 audio files. The core library is a portable class library compatible with the .NET Framework 4 and higher, Silverlight 4 and higher, Windows Phone 7.5 and .NET for Metro style apps. It also contains non-portable libraries that provide additional platform-specific support. ID3.NET also provides an extensible metadata discovery framework that can discover specific ID3 frame data (like album art, lyri

net-iniconfig - .NET implementation of Ini file configuration in .NET

.NET implementation of Ini file configuration in .NET

Settings4Net - The Ultimate Settings/Configurations Library for .NET

Settings4Net is the last library you will ever need managing your project's settings. Think it as a standard .NET Settings class "on steroids". Beyond obvious functionality of storing/retrieving your program/user settings - you can add various restrictions, default values, etc.


IniFiles.Net is a small library to simplify using standard .ini files in .NET. Heavily loaning from Delphi inifiles functionality, it implements similar methods for reading and writing to ini files. As of now, only TMemIniFile is fully functional, if somewhat untested. I expe...

ApplicationInsights-dotnet - ApplicationInsights-dotnet

This repository has code for the base .NET SDK for Application Insights. Application Insights is a service that allows developers ensure their application are available, performing, and succeeding. This SDK provides the base ability to send all Application Insights types from any .NET project.If developing for a .Net project that is supported by one of our platform specific packages, Web or Windows Apps, we strongly recommend to use one of those packages instead of this base library. If your project does not fall into one of those platforms you can use this library for any .Net code. This library should have no dependencies outside of the .Net framework. If you are building a Desktop or any other .Net project type this library will enable you to utilize Application Insights. More on SDK layering and extensibility later.

Accord.NET - Machine learning, Computer vision, Statistics and general scientific computing for .NET

The Accord.NET project provides machine learning, statistics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and image processing methods to .NET. It can be used on Microsoft Windows, Xamarin, Unity3D, Windows Store applications, Linux or mobile.

IKVM.NET - Java for Mono and .NET Framework

IKVM.NET is an implementation of Java for Mono and the Microsoft .NET Framework. It has JVM implemented in .NET. A .NET implementation of Java class libraries. It is interoperable between Java and .NET.

.NET FileZilla Config Library

An object oriented C#.NET Library allowing easily load, change and save FileZilla Server configuration.

FlickrNet API Library

A .Net Library for accessing the Flickr API. Written entirely in C# it can be accessed from with any .Net language .Net Framework 2.0 or the .Net Compact Framework 2.0 SP1 and above. We are working trying to get it working in Mono (and Monotouch) as well.

mooftpserv - FTP server library in C# for .NET Compact Framework, regular .NET and Mono

FTP server library in C# for .NET Compact Framework, regular .NET and Mono

NConf - Advanced Configuration Manager

NConf is an advanced configuration system for .Net projects. It's written out of the need for more advanced configuration than what .Net provides. The key features it supports is multiple configuration sources, simple to use syntax, the ability to reload/update configuration a...

panINI - Pure .net INI file class

Pure .net INI file class

solr-scale-tk - Fabric-based framework for deploying and managing SolrCloud clusters in the cloud.

Setup========Make sure you're running Python 2.7 and have installed Fabric and boto dependencies. On the Mac, you can do:```sudo easy_install fabricsudo easy_install boto```For more information about fabric, see: the pysolr project from github and set it up as well:```git clone pysolrsudo python install```Note, you do not need to know any Python in order to use this framework.Local Setup========The framewor

Ini File Driver

.NET object class for handling manipulation of Ini Files. This driver supports full read/write operations.

Pegasus Library

The Pegasus Library is a collection of .NET classes that augments the .NET framework with helper classes and services.

Kona Framework - OLAP/Analysis Services for the .Net Developer

The Kona Framework is a .Net 3.5 library that was created to make it easier for the .Net developer to build applications that use SQL Server Analysis Services. It is being developed to improve upon the ADOMD Client library, adding support for Connection Pooling and adding a ...

Light .NET Micro Framework HTTP library for W5100 Hardwired TCP/IP chip

This project includes GHIElectronics.NETMF.W5100.Http library's source code. This library is a light implementation of the original HTTP support included in .NET Micro Framework 4.1 porting kit. It is usually used with GHI Electronics' FEZ Panda II board (with USBizi .NET Mi...

Nordic nRF24L01+ .NET Micro Framework Driver

Library that enables .NET Micro Framework developers to use Nordic 2.4 GHz wireless tranceivers. This library can be used on any net mf device with SPI interface.

cap-net - Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) library for the .NET framework.

Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) library for the .NET framework.