happyfaces - JSF, Crud, Quickstartup, Project skeleton, JSFcomponents

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There is one and only one goal for this project - to make jsf developers more productive. That means you startup and develop JSF application easily. You will create a new project very fast and will get a lot of stuff out of box.




Related Projects

JSF integration code for Spring

  •    Java

This project provides glue code for comprehensive integration of JSF (JavaServer Faces) and the Spring framework. This is done in a implementation independent way so that it can be used with any JSF implementation.


  •    Java

MyFaces is a family of projects related to the JavaServer Faces (JSF) specification published as part of the Java Community Process. The "core" project is an implementation of that specification. Other MyFaces projects implement related specifications (eg the Portlet Bridge), or add features to any JSF implementation (not just the Myfaces Core).

JSF components

  •    Java

Free JSF-components to complement the existing implementations component set. See http://java.sun.com/j2ee/javaserverfaces for JSR-127 details.

Apache Tobago - Set of user interface components based on JSF.

  •    Java

The goal of Tobago is to provide the community with a well designed set of user interface components based on JSF.


  •    Java

dynaWidgets are a set of jsf components for rendering portlet like elements (widgets) in your JSF application.

PrimeFaces - JSF component suite

  •    Java

PrimeFaces is a lightweight component suite for Java Server Faces 2.0 featuring 100+ rich set of JSF components (HtmlEditor, Dialog, AutoComplete, Charts and many more). It has built-in ajax support. It supports mobile UI kit to create mobile web applications for handheld devices like IPhone, Palm, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and more.


  •    Groovy

Metawidget is a smart User Interface widget that populates itself, at runtime, with UI components to match the properties of your business objects. Supports Swing, Java Server Faces (JSF), GWT, Spring, Struts, Android, Hibernate, Groovy, JPA and more

ZK - Simply Ajax and Mobile

  •    Java

Ajax+Mobile Java Web framework. With 200+ Ajax components and event-driven, Ajax/RIA apps are as effortless and rich as desktop apps and HTML/XUL pages. Support JSP/JSF/JavaEE/Spring, Ajax Push and Client-fusion; also Java/Groovy/Python/JavaScript.


  •    Java

Dojo Faces is a set of JavaServerFaces components based on the widgets of the Dojo Javascript toolkit. It offers dynamic, AJAX ready user interface components for JSF based web applications.


  •    Java

open source UI components data binding framework for Java using JDO. The linked components are forms, trees and tables and implementations are for Echo web framework, Swing and JSF. Also provides validation support, internationalisation etc


  •    Java

Database linked components for Echo (future Swing / JSF) components such as Tables, Trees and Forms, similar in functionality to the ASP.NET DataGrid, DataList etc.


  •    Java

AjaxAnywhere turns any set existing JSP/JSF components into AJAX-aware components without a complex JavaScript coding. Simply separate your web page into multiple zones, and use AjaxAnywhere to refresh only those zones that needs to be updated.

framework - Repositório principal contendo o Core e Extensions: JSF, Servlets, JPA, JTA e SE

  •    Java

Repositório principal contendo o Core e Extensions: JSF, Servlets, JPA, JTA e SE

Laszlo JSF Integration Library

  •    Java

Laszlo Jsf Integration Library

CRUDO (JSF CRUD Gen Eclipse Plugin)

  •    Java

Java Server Faces (JSF) CRUD generator plugin for Eclipse.

Crossbar JSF Examples

  •    Java

Crossbar is a collection of example applications written for Java Server Faces (JSF) and Java Server Pages (JSP).

Chrysalis Web Framework

  •    Java

We have abandonned work on this framework in favor of using JSF. Though JSF is not perfect, it is close enough to Chrysalis for our purpose, and has the advantage of being a standard with major industry support.


  •    Java

An open source implementation of the JavaServer Faces API (JSF) . Special attention is given to the non-JSP programming model. Main goals are specifications compliance, a rich set of GUI controls and a designer application to create your JSF pages.

JSF Component for SIMILE Timeline

  •    Java

This is a JSF component based on SIMILE Timeline see http://www.simile-widgets.org/timeline/

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