Image Power Tools Module for Orchard CMS

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Image processing tools for Orchard CMS 1.6



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Orchard Twitter Rules

Orchard Twitter Rules makes it easier for Orchard users to send Tweets in Twitter service after the trigger of events in the Orchard CMS. It's developed in C# and makes use of the Orchard Rules engine. Making it easy to automatically Tweet after a BlogPost publishing. This...

Orchard - Re-usable components in ASP.NET helps to build CMS

Orchard is a Web CMS, which essentially aims at helping you build web sites from existing pieces. It could manage multiple web sites. Each site could have multiple pages and each page could have multiple custom zones. Blogs could be created and managed and archived. Comments could be added for contents and it is spam protected. Tags could be associated to the content to get locate and categorize the content.

Orchard CMS Image MultiPicker

This module provides image multi picker field for Orchard CMS 1.5.1. This module can help you to create image gallery, banner rotator or any other image list.

Bing Your Maps for Orchard CMS

Bing Your Maps is an Orchard CMS module that provides Bing Maps functionality for your Orchard website.

Orchard CMS ImageResizer

resize or scale images in orchard simply by url or using the build-in HtmlHelper Update: Automatic resizing is now also possible!

orchard-cms - orchard cms - a copy from

orchard cms - a copy from

Orchard - Study Orchard CMS

Study Orchard CMS

Orchard-SiteMap - SiteMap module for Orchard CMS

SiteMap module for Orchard CMS

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Orchard Advanced Menu

Home of the Advanced Menu module for Orchard CMS. Allows you to add hierarchical navigation and breadcrumbs to your Orchard-based site. Currently it's the most popular navigation module in Orchard Gallery.

Orchard Module Profiles

An Orchard module for creating module profiles for different environments (eg. development, release). Using the admin interface, you can create different sets of features and corresponding states (enabled/disabled) and activate (and inverse-activate) them in the admin interfa...

Orchard Members Only

This is a simple module to protect anonymous users from accessing specified content To utilize the feature, simply add the Members Only content part to any content type to make that content type available to authenticated users only.

Foundation Theme for Orchard CMS

This is a foundation 4 based theme for Orchard CMS v1.6.1. Foundation is an advanced responsive front-end framework (

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App Fabric Module for Orchard CMS

Orchard CMS AddThis

Add AddThis plugin for Orchard CMS. Author: MyLifeVn Website: