InfoPath DB

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Aggregate and query multiple InfoPath XML documents from a SharePoint Form Library. Supports SOAP, XML, JSON, and IQY Excel format. Site Settings>InfoPathDB



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Share InfoPath Forms - WSP Solution Deployment and Manage Forms in SharePoint

Share InfoPath Forms Tool helps make those rigid InfoPath forms sharable in SharePoint. Deployment of InfoPath Forms was never an easy task. Unlike the traditional approach of installing as a form template using stsadm commands, this tool packages delivers a WSP easing deployment

InfoPath Managed Form Templates Deployment Tool for SharePoint

This tool is an effort towards helping all those who are working on InfoPath Forms with SharePoint. It helps to upload/install, re-install, upgrade a form template with just a click of the button. The tool also can help in generating a script/batch file so that you can run it man

SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Forms Hub

The SharePoint 2010 InfoPath Forms Hub enables SharePoint users to consume all browserenabled InfoPath forms that are deployed across the entire SharePoint farm from one single Webpart.

SharePoint 2010 InfoPath List Form Demo

This project shows you how to deploy InfoPath based list forms for SharePoint 2010. see my blog:

CSV to Infopath Migration Tool

This is a tool I wrote to help me migrate data from Domino databases into Infopath documents hosted on a Sharepoint Form Library. The tool takes a CSV source file and creates a new Infopath document for each record. The user is presented with an interface to map fields between...

SharePoint XQuery Reporting Solution

My company's project needs this technology because of the current company has a lot of data is stored in SharePoint, through Infopath data collection, data storage and not all InfoPath field values ??are saved into a database, a considerable number of data in XML File, which ...

Create approval workflow in SharePoint 2010 with Visual Studio 2010 and Infopath

This is an example of How to create an approval workflow in SharePoint 2010 with Visual studio 2010 and InfoPath 2010.

Distinct CAPTCHA Web Service

Distinct CAPTCHA used to add CAPTCHA to, InfoPath and SharePoint. The web service supports two methods one for generate and one to validate

SharePoint - Site Request InfoPath Form Template

This template allow portal user to enter initial information for requesting of creating a new SharePoint site.

WireBear InfoPath Printer

Adds a print button to the ribbon for InfoPath List Display Forms in SharePoint 2010.

Version History to InfoPath Custom List Form

The ability to add a button to view the version history of an item when the display form is modified in InfoPath allows a user easy access to view versioning information. Out of the box, SharePoint does not allow this ability. This is a sandboxed solution.

SharePoint List, Document/Form Library Migrator

This utility is developed using SharePoint API's to help in migrating documents or InfoPath forms by retaining their versions, properties and modified/created by timestamps. This utility also has advanced documents re-linking option. Very helpful in SharePoint Migration Projects.

Forms 7 - A lightweight InfoPath alternative for SharePoint

Forms7 is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows users to easily create forms for SharePoint 2007/2010/2013 using basic HTML. The Forms7 plugin will iterate o

InfoPath Error Viewer

InfoPath Error Viewer provides an intuitive list to show all errors in the entire InfoPath form. You'll no longer have to find the validation errors by searching in individual view. It's developed as an InfoPath Add-in which works on both InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2010.

InfoPath Forms Services 2007 Web Testing Toolkit

This project has the tools and information needed to write Visual Studio web tests for InfoPath Forms Services 2007. First, the wiki has some vital background information to understand the HTTP traffic InfoPath creates. Next, the wiki has step-by-step instructions for writing...

InfoPath Publisher Helper

Building a large set of InfoPath Templates? Bored of the repetive stsadm commands to deploy an online form? This tool will allow you to submit InfoPath Form Templates asynchronously from any client or server and be notified of any errors, warnings, or successful submissions.

InfoPath 2007 to Infopath 2010 form Migrator

This project will help you to upgrade all existing InfoPath 2007 forms to InfoPath 2010 forms.

SPD 2007 Custom Activity Pause Until CheckOut = None

This activity can be added to the beginning of a SharePoint Designer 2007 workflow to pause the workflow until the item is no longer checked out (soft or hard checkout). I needed to write this activity when I developed my first InfoPath form solution. It was a client form ...

Hosting InfoPath FormControl inside WPF Application

Here is a basic sample to host an InfoPath form inside of Windows Presentation Foundation. This sample shows how to use the WindowsFormsHost to embed the Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.FormControl in a WPF application.