hsdata - Hearthstone Data

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DBF and CardXML files extracted from the Hearthstone game client.




Related Projects

Hearthstone-Deck-Tracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on Windows

  •    CSharp

Hearthstone Deck Tracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone. Copyright © HearthSim. All Rights Reserved.

HSTracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS

  •    Swift

HSTracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS. HSTracker uploads your games to HSReplay.net.

hearthstonejson - Extracts card info from Hearthstone into JSON format

  •    Javascript

This project is broken because hearthstone updated to Unity 5 which is not fully supported yet by https://github.com/ata4/disunity

hearthdash - Hearthstone tracker

  •    CoffeeScript

Hearthdash is a card tracking application for Hearthstone. You can download Hearthdash from the releases page. Currently only builds for OS X are available.

ember-component-css - An Ember CLI addon which allows you to specify styles for individual components

  •    Javascript

An Ember CLI addon which allows you to specify component-specific style sheets in an app, addon, engine, or in-repo addon. Rules defined in the style-sheets will automatically be namespaced with an autogenerated class. That autogenerated class will also be injected into your component's classNames property. This enables you to worry less about rules clashing across component styles.

Kailua - The forgotten methods in the ADO.NET API.


Provide standard calls for vendor specific functionality through ADO.NET. Additional functionality includes: enumerate databases, tables, views, columns, stored procedures, parameters; get an autogenerated primary key; return top N rows; and more. Also some non-ADO classes.

Mavlink Packet Viewer


Silverlight based Mavlink log analyzer. This ise useful for people who wish to examine Mavlink logs. It is developed in C# and Silverlight 4, using a Mavlink library autogenerated in Silverlight 3

Skywave Code Lines Counter

  •    CSharp

It is a tiny program which will count real written lines of code. Real lines means that we removed autogenerated lines, empty lines and single '{' or '}' lines (in C#) and ... Currently supports .cs and .vb files (for C# and VB) It will say how much you worked ;-)

spawnedshelter - :blue_book: Erlang Spawned Shelter

  •    CSS

The Spawned Shelter website is autogenerated thanks to pandoc from a markdown file. If you want to change the content of the website you only have to send a pull request modifying this file.

react-grid-layout - A draggable and resizable grid layout with responsive breakpoints, for React.

  •    Javascript

React-Grid-Layout is a grid layout system much like Packery or Gridster, for React. Unlike those systems, it is responsive and supports breakpoints. Breakpoint layouts can be provided by the user or autogenerated.

grape-swagger - Add OAPI/swagger v2.0 compliant documentation to your grape API

  •    Ruby

The grape-swagger gem provides an autogenerated documentation for your Grape API. The generated documentation is Swagger-compliant, meaning it can easily be discovered in Swagger UI. You should be able to point the petstore demo to your API. This screenshot is based on the Hussars sample app.

api-connectors - Libraries for connecting to the BitMEX API.

  •    C++

A few simple connectors for connecting to the BitMEX API, which conforms to the Swagger spec. Connectors in the clients directory are autogenerated. Connectors in the official-* directory are written or vetted by BitMEX employees to showcase various features.

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