Infragistics Analytics Framework

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This project includes wrappers for the Infragistics controls that integrate with the recently launched Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework. There is a test web site, a dashboard to display analytics metrics, and wrappers for Infragistics Silverlight controls.



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Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET for ASP.NET MVC

Support controls and sample site for using the Infragistics NetAdvantage ASP.NET controls in ASP.NET MVC applications.

RIBA - Rich Internet Business Application for Silverlight, RIA Services, MVVM

RIBA is an sample LOB application with many features to show how to build distributed and secure Line of Business applications based on Silverlight 4, RIA Services and patterns like MVVM. A NHibernate sample with RIA Services is included.

The Silverlight Cookbook - A Reference Application for Silverlight 5 LOB Apps

The Silverlight Cookbook is a .NET reference application that demonstrates how to build a full-blown line-of-business application using the Silverlight 5 Reference Architecture explained in this blog series.

Piwik for Microsoft Silverlight Analytics Framework

Piwik for Micorsoft Silverlight Analytics adds Piwik support to the MSAF

Silverlight Validation Framework

This projects helps to validate user input in Silverlight business applications. The validator does not only works with textboxes, all kinds of controls are supported.


A framework providing simpler and easier ways of building highly scalable and available business applications. Abstracting away some of the tedious things one does almost everytime one starts a new project.


Suprotim Agarwal builds prototype of a TimeSheet application using Infragistics Ignite UI Suite of jQuery based web components. The code is explained in DNC Magazine Issue 3. This magaszine is completely free.

Infobright - The Database for Analytics

Infobright combines a columnar database with our Knowledge Grid architecture to deliver a self-managing, self-tuning database optimized for analytics. Infobright eliminates the need to create indexes, partition data, or do any manual tuning to achieve fast response for queries and reports.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation

Microsoft CRM Analytics Foundation is a business intelligence solution accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 customers and partners. With Analytics Foundation, executives can better track and manage business performance with dashboards and KPIs. Managers and employees c...

lob - Lob - "Lord of all Builds" -- Always eager to impress and help team on projects

Lob - "Lord of all Builds" -- Always eager to impress and help team on projects


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No 1 in Business Analytics: Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, ETL, Reporting, Dashboards in One Tool. 1000+ methods: data mining, business intelligence, ETL, data mining, data analysis + Weka + R, forecasting, visualization, business intelligence

oryx - Simple real-time large-scale machine learning infrastructure.

<img align="right" src=""/>The Oryx open source project provides simple, real-time large-scale machine learning /predictive analytics infrastructure. It implements a few classes of algorithm commonly used in business applications:*collaborative filtering / recommendation*, *classification / regression*, and *clustering*.It can continuously build models from a stream of data at large scale using[Apache Hadoop](

ReportServer - The Business Intelligence Suite

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Example of a line of business application using Correspondence

reparty - A business analytics reporting party!

A business analytics reporting party!

RapidAnalytics - Business Analytics

RapidAnalytics is the 1st open source server for data mining and business analytics. It is based on the world-leading data mining solution RapidMiner and includes ETL, data mining, reporting, dashboards in a single server solution.