golden-wallet-react-native - Golden - Best Wallet Ever

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Install rn-nodeify to be able to use Node.js libs. Install the dependencies in the local node_modules folder.


assert : ^1.4.1
axios : ^0.18.0
babel-eslint : ^8.2.3
bigi : ^1.4.2
bignumber.js : ^7.2.1
bn : ^1.0.1
bn.js : ^4.11.8
bs58 : ^4.0.1
bs58check : ^2.1.1
buffer : ^4.9.1
buffer-reverse : ^1.0.1
ecurve : ^1.0.6
elliptic : ^6.4.0
es6-symbol : ^3.1.1
eslint-config-airbnb : ^16.1.0
eslint-plugin-flowtype : ^2.48.0
eslint-plugin-import : ^2.12.0
eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y : ^6.0.3
events : ^1.1.1
js-sha3 : ^0.7.0
lodash.chunk : ^4.2.0
lodash.debounce : ^4.0.8
lodash.shuffle : ^4.2.0
mobx : ^4.3.1
mobx-react : ^5.2.3
moment : ^2.22.2
numeral : ^2.0.6
prop-types : ^15.6.1
querystring : ^0.2.0
react : 16.3.1
react-native : 0.55.4
react-native-bip39 : ^2.3.0
react-native-bitcoinjs-lib : git+
react-native-branch : ^2.3.3
react-native-camera : ^1.1.4
react-native-check-notification-enable : ^1.0.4
react-native-crypto : ^2.1.2
react-native-device-info : ^0.21.5
react-native-fabric : ^0.5.1
react-native-fabric-crashlytics : ^0.1.8
react-native-fcm : ^16.0.0
react-native-flip-card : ^3.5.2
react-native-fs : ^2.11.15
react-native-haptic-feedback : ^1.2.0
react-native-image-picker : ^0.26.10
react-native-keyboard-aware-scroll-view : ^0.6.0
react-native-keychain : ^3.0.0-rc.3
react-native-mixpanel : ^1.1.1
react-native-modalbox : 1.4.2
react-native-permissions : ^1.1.1
react-native-progress : ^3.4.0
react-native-qrcode : git+
react-native-randombytes : ^3.2.0
react-native-scrollable-tab-view : ^0.8.0
react-native-share : ^1.1.1
react-native-shimmer : ^0.3.2
react-native-slider : ^0.11.0
react-native-snap-carousel : 3.7.0
react-native-splash-screen : ^3.0.9
react-native-status-bar-height : ^2.0.0
react-native-store-review : ^0.1.5
react-native-swipeable : ^0.6.0
react-native-swiper : ^1.5.13
react-native-touch-id : ^4.0.1
react-native-view-shot : ^2.4.0
react-native-webview-bridge-updated : git+
react-navigation : ^2.11.2
readable-stream : ^1.0.33
rn-nodeify : ^10.0.0
stream-browserify : ^1.0.0
typeforce : ^1.12.0
vm-browserify : 0.0.4
wif : ^2.0.6



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