Hearthstone-Deck-Tracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on Windows

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Hearthstone Deck Tracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone. Copyright © HearthSim. All Rights Reserved.




Related Projects

HSTracker - A deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS

  •    Swift

HSTracker is an automatic deck tracker and deck manager for Hearthstone on macOS. HSTracker uploads your games to HSReplay.net.

hearthdash - Hearthstone tracker

  •    CoffeeScript

Hearthdash is a card tracking application for Hearthstone. You can download Hearthdash from the releases page. Currently only builds for OS X are available.

C# Deck Of Cards


C# base classes allowing implementation of any deck of cards from standard playing cards to uno. Project includes standard deck of cards implementation (52 cards).

hearthstonejson - Extracts card info from Hearthstone into JSON format

  •    Javascript

This project is broken because hearthstone updated to Unity 5 which is not fully supported yet by https://github.com/ata4/disunity

sliding-deck - SlidingDeck View for Android

  •    Java

Sliding-deck view for Android offer an intuitive and useful user interface widget. If you like to have a deck of views and don't want complicate your code. Here you have the solution. Lightweight and easy to deploy, Sliding-deck brings full feature widget. Your users will can perform swipe, quick review or stick the elements. If you want learn more about the library, you should take a look to the demo App and see all the capabilities and behaviours of the component.

deck-of-cards - HTML5 Deck of Cards

  •    Javascript

Pure vanilla JS (+ CSS3) – no dependencies, by Juha Lindstedt & contributors. Frontside card graphics are slightly modified from Chris Aguilar's awesome Vector Playing Card Graphics Set.

bittorrent-tracker - 🌊 Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation

  •    Javascript

Node.js implementation of a BitTorrent tracker, client and server. A BitTorrent tracker is a web service which responds to requests from BitTorrent clients. The requests include metrics from clients that help the tracker keep overall statistics about the torrent. The response includes a peer list that helps the client participate in the torrent swarm.

Decision Deck

  •    Java

The Decision Deck project aims at developing a generic decision aid platform composed of modular quot;software componentsquot;. These software components implement the common functionalities of a large range of multiple criteria decision aid methods. This

Brick - UI Web Components for Modern Web Apps

  •    Javascript

Brick is a collection of UI components designed for the easy and quick building of web application UIs. Brick components are built using the Web Components standard to allow developers to describe the UI of their app using the HTML syntax they already know.

Baraja - Baraja is a jQuery plugin that allows to move elements in a card-like fashion and spread them like one would spread a deck of cards on a table

  •    Javascript

Baraja is a jQuery plugin that allows to move elements in a card-like fashion and spread them like one would spread a deck of cards on a table. It uses CSS transforms for rotating and translating the items. There are several options available that will create various spreading possibilities of the items, for example, moving the items laterally or rotating them in a fan-like way.

mdx-deck - :spades: MDX-based presentation decks

  •    Javascript

Create an MDX file and separate each slide with ---. For a video introduction, see this egghead tutorial by @andrewdelprete.

progress-tracker - A progress tracker written in SASS with flexbox to be flexible and responsive out of the box

  •    CSS

A progress tracker written in SASS with flexbox to be flexible and responsive out of the box. This can be used to illustrate a multi stage process e.g. form, quiz or a timeline. Once you have downloaded the code, run the commands below to view the demo.

Depends - a generic dependency tracker

  •    C++

Depends implements a generic dependency tracker written in C++ and comes with extensive documentation on how to implement a dependency tracker (and, thus, how this one is implemented). It is very simple to use and provides the tools to quot;roll your ownquot;

Psycle Modular Music Creation Studio

  •    C++

Psycle is a Music tracker (like FastTracker 2 or Impulse Tracker) combined with plugin modularity. It supports its own plugin API, the VST2 plugin standard, and a tracker style sampler playback.


  •    C++

CheeseTronic is a set of professional-grade intended audio and music composition apps for unix amp; compatibles. consists of CheeseTracker(Impulse Tracker Clone), LegaSynth(Old Chip/Keyboard/Synth emu), Shake Tracker(MIDI Tracker), and Chionic (Sampler)

Cheese Tracker

  •    C++

Cheese Tracker is a software sampler and music sequencer modeled after the MS-DOS program Impulse Tracker, with many enhancements. It can generate music by manipulating samples in various ways.

Extended Module Player

  •    C

xmp is a module player for Unix-like systems that plays over 90 mainstream and obscure module formats from Amiga, Atari, Acorn, Apple IIgs and PC, including Protracker (MOD), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker II (XM) and Impulse Tracker (IT) files.

Graoumf Tracker 2

  •    Assembly

Graoumf Tracker 2 is a soundtracker for Windows, sequel of the famous Graoumf Tracker for Atari Falcon. It is a integrated music sequencer and advanced sampler, including inovative features. Coded in C++.

Picket - Bugticket Tracker (Bugtracker)

  •    Python

Picket is flexible Bugticket Tracker or Issue Tracker or Bug Tracker written in Python over Django framework.

Community Add-on's for Gemini Issue Tracker


Countersoft Gemini Community Add-on's project providing users with additional integrations with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.

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