knative-build-tutorials - A set of tutorials for Knative Build

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Knative Build is an open-source project that provides an implementation of the Build CRD that runs Builds on-cluster. It's not a complete standalone product that could be used for CI/CD. Think of it as a building block to facilitate the expression of Builds as part of larger systems.



Related Projects

riff - riff is for functions

  •    Go

The riff project builds on top of the Knative project’s build, serving and eventing features. Official binary release are avilable from the Releases page.

exerslide - A framework to create React-based HTML presentations and tutorials.

  •    Javascript

A tool to generate simple HTML slideshows/tutorials (from text files). The primary intent is to generate interactive presentations for teaching web technologies. Built on React and webpack. exerslide comes in two parts: A global command line interface to initialize and build presentations, and a module that contains further dependencies to build the presentation.

Tensorflow-Tutorial - Tensorflow tutorial from basic to hard

  •    Python

In these tutorials, we will build our first Neural Network and try to build some advanced Neural Network architectures developed recent years. All methods mentioned below have their video and text tutorial in Chinese. Visit 莫烦 Python for more.

project-based-learning - Curated list of project-based tutorials


A list of programming tutorials in which learners build an application from scratch. These tutorials are divided into different primary programming languages. Some have intermix technologies and languages. To get started, simply fork this repo. Please refer to for contribution guidelines.

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework (FRUIT)

  •    Ruby

FORTRAN Unit Test Framework FRUIT - TDD in FORTRAN

LBTAComponents - Lets Build That App Components - Useful components to quickly build out apps

  •    Swift

LBTAComponents is a very simple library of components I use to build out production applications. The ultimate goal of open sourcing this chunk of code is to speed up the teaching and recording process for all the tutorials on my YouTube channel LetsBuildThatApp. To run the example project, clone the repo, and run pod install from the Example directory first.

PyTorch-Tutorial - Build your neural network easy and fast

  •    Jupyter

In these tutorials for pyTorch, we will build our first Neural Network and try to build some advanced Neural Network architectures developed recent years. Thanks for liufuyang's notebook files which is a great contribution to this tutorial.

stream-react-example - Use React and Redux to build your own feature-rich and scalable social network app! Visit cabin

  •    HTML

This example application created by teaches you how to to build an Instagram style application with activity streams and newsfeeds.Visit for an overview of all 8 tutorials and a live demo. If you enjoy this tutorial please star this repo.

build-your-own-x - 🤓 Build your own (insert technology here)


To the extent possible under law, Daniel Stefanovic has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

container-agent - Simple agent for running containers based on a declarative manifest.

  •    Python

[![Build Status](](

practical-pytorch - PyTorch tutorials demonstrating modern techniques with readable code

  •    Jupyter

These tutorials have been merged into the official PyTorch tutorials. Please go there for better maintained versions of these tutorials compatible with newer versions of PyTorch. Learn PyTorch with project-based tutorials. These tutorials demonstrate modern techniques with readable code and use regular data from the internet.

caffe2_cpp_tutorial - C++ transcripts of the Caffe2 Python tutorials and other C++ example code

  •    C++

C++ transcripts of the Caffe2 Python tutorials and other C++ example code. Caffe2 has a strong C++ core but most tutorials only cover the outer Python layer of the framework. This project aims to provide example code written in C++, complementary to the Python documentation and tutorials. It covers verbatim transcriptions of most of the Python tutorials and other example applications.

Common 3D Tutorials

  •    C++

A collection of tutorials that show the use of some major free 3D engines. While most of these engines have similar tutorials already, these tutorials allow you to see the engines side by side with common coding practises.

TensorFlow-Tutorials - Simple tutorials using Google's TensorFlow Framework

  •    Jupyter

Introduction to deep learning based on Google's TensorFlow framework. These tutorials are direct ports of Newmu's Theano Tutorials.

Excel Spreadsheet C# Import Using Typed Datasets and TableAdapters


We will examine how to import data from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a database from a web page. Specifically, we will build a tiered application architecture using Typed DataSets and TableAdapters. This version is in C#. Step by step tutorials included.

Windows 8 App Design Reference Template: Education Guide


Education Guide template will help if you want to build an app which has the following sections a. Tutorials b. Subjects c. Section in each subject

HotTowel-Angular - HotTowel with Angular (for NuGet)

  •    Javascript

Hot Towel Angular creates a great starting point for building a Single Page Application (SPA). Out of the box it provides a modular structure for your code, view navigation, data binding, separation of services, and simple but elegant styling. Hot Towel provides everything you need to build a SPA, so you can focus on your app, not the plumbing.Learn more about building a SPA from John Papa's videos, tutorials and Pluralsight courses.