dungeons-and-dragons - 🎲 Dungeons & Dragons Character builder and keeper (work in progress)

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🎲 Dungeons & Dragons Character builder and keeper (work in progress)



@kadira/storybook : ^2.35.3
@types/chai : ^4.0.1
@types/chai-enzyme : ^0.6.2
@types/enzyme : ^2.8.1
@types/lodash : ^4.14.68
@types/loglevel : ^1.4.29
@types/mocha : ^2.2.41
@types/nock : ^8.2.1
@types/node : ^8.0.7
@types/react : ^15.0.34
@types/react-dom : ^15.5.1
@types/react-router : ^4.0.12
autoprefixer : ^7.1.1
babel-core : ^6.25.0
babel-loader : ^7.1.1
babel-plugin-lodash : ^3.2.11
babel-plugin-react-transform : ^2.0.2
babel-polyfill : ^6.23.0
babel-preset-env : ^1.5.2
babili : ^0.1.4
chai : ^4.0.2
chai-enzyme : ^0.8.0
cheerio : ^0.22.0
clean-webpack-plugin : ^0.1.16
css-loader : ^0.28.4
cssnano : ^3.10.0
enzyme : ^2.9.1
extract-text-webpack-plugin : ^2.1.2
file-loader : ^0.11.2
html-loader : ^0.4.5
html-webpack-plugin : ^2.29.0
husky : ^0.14.2
ifdef-loader : ^1.1.1
json-loader : ^0.5.4
localstorage-memory : ^1.0.2
lodash : ^4.17.4
lodash-webpack-plugin : ^0.11.4
loglevel : ^1.4.1
media-blender : ^2.1.0
mobx : ^3.1.16
mobx-collection-store : ^1.4.0
mobx-keys-store : ^1.1.0
mobx-react : ^4.2.2
mobx-react-devtools : ^4.2.15
mobx-store-devtools : ^0.1.2
mocha : ^3.4.2
mocha-webpack : ^0.7.0
nock : ^9.0.13
node-sass : ^4.5.3
nodemon : ^1.11.0
normalize.css : ^5.0.0
now : ^4.6.0
nyc : ^11.0.3
offline-plugin : ^4.8.1
postcss-font-magician : ^2.0.0
postcss-loader : ^2.0.6
preact : ^8.1.0
preact-compat : ^3.16.0
react : ^15.6.1
react-addons-css-transition-group : ^15.6.0
react-addons-test-utils : ^15.6.0
react-css-themr : ^2.1.2
react-dom : ^15.6.1
react-hot-loader : next
react-tap-event-plugin : ^2.0.1
react-toolbox : 1
sass-loader : ^6.0.6
source-map-loader : ^0.2.1
style-loader : ^0.18.2
ts-loader : ^2.2.1
ts-node : ^3.1.0
tslint : ^5.4.3
typescript : ^2.4.1
typings : ^2.1.1
web-app-manifest-loader : ^0.1.1
webpack : ^3.0.0
webpack-bundle-analyzer : ^2.8.2
webpack-dev-server : ^2.5.0
webpack-glob-entries : ^1.0.1
webpack-node-externals : ^1.6.0
whatwg-fetch : ^2.0.3



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Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator


3rd Edition Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator is an HTML/JavaScript Web page that allows the user to quickly and easily create new Dungeons and Dragons characters.

DND-5e-LaTeX-Template - A Small Template For 5e D&D Material

  •    TeX

This is a LaTeX template for typesetting documents in the style of the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (D&D 5e) books. LaTeX will find the package automatically.


  •    Javascript

MEPHIT is a PHP/MySQL project for Dungeons amp; Dragons and d20 players.You can create PCs,spells,cities and many other,share and import them with othher MEPHIT users!You can create completely customizable adventures,write a journal,adopt a dragon and more!

Dice Notation .NET


A simple parser / evaluator for a variant of "dice notation" similar to the version used in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 that allows developers to support the use of dice notation in their own programs. It is written in C# and depends only on System and System.Core.

NeoModulus Business Rules Builder


A windows form application that allows non-programmers to build strict definitions of a business domain. Once the definition is complete the program will build out object oriented C# files and a .net DLL. My test business domain is the open SRD, basically Dungeons and Dragons ...

brainflayer - A proof-of-concept cracker for cryptocurrency brainwallets and other low entropy key alogrithms

  •    C

Brainflayer is a Proof-of-Concept brainwallet cracking tool that uses libsecp256k1 for pubkey generation. It was originally released as part of my DEFCON talk about cracking brainwallets (slides, video, why). The name is a reference to Mind Flayers, a race of monsters from the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. They eat brains, psionically enslave people and look like lovecraftian horrors.


  •    VB

ezGM is an open-source project to assists GM's with Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition gaming. Currently this program features an on-the-fly NPC generator, a Die simulator (from d4 to d100), a random stats generator, a simple journal utility, a weapons

DDO Layout Editor


A stand alone windows application used to edit DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) layout files.

Dungeon Craft

  •    C

Dungeon Craft is an adventure creator that emulates the Advanced Dungeons amp; Dragons Gold Box RPG's released by SSI. The editor is used to configure art, items, monsters, etc. Each adventure is self-contained and doesn't require the editor to be played.



Import data from Dungeons & Dragons Compendium to Masterplan libraries

mobx-react-lite - Lightweight React bindings for MobX based on React 16.8 and Hooks

  •    TypeScript

This is a next iteration of mobx-react coming from introducing React hooks which simplifies a lot of internal workings of this package. Class based components are not supported except using <Observer> directly in class render method. If you want to transition existing projects from classes to hooks (as most of us do), you can use this package alongside the mobx-react just fine. The only conflict point is about the observer HOC. Subscribe to this issue for a proper migration guide.

react-dnd - Drag and Drop for React

  •    TypeScript

Drag and Drop for React. Big thanks to BrowserStack for letting the maintainers use their service to debug browser issues.

MobX - Simple, scalable state management.

  •    Javascript

MobX is a battle tested, simple and scalable state management library transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP). The Mobx design principle is very simple: Anything that can be derived from the application state, should be derived. Automatically. This includes the UI, data serialization, server communication, etc.

fe-boilerplate - Lucid & Futuristic Production Boilerplate For Frontend(Web) Apps, React/RN/Vue, with TypeScript(Optional), Webpack 4/Parcel, MobX/Redux :dizzy: 多技术栈前端项目模板

  •    Javascript

Lucid & Futuristic Production Boilerplate For Frontend(Web) Apps, React/RN/Vue, with TypeScript(Optional), Webpack 4/Parcel, MobX/Redux :dizzy: 多技术栈前端项目模板

parket - A library to manage application state, heavily inspired by mobx-state-tree

  •    TypeScript

I was disappointed with all the current state management solutions. Then I found mobx-state-tree, which seemed like a godsend to me (ok not really, but I liked the concept), but it was pretty big in terms of file size (mobx alone is big: 16.5kB). So I thought it's surely possible to make a smaller version of it, that's how this started. And after 2 failed attempts I can finally say: Here it is in all of its "glory". Note: This library uses Proxies and Symbols. Proxies cannot be fully polyfilled so you have to target modern browers which support Proxies.

here-be-dragons - An Intellij/Android Studio plugin to help visualise side effects in your code.

  •    Java

Here be dragons is an Intellij/Android Studio plugin that let's you annotate your impure Java methods with the @SideEffect annotation and shows a little dragon icon in the gutter when you call them. When writing functional style code, isolating impure and pure functions becomes very important. This helps you visually identify which methods are impure when a bunch of methods are being called in a code block.

react-smooth-dnd - react wrapper components for smooth-dnd

  •    Javascript

A fast and lightweight drag&drop, sortable library for React with many configuration options covering many d&d scenarios. It uses css transitions for animations so it's hardware accelerated whenever possible. This library consists wrapper React components over smooth-dnd library.

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