mercury_fulltext - Enjoy full text for tt-rss.

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A Tiny Tiny RSS plugin written for tt-rss as a replacement for the grandpa-old plugin af_readability, which doesn't work well for many RSS sites I subscribe to. It utilizes Mercury Parser to extract the full content for feeds. An API key is required to use this plugin, which is available for free here.



Related Projects

mercury-parser - 📜 Extract meaningful content from the chaos of a web page

  •    Javascript

Postlight's Mercury Parser extracts the bits that humans care about from any URL you give it. That includes article content, titles, authors, published dates, excerpts, lead images, and more. Mercury Parser powers the Mercury AMP Converter and Mercury Reader, a Chrome extension that removes ads and distractions, leaving only text and images for a beautiful reading view on any site.

Mercury Particle Engine


Mercury Particle Engine is a multi-platform API which allows developers to add rich visual effects to their games. Implemented in C# and targeting the Microsoft XNA Framework, it is fully compatible with Windows, Windows Phone 7 and Xbox 360.

mercury - Mercury Editor: The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG editor

  •    Javascript

Mercury Editor is a fully featured editor much like TinyMCE or CKEditor, but with a different usage paradigm. It expects that an entire page is something that can be editable, and allows different types of editable regions to be specified. It displays a single toolbar for every region on the page, and uses the HTML5 contentEditable features on block elements, instead of iframes, which allows for CSS to be applied in ways that many other editors can't handle. Mercury has been written using CoffeeScript and jQuery for the Javascript portions, and is written on top of Rails 3.2.

mercury - A truly modular frontend framework

  •    Javascript

The following examples demonstrate how you can mix & match mercury with other frameworks. This is possible because mercury is fundamentally modular. mercury is a small glue layer that composes a set of modules that solves a subset of the frontend problem.


  •    C

Mercury is a modern logic/functional programming language. The Mercury system includes a compiler, debugger, libraries, sample code, profilers, etc. Mercury is designed to be the successor of logic programming languages such as Prolog.

mercury - The Mercury logic programming system.

  •    Mercury

Mercury is a logic/functional programming language which combines the clarity and the expressiveness of declarative programming with advanced static analysis and error detection features. More information is available on the website's about pages, in other README files in the source code repository, and in the documentation.

hgv - WP Engine's Mercury environment for Vagrant

  •    Javascript

This project is meant to allow people in the WordPress community to run a single Vagrant for developing, debugging, and deploying HHVM based code. We have also added standard PHP to test against so that this project is useful for more standard development as well. The project is also intended as a tool for allowing WP Engine users to test their code prior to actual deployment on WP Engine "Mercury" infrastructure. This is not intended as an exact replica of WP Engine's infrastructure, but is instead a "simulator" of the conditions and software stack on WPE's Mercury platform, allowing you to develop and test your code with an end goal of stability and compatibility with Mercury.

tt-rss-feedly-theme - Feedly theme for Tiny Tiny RSS 1.8+

  •    CSS

Feedly theme for Tiny Tiny RSS 1.15 or newer. Use the legacy branch for TT-RSS 1.11 or older.

mercury - Mercury Editor: The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG editor

  •    Javascript

Mercury Editor: The Rails HTML5 WYSIWYG editor

Mercury Business Framework


Mercury Business Framework is a project set up to define basic objects used by the vast majority of business and non business software. The idea is to define the low level objects required by most applications on the web and desktop.

Mercury MUD Driver

  •    C++

The Mercury MUD driver is a C++ network server for extensible text-based multi-user role playing games. Players can extend the game world on the fly (even while the game is running) via a simple object-oriented C-like language.



Mercury-Ant is a framework of directory structures and naming conventions to allow multiple projects to use a single ant build file for common targets. This facilitates diverse configuration files and cross project deployment and installation targets.



Manarchive (Mercury Anarchy Archive) is a multi-purpose collection of libraries in the Mercury programming language. The libraries can be used separately. Manarchive provides a common development and testing platform.

Mercury Engine

  •    Assembly

The Mercury Engine is a cross platform 3D game engine that produces high quality visuals and takes advantage of SMP systems.

milewski-ctfp-pdf - Bartosz Milewski's 'Category Theory for Programmers' unofficial PDF and LaTeX source

  •    TeX

This is an unofficial PDF version of "Category Theory for Programmers" by Bartosz Milewski, converted from his blogpost series. Conversion is done by scraping the blog with Mercury Web Parser to get a clean HTML content, modifying and tweaking with Beautiful Soup, finally, converting to LaTeX with Pandoc. See for additional information.

Tiny-Tiny-RSS-for-Honeycomb - Tiny Tiny RSS client for Android devices

  •    Java

Tiny Tiny RSS client for Android devices

RSSOwl - RSS Owl is a powerful application to organize, search and read your RSS, RDF & Atom news feeds in a comfortable way

  •    Java

RSS Owl is a powerful application to organize, search and read your RSS, RDF & Atom news feeds in a comfortable way. Highlights are saved searches, google reader sync, notifications, filters, fast fulltext search and a flexible, clean user interface.

Project SoFi

  •    Delphi

This program calculates approaching solar eclipses. For this purpose, it calculates the positions of sun, moon, mercury and venus in the horizontal coordinate system. These values can be visualized and exported in many common formats.

Mercury Ground Station Network

  •    Java

By enabling satellite research groups around the world to share ground station resources, satellite operations costs can be reduced, satellite visibility can be increased, and satellite communications capabilities can be enhanced and made easier to acces

ISS sun amp; moon transit prediction

  •    Java

Java software that predicts transits of the International Space Station across the moon and sun, and close encounters with Mercury thru Saturn.

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