nvim-cmp - A completion plugin for neovim coded in Lua.

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A completion engine plugin for neovim written in Lua. Completion sources are installed from external repositories and "sourced". First, You should install nvim-cmp itself and completion sources and snippet engine with your favourite plugin manager.




Related Projects

nvim-compe - Auto completion Lua plugin for nvim

  •    Lua

nvim-compe is now deprecated. Please use nvim-cmp the successor of nvim-compe. nvim-compe still works but new feature and bugfixes will be stopped.

Cryptlib - provides Encryption and Authentication Service

  •    C

cryptlib is a powerful security toolkit that allows even inexperienced crypto programmers to easily add encryption and authentication services to their software. It provides support for S/MIME and PGP/OpenPGP secure enveloping, SSL/TLS and SSH secure sessions, CA services such as CMP, SCEP, RTCS, and OCSP, and other security operations such as secure timestamping.

python-client - pynvim: python client for Nvim

  •    Python

Pynvim implements support for python plugins in Nvim. It also works as a library for connecting to and scripting Nvim processes through its msgpack-rpc API. Supports python 2.7, and 3.4 or later.


  •    Pascal

CMP-Gestco est un logiciel de gestion commerciale destineacute; aux petites socieacute;teacute;s. Il g?re vos clients, vos fournisseurs et vos produits, geacute;n?re et imprime des factures et des devis, g?re votre stock. Il peut aussi servir en point de vente.

Nvim-R - Vim plugin to work with R

  •    Vim

This is the development code of Nvim-R which improves Vim's support to edit R code. If you use a plugin manager, such as vim-plug, Vundle or Pathogen, follow its instructions on how to install plugins from github.

nvim-completion-manager - :warning: PLEASE USE https://github.com/ncm2/ncm2 INSTEAD

  •    Python

This is a fast, extensible, async completion framework for neovim. For more information about plugin implementation, please read the Why section. Future updates, announcements, screenshots will be posted here. Subscribe it if you are interested.

neovim-remote - :ok_hand: Support for --remote and friends.

  •    Python

If you encounter any issues, e.g. permission denied errors or you can't find the nvr executable, read INSTALLATION.md. Nvim always starts a server. Get its address via :echo $NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS or :echo v:servername. Or specify an address at startup: NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS=/tmp/nvimsocket nvim.

.dotfiles - :fireworks: Arch Linux with i3 / nvim / tmux / urxvt / zsh / ...

  •    Scheme

Those files are private and are on my private cloud (using Nextcloud). There are no backup system. If you install this on top of your dotfiles, expect a big mess. You shouldn't use the install.sh script. You should only pick whatever you want and include it in your own config.


  •    Java

PriDE is a thin and high-performance Java O/R mapper for relational databases. It does not follow any persistence management standards like JDO or EJB-CMP but relies on common design patterns and is production-proved in both J2SE and J2EE environments.


  •    Java

The beSee-2-x architecture brings JVM wide instrumentation for AOP systems, independant from bytecode kit (BCEL, Javassist). A plugin is provided to instrument BEA WebLogic (v7) for tracing purpose (servlet-gt;EJB-gt;CMP-gt;DB), with full JMX capabilities.

Site Backup Repackager


Use the Site Backup Repackager to reformat a SP2007 site backup (.cmp) for SP2010.

XDoclet for WebSphere 5.1

  •    Java

Fork on original XDoclet Tags to include WebSphere DDescriptor for EJB Session amp; CMP for Websphere 5.1

go-cmp - Package for comparing Go values in tests

  •    Go

This package is intended to be a more powerful and safer alternative to reflect.DeepEqual for comparing whether two values are semantically equal.When the default behavior of equality does not suit the needs of the test, custom equality functions can override the equality operation. For example, an equality function may report floats as equal so long as they are within some tolerance of each other.


  •    Java

Middlegen is a free general-purpose database-driven code generation engine based on JDBC, Velocity, Ant and XDoclet. If you already have a database, you can use Middlegen to generate EJB (CMP 2.0), Hibernate, JDO and JSP/Struts source code.

BouncyCastle - Lightweight Cryptography API for Java and CSharp

  •    Java

Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs is a lightweight cryptography API for Java and CSharp. It has provider for the Java Cryptography Extension and the Java Cryptography Architecture. It supports TLS, PKCS7, PKCS12, OpenPGP, S/MIME, OCSP, TSP, CMP, Extended Access Control, ASN and lot more.


  •    Java

Objectopia is an EJB 2.1 container that uses Prevayler as a transparent CMP mechanism.

Novosec - Bouncy Castle - Extensions

  •    Java

This package provides the following pure Java extensions to the Bouncy Castle framework www.bouncycastle.org and was made freely available by www.novosec.com: 1. OCSP (RFC 2560) server and client / 2. CMP (RFC 2510, RFC 2511) generator and parser

nvim - Notational Velocity inspired mode for vim

  •    Python

Notational Velocity inspired mode for vim

NyaoVim - Web-enhanced Extensible Neovim Frontend

  •    TypeScript

This is a Neovim frontend built on Electron. The Neovim editor is composed as a Web Component and users can extend the UI with reusable Web Components, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Use Vim as a component from a shell or in an IDE.

denite.nvim - :dragon: Dark powered asynchronous unite all interfaces for Neovim/Vim8

  •    Python

Denite is a dark powered plugin for Neovim/Vim to unite all interfaces. It can replace many features or plugins with its interface. It is like a fuzzy finder, but is more generic. You can extend the interface and create the sources. Unite.vim was meant to be like Helm for Vim. But the implementation is ugly and it's very slow.

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