Hyper-V Monitor Gadget

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Hyper-V Monitor Gadget for Windows Sidebar that lists Hyper-V servers and their VM's. Supports status information and controlling them directly from the gadget.




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Afrihost Usage Monitoring Gadget

The Afrihost Usage Monitoring Gadget is a Windows gadget to monitor the usage on your Afrihost account. This project is independently developed and not associated with Afrihost. It has been developed by an Afrihost client and not Afrihost themselves.

Apache Shindig - OpenSocial container

Apache Shindig software is an OpenSocial container and helps you to start hosting OpenSocial apps quickly by providing the code to render gadgets, proxy requests, and handle REST and RPC requests.

kafka-monitor - Monitor the availability of Kakfa clusters with generated messages.

Kafka Monitor is a framework to implement and execute long-running kafka system tests in a real cluster. It complements Kafka’s existing system tests by capturing potential bugs or regressions that are only likely to occur after prolonged period of time or with low probability. Moreover, it allows you to monitor Kafka cluster using end-to-end pipelines to obtain a number of derived vital stats such as end-to-end latency, service availability and message loss rate. You can easily deploy Kafka Monitor to test and monitor your Kafka cluster without requiring any change to your application.Kafka Monitor can automatically create the monitor topic with the specified config and increase partition count of the monitor topic to ensure partition# >= broker#. It can also reassign partition and trigger preferred leader election to ensure that each broker acts as leader of at least one partition of the monitor topic. This allows Kafka Monitor to detect performance issue on every broker without requiring users to manually manage the partition assignment of the monitor topic.

gadget-mygamercard - [DEAD][Gadget][FR] Gadget Windows utilisant MyGamerCard.net

[DEAD][Gadget][FR] Gadget Windows utilisant MyGamerCard.net


Notifications are beeing send in such cases, depending on your used Notifier.The default implementation of SystemEventStorage stores your data in a mix of APC and Memcached. Therefore it requires both php extensions.Usage=====init all the things. All classes prefixed with `My` need to be provided by the application/framework beeing monitored.```php// sends notificaitons on urgent events$notifier = new SeverityNotifier(new MyCustomNotifier(), SystemEvent::SEVERITY_URGENT);// main class which coll

Gadget Creator

Gadget Creator - program for creating Windows Sidebar gadgets

Chirpr - Windows Gadget for Twitter

Windows gadget to read/write tweets. Formerly known as "Twitter Gadget" on Windows Live Gallery.

Windows8 StartMenu

Make it easier to use the menu option to start at Windows 8 with this gadget! Change the Windows 8 start menu back to the Windows 7 version. With one click the gadget option to change the Start menu style Windows8 between 7 and windows.

Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget

The Microsoft Office Communicator Vista Gadget is Windows Vista Sidebar gadget that includes functionality to track your Favorite 5 contacts, have the gadget track the Top 5 contacts you communicate with, check your voicemail, and interact with your contacts directly from the ...

DBType to DotNetType Gadget

This gadget shows the respective .NET type for every SQL Server and the Db method accessor for the type. The gadget is created as an xbap application. The post build script installs the gadget when the application is build.

Server Monitor

Monitor the servers in your network for any downtime or so. You can add as many servers as you want. A friendly GUI to add servers to the configuration.

JVM Monitor - Java profiler integrated with Eclipse

JVM Monitor is a Java profiler integrated with Eclipse to monitor CPU, threads and memory usage of Java applications. JVM Monitor would be useful to quickly inspect Java applications without preparing any launch configuration beforehand. JVM Monitor automatically finds the running JVMs on local host and you can easily start monitoring them. It is also supported to monitor Java applications on remote host by giving hostname and port number.

LM-Sensors Monitor For Gkrellm

LM-Sensors Monitor is a monitor for gkrellm. It monitor your sensors using the lm-sensors' modules. You can monitor all your sensors and for temperature monitor you can choose deg;F or deg;C

Top Users Expert for Network Monitor

A Network Monitor Expert which shows you the heavy talkers in a trace. This expert plugs into the Network Monitor UI so you run directly from the Expert menu.

Network Monitor Experts

Network Monitor 3.3 introduces the Experts menu. This feature allows you to run external analysis tools on an open capture file. This page is points you to these useful “Experts” for your data analysis needs within Network Monitor. Also provided here is the Expert SDK.

Nagios-Monitor - Nagios Monitor uses the Nagios API to monitor a nagios installation

Nagios Monitor uses the Nagios API to monitor a nagios installation

ELTA TV Olympic Gadget

ELTA TV Olympic Gadget is a gadget that give user about Olympic Games News,Awards,Program list information, you can install it on windows vista and windows 7 platform

SNCFT Gadget

Ce gadget permet de consulter les horaires des trains et de chercher des informations sur le site de la société nationale des chemins de fer tunisiens. Ce gadget est réalisé pour le projet de génie logiciel à Esprit.

Bing Image Of Day Gadget v3

Its an amazing Bing Search Gadget, now with more emphasis on Bing Image of the Day and many more capabilities. A Must-Have-Gadget, who love the Bing Images. Made by : np_1810@yahoo.com

Philosophy Gadget

This gadget helps people associate known works of philosophy with their known authors.