meetup - Golang Vietnam meetup wiki and resources

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The very first meetup event of Vietnamese Gophers with many helps from Dwarves Foundation, GDG Vietnam, Silicon Straits Saigon and Liti Solutions. We will introduce Google Go to you and announce the exist of our community.



Related Projects


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SmartBiz Vietnam emphasizes the employee productivity from Excellent retail supply chain management revolves around three key dimensions of availability, inventory and cost. SmartBiz Vietnam learns that managing the

Vietnam RealEstate


Vietnam real estate website makes it easier for Realtor to trade our property.

Vietnam ICare


Vietnam ICare Capstone Project

VERP - Vietnam Open Source ERP System


ERP for Vietnam

Vietnam POS Management


Vietnam POS Management makes it easier for small business print bill and control sale

meetup - meetup in China

  •    Go

meetup in China

zhihu-rxjava-meetup - ηŸ₯乎 x RxJava Meetup


ηŸ₯乎 x RxJava Meetup

django-tips-and-tricks - Code from my SF Django meetup presentation on 8/25/2010

  •    Python

Code from my SF Django meetup presentation on 8/25/2010

assemblies - A developer-focused Meetup clone built with React Native

  •    Javascript

A developer-focused Meetup clone built with React Native



BK02 is a collection of projects written by BK02, a group of students from Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, one of the biggest universities in Vietnam. Some famous projects : 3DProS, VSpeech, Jcaro (These projects has been hosted on

site - The source code of

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🐣 I am a Sri Lankan πŸ‡±πŸ‡° Web Developer who lives in Vietnam πŸ‡»πŸ‡³. So I am not a native English speaker and just learning Rust, If you found any mistake or something need to be changed, even a spelling or a grammar mistake, feel free to create a pull request. Thanks. The website is built with Hexo Nodejs blog framework. You can see the generated files at learning-rust/ repository.

sydjs-site - SydJS Meetup Website

  •    Javascript

Initially built in two and a half days by the team at Thinkmill as a demo of what KeystoneJS can do, it's now a showcase for the Sydney Javascript community.Please use the GitHub Issues to log any ideas you have to improve the site, or problems you may come across.

django-reactjs-boilerplate - An example how you can use ReactJS with your Django project.

  •    Javascript

I gave the talk a second time at a PyLadies meetup and it was recorded by Engineers.SG. The goal is to show how you can use ReactJS in your existing Django apps today.

bell - Third-party login plugin for hapi

  •    Javascript

Third-party authentication plugin for hapi.bell ships with built-in support for authentication using Facebook, GitHub, Google, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Slack, Stripe, Twitter, Yahoo, Foursquare, VK, ArcGIS Online, Windows Live, Nest, Phabricator, BitBucket, Dropbox, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitch, Mixer, Salesforce, Pinterest, Discord, DigitalOcean, AzureAD, and Okta. It also supports any compliant OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 based login services with a simple configuration object.

data_science_delivered - Observations from Ian on successfully delivering data science products

  •    Jupyter

About: Short document summarising Ian's thoughts on successful ways to ship working, maintainable and understandable data science products and ways to avoid falling into dark holes of despair. This is based on my experience, your experience may be very different - if so, file a Bug for me in GitHub and give me something to chew on. Very roughly these are "notes from me to my-younger-self", I hope you find some of this to be useful. I've put this together based on my talking, teaching and coaching along with feedback from chats at our PyDataLondon monthly meetup.

h2o-meetups - Presentations from H2O meetups & conferences by the team

  •    Jupyter

The meetup presentations are also hosted on SlideShare. Links to presentations coming soon.

papers-we-love - Papers from the computer science community to read and discuss.


Papers We Love (PWL) is a community built around reading, discussing and learning more about academic computer science papers. This repository serves as a directory of some of the best papers the community can find, bringing together documents scattered across the web. You can also visit the Papers We Love site for more info. Due to licenses we cannot always host the papers themselves (when we do, you will see a πŸ“œ emoji next to its title in the directory README) but we can provide links to their locations.

awesome-kubernetes - A curated list for awesome kubernetes sources :ship::tada:

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Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery.

TVOutManager - Mirror the display of an iOS device on an external screen

  •    Objective-C

I wrote the original code so our local iPhone Developer's Meetup could show off our apps to each other. Since then it's been used by hundreds of developers. It's invaluable for group demos, trade shows, client meetings, investor pitches, and so on. Sadly, iOS 4.0 completely broke the old code, so a rewrite was necessary. Happily iOS 4 makes previously difficult things fairly easy. Under the hood, new in this release is the TVOutManager singleton class. In the previous release, I'd made the TVOut manager code as a category on UIApplication, thinking that would make it easier to use and simpler to understand. Based on the emails I got, I think it was definitely simple to use, although not really simpler to understand.

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