m3u8 - Parser and generator of M3U8-playlists for Apple HLS. Library for Go language. :cinema:

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This is the most complete opensource library for parsing and generating of M3U8 playlists used in HTTP Live Streaming (Apple HLS) for internet video translations. The library covered by BSD 3-clause license. See LICENSE for the full text. Versions 0.8 and below was covered by GPL v3. License was changed from the version 0.9 and upper.




Related Projects

M3u8 Parser

  •    Java

A java m3u8 playlist parser for Http Live Streaming. See ietf draft http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-pantos-http-live-streaming-02 for details. See See: http://m3u8parser.chilicat.net for JavaDoc and simple Webstart application to test the parser

m3u8 - Python m3u8 Parser for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Transmissions

  •    Python

Python m3u8 parser.If no #EXT-X-KEY is found, the keys list will have a unique element None. Multiple keys are supported.

html5-dash-hls-rtmp - :sunflower: HTML5播放器、M3U8直播/点播、RTMP直播、低延迟、推流/播流地址鉴权、优化浏览器兼容性,HLS+扩展

  •    Javascript

:sunflower: HTML5播放器、M3U8直播/点播、RTMP直播、低延迟、推流/播流地址鉴权、优化浏览器兼容性,HLS+扩展

Play List Syncronizer

  •    C++

A small program, that can easily move your songs (or other files) by playlist (m3u, m3u8, pls, wpl, asx) to every place you want. You can not only make an exact copy of playlist, but also add files or replace part of old files by new.

Windows Media Playlist Generator

  •    DotNet

The Windows Media Playlist Generator is a simple windows application that generates playlist files for Windows Media Player (v11) based on the files within a selected folder.

WMPlayer - WMPlayer视频播放器,AVPlayer的封装,继承UIView,想怎么玩就怎么玩。支持播放mp4、m3u8、3gp、mov,网络和本地视频同时支持。全屏和小屏播放同时支持。自动感应旋转屏。

  •    Objective-C


Easy XML - XSPF Playlist Generator

  •    PHP

This generator, when configured properly, will scan a desired folder for all of the MP3s and image files and will create a playlist for you on-the-fly. This will also work with ANY Online MP3 Player that uses an XML or XSPF Playlist.

W7 Auto Playlist Generator


Purpose: This application is designed to create W7MC playlist automatically whenever you want. You can select if you want the playlist sorted Alphabetical, by Creation Date or Random.

waveform-playlist - Multitrack Web Audio editor and player with canvas waveform preview

  •    Javascript

Inspired by Audacity, this project is a multiple track playlist editor written in ES2015 using the Web Audio API. Load tracks and set cues (track cue in, cue out), fades (track fade in, fade out) and track start/end times within the playlist. I've written up some demos on github for the different audio fade types in the project.

b4s Playlist Parser


We intend to create a b4s Playlist Parser, that parses Winamp3\'s XML-based b4s format, using client-side JavaScript and XMLDOM.

AudioM - Audio Mover/Mobile

  •    Java

AudioM takes audio playlist formats (M3U,PLS,PLA/PLP) and copies the files to a new location with a playlist matching the new location. It also does playlist format conversion. Great for managing disk based MP3 players (Especially the Sansa).

GRP Playlist

  •    C++

A Noatun (noatun.kde.org) playlist plugin. It is a playlist inspired by ZInf, in which you can organize your multimedia files in groups based on the files meta information (Artist, Album, etc)

Girder to Winamp Playlist connector

  •    VB

quot;Girder to Winamp Playlist connectorquot; is a link between the Girder software and the Playlist Editor of WinAmp.

libxspf: XSPF playlist handling library

  •    C

libxspf (formerly called quot;libSpiffquot;) brings XSPF playlist reading and writing support to your C++ application. Both version 0 and 1 are supported. libxspf is the official reference implementation for XSPF of the Xiph.Org Foundation.

iTuner - The iTunes Companion

  •    CSharp

A system tray app that adds seamless features to iTunes including automated library maintenance, playlist management, playlist sychronization with MP3 players, lyrics downloads, track and playback control, and global keyboard control. C#, WPF, MusicBrainz, iTunes APIs, and more!

RHPreviewCell - I envied so much Spotify iOS app this great playlist preview cell 😍, I decided to create my own one 🌶

  •    Swift

I envied so much Spotify iOS app this great playlist preview cell 😍, I decided to create my own one 🌶. Now you can give your users ability to quick check "what content is hidden under your UITableViewCell". Great think is that this Library not requires 3D Touch support from user device💥. or you can simply copy RHPreviewCellSource folder to your project.

M3u to folder


Copy in a target folder all the songs that you have in a M3U / M3U8 list. So you can easy copy to your Mp3 Player the songs that you usually play in your computer using Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc

Pygme - MPlayer Frontend

  •    Python

Pygme is an mplayer frontend written in Python/PyGTK. Pygme has a searchable media library (similar to winamp), a playlist and has ID3 tagging support. It uses sqlite through pysqlite bindings to maintain media lib and playlists.

Band Aid


Band Aid is a garage band management software that help band owners in their usual tasks (playlist creation and mixing, shows cachet, manage budget, calculate attendees redemption).


  •    C++

Extract the contents of a playlist to a directory in preparation for a mp3cd player. Can report the size of the contents of the playlist. Supports conversion from ogg to mp3 using the lame encoder.