vimdesktop - 让所有 Windows 桌面程序拥有 Vim 操作风格的辅助工具

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让所有 Windows 桌面程序拥有 Vim 操作风格的辅助工具



Related Projects

FTP CSS Total Commander

  •    PHP

Ftp Css Total Commander is continuation of my small project - Css Total Commander, whose alpha version come into being 22.03.2004. From Ftp Css Total Commander I would willed create fully - fledged ftp client. Base only on HTML, CSS, PHP.

Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin (.wfx)


Total Commander SkyDrive File System Plugin makes it much easier for any Microsoft's Windows Live SkyDrive users to manage, upload and download their files and folders. It's developed in C#.

FTPS for Total Commander

  •    C++

FTP-over-SSL/TLS Plugin for Total Commander. (Based on ACE amp; wxWidgets)

Total Commander eXtensions

  •    C++

A set of eXtensions for Total Commander file manager.

GSA Lister plugin for Total Commander

  •    Delphi

Lister plugin for the Total Commander file manager. This plugin is a source code viewer with highlighting and some minimal editing features. It is based on scintilla and delphisci delphi component.

Double Commander

  •    Pascal

Double Commander is a cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It is inspired by Total Commander and features some new ideas.

Mr Commander

  •    C++

Mr Commander (linux gtk+2.0 based) like Total (Windows old) Commander on MS Windows. File browser shell (SMB, FTP support).

Windows Double Explorer


Windows Double Explorer manages two or more Windows Explorer in one application. Also you can add your favorite folders with drag and drop to the toolbar for quick access. It's easyier to manage your disc structure. (A kind of Norton Commander or Total Commander)

SCommander - A file manager for Symbian

  •    C++

SCommander is a file manager for S60 Symbian devices, that works like Norton Commander/Total Commander, using two panels to navigate two different directories and copy/move files between them.

EnsoniqFS plugin

  •    C

EnsoniqFS - A filesystem plugin for Total Commander to access Ensoniq formatted media


  •    DotNet

SpeedRunner - multi-threading file manager. Good alternative for Total Commander and FAR Manager.



Miscellaneous tools (small classes and functions) like data structures (heap, tree), calculations (max with infinite number of arguments), WinForms (controls, dialogs), WebForms (pager) etc. More advanced solutions like IPTC/Exif metadata; Win32 API wrappers or Total Commander pl



Minimal FTP server for windows. Uses only managed code. Works with Total commander.

REx (RazorJack Explorer)

  •    Delphi

Another file manager for Windows. I'm sick of the Windows Explorer. Total Commander is good, but it's not free. So i decided to write my own file manager for windows that will be FREE and FAST and SMALL and will have all the usefull tools built-in.


  •    C++

SVNDetails - a TortoiseSVN plugin for Total Commander 7.x


  •    Java

scytha is a file manager in the style of the famous Total Commander but for Linux OS, written in Java, SWT.

SFTP for TotalCMD

  •    C

A SFTP (FTP-subsystem of SSH) plugin for Total Commander


  •    C++

ext4tc is a file system plug-in for total commander. With this plug-in it is possible to browse partitions with ext2, ext3 and ext4 file system.

Webnight Commander

  •    Javascript

Webnight Commander is web file manager with interface similar to GNU Midnight Commander. The main difference is that Webnight Commander have only one directory panel.

Portos Commander

  •    C++

Portos Commander (Pcmm) is a linux file manager for KDE 3.x. It is patterned after old-school managers like Midnight Commander and Norton Commander. It features basically all your file-management needs, file searcher, internal viewer, URL database, ftp, s