IIS Logfile Archiving

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IIS instances log website activity to disk. Let's archive those files for later in a .zip file.




Related Projects

Awstats - Advanced web, streaming, ftp and mail server statistics

AWStats is a powerful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics graphically. It can analyze log files from all major server tools like Apache log files, WebStar, IIS and a lot of other web, proxy, wap, streaming servers, mail servers and some ftp servers. This log analyzer works as a CGI or from command line and shows you all possible information your log contains, in few graphical web pages.


IISLogAnalyzer is a package of software’s for analyzing IIS Log files. Package includes WPF and Silverlight 4 clients build with Prism and C# and the server build using C#, EF4, WCF and data provider model .

WebStatistics Server for Windows Server

WebStatistics Server for Windows Server is a tool to create visitor and traffic statistics of a Windows Server running IIS Webserver. It includes a log file parser and an ASP.NET based panel to view the statistics. It's developed in C# and ASP.NET.

Zend - PHP application stack

Zend Server is a complete, enterprise-ready Web Application Server for running and managing PHP applications that require a high level of reliability, performance and security. It boosts application performane using byte code optimizer. It provides application stack for PHP application. It also provide support to connect to Java applications.

couchdb-lager - Mirror of Apache CouchDB

for the backend:```erlang{lager, [ {handlers, [ {lager_console_backend, [info, {lager_default_formatter, [time," [",severity,"] ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "error.log"}, {level, error}, {formatter, lager_default_formatter}, {formatter_config, [date, " ", time," [",severity,"] ",pid, " ", message, "\n"]}]}, {lager_file_backend, [{file, "console.log"}, {level, info}]} ]}]}.```Included is lager_default_formatter. This provides a generic, default formatting fo

IISLogToWcat - Convert your IIS Log Files to UBR files that can be run by WCAT

Convert your IIS Log Files to UBR files that can be run by WCAT

puppetlabs-iis - Manage IIS for Windows Server 2008 and above

This module adds a provider to manage IIS sites and application pools.This module can both manage and install IIS on your server. For example, a minimal IIS install can be accomplished by ensuring the Web-WebServer and Web-Scripting-Tools Windows Features are present.

IIS Log reader

IIS Log reader library is reading the IIS log data into intuitive domain model. Useful in ETL/SSIS applications. Intuitive, simple API.


This is a IIS server log parser written in Python. This was a quick project I put together to quickly get a few data points out of the log files.


This is a IIS server log parser written in Python. This was a quick project I put together to quickly get a few data points out of the log files.

AppFabric Extensions

AppFabric Extensions is a set of management extension for Windows Server AppFabric. Instead of having a seperate executable, AppFabric Extensions integrates itself into IIS 7+ management console, just like Windows Server AppFabric does.

FtpUploader - A simple console application, used to upload files to a FTP Server.

A simple console application, used to upload files to a FTP Server.


IISAppPoolTM allows you to control IIS 7.0 application pool right from you windows system tray. You no longer have to go through IIS management console and to manage your application pool. Do it directly from you Windows taskbar! IISAppPoolTM is developed in C#.

HTML Batch Logger

This is a simple Log class that can be used in any .NET C# Console Application. You can use it to log into an HTML file, console window, or database.

Indihiang - IIS and Apache log analyzing tool

Indihiang Project is a web log analyzing tool. This tool analyzes IIS and Apache Web logs and generates real time reports. It has Web Log Viewer and analyzer. It is capable to analyze the trend from the logs. This tool also integrate with windows Explorer so you can attach a log file in to indihiang tool via context menu.

IIS Configuration Encryption Utility

This HTTP handler allows you to encrypt configuration files of your ASP.NET applications, without the need to have access to console of your web server to run the encryption utility from command line.

Apache Management Console

ApacheConsole is a Python application that aims at providing a GUI ? la MMC for IIS to manage the Apache web server on both Linux/Unix and Windows platforms. Additional features include configuration of remote hosts via specific agents.


Imports w3c log files (iis) into sql server.

Keep Alive Service For IIS 6.0/7.5

This zero configuration service sits on web server, monitors IIS metabase and keeps all sites alive and quick. For DotNetNuke sites it also provides per-portal refreshing. For IIS 7.5 It also setup Application Warm-Up for better results.

logster - Parse log files, generate metrics for Graphite and Ganglia

Logster is a utility for reading log files and generating metrics to configurable outputs. It is ideal for visualizing trends of events that are occurring in your application/system/error logs. For example, you might use logster to graph the number of occurrences of HTTP response code that appears in your web server logs.Logster maintains a cursor, via a tailer, on each log file that it reads so that each successive execution only inspects new log entries. In other words, a 1 minute crontab entry for logster would allow you to generate near real-time trends in the configured output for anything you want to measure from your logs.