Hybrid Windows Service

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Abstracted design pattern for running a windows service interactively. Implemented as a base class to replace ServiceBase it will automatically provide a controler UI with taskbar icon and console when run directly (ie not as a service).




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Hyena Web Server

hws - Whitespace implementation written in Haskell.

Whitespace implementation written in Haskell.

hws - Home arduino weather station- Arduino, Pachube, and Python as glue

Home arduino weather station- Arduino, Pachube, and Python as glue


Will's 306 GPS with HWS (forked because I couldn't push)

Common Service Host

Common Service Host is a generic Windows Communication Service Host and factory that uses the Common Service Locator to create Service objects. This enables the Common Service Host to utilize most DI-Frameworks out there to inject dependencies into service instances.

beacon - Service discovery for Docker and etcd.

This section defines service configuration including timeouts and servicelocation. Available parameters are:- `var` - The name of an environment variable on a container to read service configuration from. This defaults to `SERVICES`. The value of this variable is a comma separated list of service definitions. The structure of a service definition is `name:port/protocol` where `name` is the name of the service, `port` is the port the service listens on, and protocol is either `tcp` or `udp`.

Maintenance Service

A lot of projects need to have a windows service that execute different tasks. If am tired of creating the same service for all this project, so Here its a Generic Maintenance Service that can be configure to do a lot of task and have a lot of extension points.

Windows Service Monitor

Windows service monitor is a little utility represented by icon in a windows system tray. The icon has different colors based on status of monitored windows services. You can monitor start / stop any windows services e.g sqlserver. This program is simplified version of service...

vault-service-broker - The official HashiCorp Vault broker integration to the Open Service Broker API

This repository provides an implementation of the open service broker API for HashiCorp's Vault. The service broker connects to an existing Vault cluster and can be used by multiple tenants within Cloud Foundry.The HashiCorp Vault Service Broker does not run a Vault server for you. There is an assumption that the Vault cluster is already setup and configured. This Vault server does not need to be running under Cloud Foundry, OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc, but it must be accessible from within those environments or wherever the broker is deployed.

quotaservice - The purpose of a quota service is to prevent cascading failures in micro-service environments

The purpose of a quota service is to prevent cascading failures in micro-service environments. The service acts as a traffic cop, slowing down traffic where necessary to prevent overloading services. Further, it can be used as a global rate limiter. For this to work, remote procedure calls (RPCs) between services consult the quota service before making a call. The service isn’t strictly for RPCs between services, and can even be used to apply quotas to database calls, for example.The quota service is of interest to anyone building services that communicate with each other via RPC, or that communicate with shared resources such as databases over a network and are interested in limiting the impact of cascading failures due to resource starvation or poor allocation.

service - Run go programs as a service on major platforms.

service will install / un-install, start / stop, and run a program as a service (daemon). Currently supports Windows XP+, Linux/(systemd | Upstart | SysV), and OSX/Launchd.Windows controls services by setting up callbacks that is non-trivial. This is very different then other systems. This package provides the same API despite the substantial differences. It also can be used to detect how a program is called, from an interactive terminal or from a service manager.

rmtsvc - A web-based remote desktop & control service for Windows.

rmtsvc is the abbreviation for ReMoTe SerViCe. It is A web-based remote desktop & control service for Windows. yycnet open-sourced the 2.5.2 code of rmtsvc at http://bbs.pediy.com/showthread.php?t=184683.rmtsvc supports Windows XP and later (including Win7, Win8 and Win10). You can install rmtsvc service in a Windows machine, and then use your web browser to control it, including remote desktop, command execution, process monitoring, etc.

wcf-demo - A simple demo app of a WCF service hosted as a Windows Service.

A simple demo app of a WCF service hosted as a Windows Service.

Scheduler.Service - Windows Scheduler Service

Scheduler service is windows Scheduling service similar to Sql Server Agent. The Service has several built-in tasks that can be scheduled to execute based on the given schedule interval. Current includes tasks include a Sql Script runner, a process runner, and a PowerShell script processor.

ServiceRemotingDemo - Simple example showing service remoting via the WIndows Azure Service Bus

Simple example showing service remoting via the WIndows Azure Service Bus


A generic highly extensible pluggable windows service with WCF support, self-installation, multi-process plugin loading, plugin failure tolerance, command line options, scripting support and scheduling. Designed for running important server processes in a windows service while being very easy to plug in to, update, start, stop and debug. You can even overwrite your plugin binaries without stopping the service, then simply tell the service to reload your plugin.

SQL 2005 Service Manager

Welcome to the SQL 2005 Service Manager project. SQL 2005 Service Manager is a replacement for the SQL Server Service Manager that came with SQL Server 2000 but is no longer shipped as part of SQL Server. It allows the management and monitoring of all local SQL Server related ...

AppServices - lightweight framework for IOC and Dependency Injection in SOA

AppServices is a lightweight service container which can inject services into other objects, visual controls or components. It works with .NET Full, .NET Compact and Silverlight (included WP7). It manages automatically the service dependency. Its advantage is declarative confi...